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About G.robin Smith

G.robin Smith is currently living in Everett, Washington, working as a COO / Director in "Five Rivers Fundraising" and is interested in Education, Entertainment, Presentations.
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Job Title

COO / Director



Everett, Washington

Categories of Interest

Education, Entertainment, Presentations

My Interests

Education Reform, Fundraising for Non-Profits, Music, Benjamin Franklin, Medieval History, William Shakespeare, Interactive Educational Programs, Celtic Music, The Society for Creative Anachronism - SCA, Inc., Writing, Playwright, Sonnets, Elizabethan Theatre, Children's Theatre, Grass Roots Organizing, Ken Burnett, White Lion Press, The Showcase of Fundraising Inspiration and Innovation -,

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G.Robin Smith has joined on Nov 11, 2009

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GregRobin (G.Robin) Smith - Fundraiser/Educator/Speaker
Summary Of Qualifications

-International Director of Marketing - The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

-Founder and President of a series of non-profit organizations that use educational methods to entertain, teach, and raise awareness regarding history from various periods including Colonial/post-Revolutionary America; Shakespearean England; various countries and time periods of Medieval Europe.

-Manage marketing/advertising budgets in excess of $40K.

-Extensive experience with marketing, co-branding and advertising for a variety of organizations including theater, educational, retail, and municipal entities.

-An experienced orator/public speaker, educator, event organizer, project manager, and fundraiser with a proven track record of outreach and public education.

-Adept at using low/no cost vehicles for viral marketing campaigns and technology solutions such as social networking to promote and build a strong brand. Strong history of grass-roots and word-of-mouth advertising methods to promote and launch educational programming and fundraising efforts.

-Published Author: Educational Demonstrations and Fundraising for the SCA. 1996. Available on-line at
Employment History and Relevant Experience
Founder, COO and Director of A Knights Tour/The Interactive History Company: A professional outreach education program bringing hands-on historically focused classroom programs to students in all different grade schools. 1983 - Present
COO & Founder Five Rivers Fundraising non-profit support group. January 2009 to present. A new incarnation of Colonus Interactive focusing specifically on producing no and low cost educational and effective fundraising opportunities for the underserved non-profit.
COO and Founder of Colonus Interactive educational program provider. 2003-2009

Designed or co-designed all publicity, fliers, handouts and Websites for our various programs, including promotions for Benjamin Franklin, fundraisers in and out of the SCA, performance posters, media placements and publicity packets.

Director of Specialty Advertising for Hardwick & Sons, Inc. 2004-Present

Hardwick is a new and used tool hardware and furniture emporium. I have been in charge of special advertising (promotions, museum placement, sponsorship activities, movie rental of props, product placement in advertising, store tours and special appearance s to promote the business Efforts have involved co-branding, designing and distribution of marketing collateral, inception and implementation of marketing campaigns. 1989-2009 General Employee of the company.

Tintagel Faire-2001 Hired and directed for a private employee party for a Redmond Software Developer (Associated with Microsoft). 500 guests. Hired a jousting company, SCA artisans, fighters, moneyers, costumers, dancers, prop makers and performers for the 4-hour faire. 6 months of preparation with a budget of around $50,000.

Kent Canterbury Faire: Medieval /Renaissance Faire put on by the City of Kent Washington. 1983-1988

Worked with the city of Kent to create an educational experience. Responsible for coordinated the SCA portion of this faire, bringing in fighters, artisans, speakers, pre-faire publicity events, bardic and military guard presentation for 5 years running

University of Washington 1989-Present
Transport Services Department

BA (cum laude) in Theater Arts from EWU (\'77)


Creative process and imaginative solutions. Grass roots organization. I have worked with a wide variety of people and situations, groups and modern entities from school boards, PTA groups, homeschoolers, media outlets, schools, universities, professional entertainment companies, film companies and charities.

Quick Profile Summary

G.Robin  Smith
Name: G.Robin Smith
Location: Everett,Washington,United States
Job Title: COO / Director
Company: Five Rivers Fundraising

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G.Robin Smith
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