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Amazon K-9 is currently living in Texas, working as an Amazon K-9 Organic Dog Treats in "Http://" and is interested in Art, Food, Bev, Tobacco, Marketing.
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Amazon K-9 Organic Dog Treats




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Art, Food, Bev, Tobacco, Marketing

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Helping K-9's and their owners in anyway possible. WAR ON NUTRITION FOR BOTH HUMANS AND PETS: would you give your dog just any dog biscuit that you cant eat yourself? well we sell healthy gourmet organic pet treats 100% certified with high protein and human grade holistic dog biscuits for high peformance and high energy levels. Our gourmet dog treats are made for active and not so active pets with all natural ingredients,specially formulated for your dog and there youthful spirit. Here at Amazon k-9 we understand that your pet is not just a pet also a loyal part of your family. check out our website at: and if you are in the carrollton area and you would like to pick up a bag of dog treats you can find us on google maps. We Do Not Use Cheap Fillers Like Corn. What is a By-Product? It is found in Cheap Dog Food, That are Euphemisms for Parts of Animals that wouldn't be Considered Edible by Any SMART Consumer. Meat By-Products Actually Do NOT Contain Any Meat. This also can include dogs and cats that have been euthanized.

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Amazon K-9 has joined on Nov 05, 2009

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We only use the best organic and 100% natural foods from around the globe to formulate the highest level of protein and dietary fiber. The protein in just one biscuit is higher than a pack of hotdogs.

The health benefits:

1. Natural anti-inflammatory for
2. Helps with stomach problems
3. Helps control diarrhea
4. Helps with digestive system
5. Helps with allergies
6. Balance glandular activities which
stimulates thyroid gland
7. Healthy skin & shiny coat
8. Weight Control
9. Helps with flea control
10. Helps reduce cholesterol
11. Helps reduce bad breath
12. Provides antioxidants
13. Aids in making dogs bodies
operate more efficiently

Here at Amazon K-9 we understand that your pet is not just a pet, but also the most loyal part of your family.

Our dog biscuit is also for human comsumption and serves most of the same purposes as listed above.

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Amazon K-9
Name: Amazon K-9
Location: Texas,United States
Job Title: Amazon K-9 Organic Dog Treats

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