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About Edward Anhalt

Edward Anhalt is currently living in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, working as a Manager in "Seanhalt " and is interested in Marketing.
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Yorkton, Saskatchewan

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Motorcycling , Dirt Biking

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Edward Anhalt has joined on Jul 23, 2007


Venturing into new territory

Hi there this is Edward and Sharon Anhalt from Yorkton Saskatchewan, Canada. We've never done anything like this before so we are going to start by giving you a little bit of our history.
We have three children a girl and two boys, and seven grandsons no grand-daughters yet,still waiting. After our children grew up and moved out on their own,we decided we had some free time ( lol) and wanted to fill it with something,we had an interest in networking for many years so we tried it and like a lot of things we failed many times over.Little did we know networking was almost as time consumming as raising our children, but much more rewarding finicially in that , it paid us back unlike the kids .
We finally found a venture that works for us , not only financially, but also restores and maintaines our health , also has many tax advantages etc

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Edward Anhalt
Name: Edward Anhalt
Location: Yorkton,Saskatchewan,Canada
Job Title: Manager
Company: Seanhalt

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Edward Anhalt
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