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About Ron Thompson Accht

Ron Thompson Accht is currently living in Nanaimo, British Columbia, working as a Partner / Owner in "Nanaimo Hypnotherapy Center" and is interested in Health & Beauty.
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Partner / Owner


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Nanaimo, British Columbia

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Health & Beauty

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I work with new amputees at the hospital and help with pain managment. I love doing group stress managment seminars.

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Ron Thompson ACCHT has joined on Oct 28, 2009

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Ron Thompson ACCHT

Ronald E Thompson, ACCHT
Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

When you first hear Ron\'s life story you can\'t help but admire him for his strength and courage to get through life every day with a smile on his face and a fantastic positive attitude even after all that he has endured in the last seven years of his life. He likes to joke that he\'s becoming just like the six million dollar man because of all that has been done to him medically in the last few years.

Over the years Ron has endured several amputations, and presently wears an above knee prosthesis on his right leg, and he\'s had a kidney transplant, and a cornea transplant along with cataract surgery . All that said you will never meet a more positive man.

It was during Ron\'s initial nine month stay in the hospital that he had a near death experience which altered his view of life. While he was recuperating in the hospital he met many people in much worse situations than himself that were dealing with severe emotional and mental problems additional to the obvious physical problems which brought them to hospital in the first place. Ron discovered that although hospitals can help you with the physical body they cannot repair what is wrong within a person\'s mind. This was the start of his journey into Hypnotherapy.

In the last four years Ron has successfully studied with a number of hypnotherapy institutes. He is his own testimonial as he discovered that through self-hypnosis he was capable of eliminating the phantom pains that he was experiencing from his leg amputation. This was a very exciting revelation to him and through this he has been driven to learn how to do more clinical hypnotherapy to help others like himself.

He was first certified through the Vancouver Island School of Hypnotherapy but felt he would like more training and so went on to receive his advanced clinical Hypnotherapy diploma through the New England Hypnotherapy Institute. Ron is also Certified by the American Clinical Hypnotherapy Institute and the international Board of professional Hypnotherapists.

Ron has a strong desire to share this knowledge and the ability to guide others with the process they need to make positive changes in their lives. Ron is dedicated to helping people change the negative to the positive and to help clients enhance and grow in life through hypnotherapy. Ron is a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist and can help you to become more relaxed, confident, and fulfilled in order to live the life you\'ve always dreamed of.

Ron\'s professional attitude and compassion ensure that his clients receive the highest level of attention and care. Ron is a passionate and a patient Hypnotherapist with a firsthand knowledge of the day to day issues of life and the help needed to move forward.

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Ron Thompson ACCHT
Name: Ron Thompson ACCHT
Location: Nanaimo,British Columbia,Canada
Job Title: Partner / Owner
Company: Nanaimo Hypnotherapy Center

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