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Toylyn Pollard is currently living in Sterling, Va 20165, Virginia, working as a Tutoring in "ToylynP Educates" and is interested in Education.
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Sterling, Va 20165, Virginia

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Please contact me if you have any questions in reference to my qualifacations that are listed below and to set up an interview to go over your childs needs and your expectations

Interested in tutoring young children from Pre K - 5th grade level

Social Studies
As well as all preschool curriculum activities

If your child is not faring well in school and you need to get him a home tutor, you need to take your time to find the right person for him. Choosing the right home tutor for your child is very important if you want the tuition to be effective. There are things that you need to take into consideration when looking for a home tutor. Let me share with you some guidelines that you should follow:

A good home tutor must know how to interact effectively with your child. He or she is someone that your child feels comfortable with and can encourage him or her to work hard. A good home tutor need not be the one who has good educational background and highly recommended by a tuition agency. Yes, these aspects are important but they are not everything. To be able to communicate effectively and bring the best out of your child is something that a good tutor must possess.

When you hire a tutor to teach your child, your objective is to expect the tutor to impart his or her knowledge to your child so that your child can pick up the subject that he or she has problem with. Therefore, a good tutor must be able to communicate clearly to your child and make sure that your child picks up what he or she is teaching.

I will ensure that i meet all the qualifacations that are listed above , I also pride myself in making learning for your child and enjoyable exsperience

Toylyn Pollard20864 Rockingham Terrace Sterling, VA 20165 Cell # (571) 274-3325 Home number will be provided prior to renduring services

Dynamic, resourceful teaching professional with a genuine interest in students cognitive and social growth. Actively involved in all areas of education including curriculum development, teaching mentoring, student career preparation and community work. Develop excellent communication and an interpersonal skill that effectively collaborates with all levels of all staff members and fosters quality relationships with students. Key strengths include:

Curriculum Design & Development Student Evaluation
Student Evaluation of Assessment Classroom Management
Progress Monitoring Program Development
Lead Teacher

Education & CertificationBachelor of Science (1999), St Johns University, NY / Major: Elementary Education;Minor: SpanishProfessional License in Elementary Education Prek-6Credential Program DegreeForeign Language: Conversational SpanishComputer Skills: MS Word, Power Point, Adobe Reader internet


DCPREP-Washington, DC (2008-Present)
Elementary School Teacher, DC
Lead Teacher
Developed and Implemented Elementary Education curriculum
Teach all academic areas
Interact with parents and teachers daily
Home Visit during Parent Conferences
Active staff member

J C Nalle Elementary- Washington, DC (2005- June 2007)
Elementary School Teacher
Developed and Implemented Elementary Education curriculum
Instructed third and fifth grade students
Departmentalized in grade three; taught Reading/Language Arts/Science
Interact with parents and teachers daily
After school and Saturday school teacher
Attend regular monthly Staff Development meetings and workshops
Lead Teacher for two years
Active staff member serving on the professional development committee, special events committee, and safety control committee
Reading First Facilitator to third grade students
Chaperone fifth grade students to Jamaica Trip

Balls Bluff Elementary-Leesburg, Virginia (2004- January 2005)
Elementary School Teacher
Developed and implemented Elementary Education SOL curriculum
Instructed fourth grade students in all academic areas
Interact with all parents daily
Attend regular monthly staff development meetings and workshops
Collaborated with team members

Marie H Reed Elementary- Washington, DC (2001-2004)
Elementary School Teacher
Developed and implemented Elementary Education curriculum
Instructed second and fourth grade students in all academic areas
Interact with parents and teachers daily
Lead teacher for two years
Attend monthly Staff Development meeting and workshops

Avalon Elementary- Camp Springs, Maryland (1999-2001)
Elementary School Teacher
Taught second and fourth grade students
Departmentalized in grade four; taught Reading and Language Art

Student Teaching

P.S. 162- Bayside, NY (Spring 1999)
Student Teacher (Practicum)
Assumed all responsibilities of regular classroom teacher
Followed teaching plans
Taught lessons to the students
Instituted effective discipline management to ensure a cooperative classroom at all times.
Excellent rapport with all students

P.S. 205- Bayside, NY
Student Teacher (Pre-Practicum)
Aided, observed and instructed in a kindergarten classroom
Prepared and taught lessons
Successfully grabbed the students and enhanced their learning environment
Followed and analyzed teaching plans and created an excellent lesson
Excellent rapport with all students

Professional Development

Intel Teach to the Future
The Intel Teach to the Future Program helps teachers expand the boundaries of their creativity and the creativity of their students beyond the walls of the classroom. The Program aims to help teachers use the power of computer technology to spark student imagination, and ultimately move them toward greater learning.
Created Power Point presentations and brochures

Teaching Students and Teacher about the Standards
This course is designed to acquaint teachers with the concepts and skills of the standards.
Participants will develop standard based strategies that integrate high order thinking skills and strategies for teaching reading and writing in the content areas.

Teaching Creativity and Thinking Skills
This course looks at techniques and strategies that facilitate an active, interdisciplinary thinking classroom. Topics include but are not limited to: Creativity; Creative Problem Solving; Tabas thinking strategies Program; and Affective Education. The teachers will create standard based lesson plans that incorporate strategies.
Creates lesson plans on higher learning for the gifted and talented students

Collaborative Planning/Collaborative Lesson Study
This workshop is a three day session on collaborative planning and lesson study.
Articulate the basic concepts from the High Performance in High Poverty Schools: 90/90/90/ and Beyond research that drives the DCPS school improvement initiative.
Review some of the major concepts of data analysis and the use if data walls to drive instructional delivery.
Guide staff in the implementation of the collaborative scoring process
Engage in the team planning process to implement the collaborative scoring process.

Teaching Self- Discipline
This workshop is a five week course which learns to decrease the amount of time teachers spend dealing with discipline problems by building student self- discipline.
Learn to create a classroom community
Develop strategies for students and teacher directed conflict resolution.

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Toylyn Pollard
Name: Toylyn Pollard
Location: Sterling, Va 20165,Virginia,United States
Job Title: Tutoring
Company: ToylynP Educates

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