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Shasha Dibomba Kezenge is currently living in Mwanza, Tanzania, working as a Project Management in "Intertec world" and is interested in Communications.
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Mwanza, Tanzania

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Dibomba - Kezenge Ecclesiaste Shasha


I, Mr. Dibomba Kezenge E. S; Double Engineers (Civil work Engineer and
Telecommunication from University and 13 Years of Experience), person
with ability to work effectively in dynamic, multitasking and pressure
environment, capable of implanting new ideas and improvements to produce
work efficiency. Determined to assimilate new knowledge and skills
quickly, a focused person with good understanding of mobile
telecommunication technology such Global System for Mobiles, Radio
Frequency ,Radio Base Station , Microwave/Power Engineer; Generator
installation , Generator Maintenance, Telecommunication maintenance ,
Auditing Project from Civil work to Transmission ;Civil Work Construction
, Site Implantation , Site Acquisition management ,Site Acquisition
Coordination , Survey, Tower foundation, Generator foundation, Shelter
foundation, Outdoor equipment foundation "with competent skills in
uninterrupted Operation of the MSC and all the related Network Elements,
Project Management Skills, Good Communication Skills, Roll Out Management
skills ,Site implantation Management skill, Operation Management skill,
Site acquisition Management skill, Good presentation and interpersonal
skills, Analytical ability, Excellent Organizational skills, Team player,
Ability to work under pressure, Very good social and cultural awareness,
Willing to travel and/or relocate
Personal Details

SURNAME: Dibomba Kezenge

GIVEN NAME: Ecclesiaste Shasha
BIRTH DATE: 1979; June; 28
PROVINCE: Kassai Oriental
CITIZENSHIP: Republic Democratic of Congo
RESIDENCE PLACE: Tanzania / Mwanza
MARITAL STATUS: Married to Neema Samuel Kilua
(Nationality Tanzania)
LANGUAGES: English; French; Anfricans,
Kiswahili; Tshiluba, Lingala and little
MOBILE NO: +255 784 877 000/ +243 818 119
713. Roaming TZ

Professional Experience

A. Employer: Africa tower Technology "A.T.T" "Zain Congo"
Date of Contract: from March 02, 2000 to April 01, 2005
Function: Civil Work Supervisor and site Acquisition Manager

Job Descriptions:

* Site Survey
* Site Acquisition
* Construction of full site from Tower foundation , Shelter
foundation , Fence and Generator foundation as in outdoor type
mamba, cobra, Monopole , Green field
* Sign Off site from Practical acceptance and Final acceptance

B. Employer: Alcatel Lucent D.R.C "Vodacom Congo "
Date of Contract: Mai 09, 2005 - August 28, 2005
Function: Transmission Engineer and Installer

Job Description:

* Maintenance on the Base System Controller and Base Transceiver system
* Installation of radio frequency " R.F" and Commissioning
* Installation of Global System for Mobiles " G.S.M" and Commissioning
* Installation of V.sat type Andrew , commissioning and Put site on
the air
* Installation of Microwave Hope and commissioning
* Installation of Generator ,AVR , Maintenances and Commissioning
* Installation of Auto Transformer Switch " A.T.S"
* Builder of Shelter type Haw Stone ,ATT, Hayat and JK including
inside electrical installations and Equipment

C. Employer: Alcatel Lucent Cameroon "Orange Cameroon "
Date of Contract: September 01, 2005 - July 28, 2006
Function: Civil Work Supervisor and Site acquisition manager

Job Description:

* Site Survey
* Site Acquisition
* Construction of full site from Tower foundation , Shelter foundation
, Fence and Generator foundation as in outdoor type Green field
* Sign Off site from Practical acceptance and Final acceptance
* Installation of Generator type Olympus and Lister from Diesel electric
services South Africa

Site Acquisition Manager

Job Description:
. Ensure all Site Acquisition scope of work is completed according to
Project Plans and contractual obligations and objectives.
. Ensure the quality of all Site Acquisition scope of work complies with
the Project Quality Plans, the Site Acquisition specifications and
Ericsson Civil Works standards and guidelines to achieve the
Acceptance of Site Acquisition by client s according to the contract
and the Project Plans.
. Assist the Site Acquisition Manager MUSA NRO in inductions, mentoring,
individual performance management reviews, etc. in line with Ericsson
corporate policy.
. Ensure implementation of the project plan for Site Acquisition
Department/s for the relevant project
. Line Management functions
. Compliance with pre-defined Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)
. To achieve Ericsson project plan targets and business objectives
. To support Rollout Managers to achieve Customer project plan targets
and business objectives
. Management of Acquisition Service Providers
. Management of Acquisition Project Budget
. Provide guidance to and assist the Site Acquisition Project Team with
respect to all aspects of site acquisition
. Ensure that the company standards are continuously enforced
. Monitor the performance of the Site Acquisition Project Team/s
. Resource ownership of all Site Acquisition staff
. Responsible for ensuring accurate reporting of Site Acquisition
activities on project

D. Employer: advance Telecoms South Africa and Congo "Vodacom Congo "
Date of Contract: August 04, 2006 - November 14, 2006
Function: Transmission Engineer, Installer and Telecom or transmission

Job Description:

* Installation of Global System for Mobiles " G.S.M"
* Installation of V.sat type Andrew , commissioning and Put site on
the air
* Installation Microwave type stratex
* Installation of Global System for Mobiles " XPOL,VPOL,OMNI " and
* Installation of Radio Frequency
* Installation of Distribution Frame
* Installation of Radio Base Station
* Transmission auditing management

E. Employer: Bihati Solutions South Africa and Congo "Vodacom Congo "
Date of Contract: November 20, 2006 - January 22, 2007
Function: Area Manager and Civil work and Electrical site supervisor

Job Description:

* Site Survey
* Site Acquisition
* Construction of full site from Tower foundation , Shelter foundation
, Fence and Generator foundation as in outdoor type Green field
* Sign Off site from Practical acceptance and Final acceptance
* Construction of Quick site more then 100 sites at East of D.R. Congo
called Election site for Vodacom Congo
* Construction of Tower Extra Heavy duty and Heavy duty
* Erection of Shelter
* Installation of Inside and Outside electrical
* Installation Alarms system " Vega" and commissioning
* Installation of Auto Transformer Switch " ATS "
* Installation of Auto Voltage regulator " AVR "
* Installation of Rectifier and Battery rack

F. Employer: Plessey Congo and Zambia "zain Congo and Zambia"
Date of Contract: January 30, 2007 - June 20, 2007
Function: Civil Work Super visor and Assistant Area Manager

Job Description:

* Site Survey
* Site Acquisition
* Construction of full site from Tower foundation , Shelter foundation
, Fence and Generator foundation as in outdoor type Green field "GF"
* Sign Off site from Practical acceptance and Final acceptance

G. Employer International Technology in the Communication World
"Intertec World "
Date of Contract: January 16, 1998 - December 16, 2001 and June 22, 2007 -
August 15, 2007
Function: Project Supervisor, Project Manager, Roll out manager, Operation
Manager and General Project Manager

Job Description:

* Supervision of Telecommunications project given by Customers "
O.C.P.T Congo ,Vodacom ,Huawei, Lead Com ,Zain and Tigo " from Site
Survey , Site Acquisition , Civil work " Tower foundation ",Erecting
of tower, Electrical work , Radio Frequency installation ,
Commissioning , Acceptance of Site PAC to FAC
* Planning Establishing and deployment of materials or equipment to
site , carefully check if there is missing before deployed items
* Budget cost of Project , check about revenues and interest of company

* Project Management

H. Employer Ericsson AB Tanzania and Sudan on Behalf Green X Solutions
South Africa
Date of contract: August 05, 2007 - March 30, 2009
Function: Site supervisor and Implantation manager, Zain Project Tanzania
and Auditor Zain Project Sudan

Job Description:

* Site Survey for Zain TZ
* Site Acquisition Zain TZ
* Supervision of Construction of full site from Tower foundation ,
Shelter foundation , Fence and Generator foundation type Green field
"GF" Zain TZ
* Sign Off site from Practical acceptance and Final acceptance Zain TZ
* Auditing Site constructed by Subcontractor for Zain Sudan


* Full participation in new sites Integration.
* Ability in Installation of Transmission Equipments; e. g. Access Gate
, Commissioning of Base transceiver station ,V.sat type Andrew and
* Restoration of services in time once outages
* Provide AC/DB drawing with full installation with all security method
to Different telecommunication customer and approved it
* Provide Civil work drawing of site to lead Coms Congo and approved
* Provider Drawing of shelter erection
* Made correction of Generator installation mistake from manufacture
type Lister " Ericsson TZ and Diesel Electric Service South Africa "

* Skilled driver (motor cycle, car, bus, truck), capable of driving for
long distances


* Jan - Feb 2000 Victory Driving School - Kinshasa
o Driving Certificate of Competence.
o International Driving License - Clean Class A - D

* March - August 2002
o Micro Soft Word
o Network design
o Micro Soft Excels
o Power point

* Sept- Dec.2003 and November 01 , 2005 to November 05 ,2005 Alcatel
Lucent Congo
o GSM System survey
o GSM Radio Network Feature
o GSM Transmission techniques
o Fall Arrest & Rescue Techniques

* Feb - Apr 2004 and August 01 , 2006 to 04 , 2006 Advance Telecoms "
o Installation of V.sat
o Installation of Modem and reading of spectrum
o Put the site on the Air
o Rigging of Tower
o Microwave installation

* Feb- March, 2005 Diesel electric service South Africa Company.
o Maintenance ,Installation ,Commissioning of Lister Generator and

* April to May 2005 and November 15 , 2005 and November 19 ,2005 Bihati
Solutions and Africa tower technology South Africa
o Site survey , site implantation ,site audit and Site
construction , Site Acquisition Coordinators ,Telecom Project

* 13 to 15 of July 2009 Reime Nis Norway and Reime Nis Kenya and ACME Tele
power Limited ( Training in Nairobi ): New Telecom Product for Reducing
Fuel and Energy Conception in 40% called Channel Partner

o Green Shelter
o Power Interface Unit " PIU "
o Line Conditioner Unit " LCU "
o Fuel Cells " FC "
o Thermal Management System " TMS " or Phase Change Material " PCM
o Telecom Air conditioner with free Cooling " TACFC "
o Heat Exchange " HE "
o NACC Compressor less AC
o Battery Cooler

Education Background

2004-2007 Institut Suprieur des Techniques Appliqus "ISTA" in D. R.
of Congo "Licence in lectronique and Tlcommunications engineering "

2001-2004 Institut des Btiments ET des Travaux Publics "IBTP" in D.R.
of Congo"Graduate in Civil Constructions Engineering"

1994-2000 Complexe Scolaire des Technologies Modern, Pr
High School

I'm Double engineers in civil work Construction and

References and Person to contact for confirmation

1. Mr. Emmanuel Oloa Project Manager Alcatel Congo and General Project
Manager Cameroon
And Francois Mbole Roll out Manager

Mobile: +243 814 449 966
Mobile: +237796456805

2. Mr. Eric Hermes Project Manager Bihati Solutions Republic South
Africa and Mirro Kovacick
General Project Manager Bihati Solution South Africa and Congo
"actually is Siemens &
Nokia Manager Saudi Arabia" and Marcel Venter Senior
Executive, Operations Manager
Vodacom Congo

Mobile: +27828766066
Mobile: +96655129302
Mobile: +243814448590

3. Louis Steyler Senior Project Manager Africa Tower Technology and
Bill Parso General
Project Manager Africa Tower Technology and Allan Dick

Mobile: +243999961034 / +243898953873
Mobile: +254737370081

4. Clovis , Andrew , Werner Advance Telecoms Managers South Africa and
Democratic Republic
Of Congo and Kobe Kroger Supervisor

Mobile:+243 814 449 085
Mobile Kobe: +27834155653

5. Joseph Nkolo Site Manager Orange Cameroon

Mobile: +23796841600

6. Neil Vanvuunren D.R Implantation Manager Plessey Zambia and Kenya
and Jordan General Project Manager Democratic Republic of Congo

Mobile: +27825870424 / +254734800376
Mobile: +243811746346

7. Mr. Riaan Mine Civil Project Manager and Program Manager Ericsson
East Africa and James Williams 3G Project Manager Tanzania

Mobile: +255 787444267
Mobile: +255 787 444 266

8. Theo Mine General Project Manager Green X Solutions South Africa and
Richard Black Manager Green X Solutions United of King Doom
Mobile: +27839491222
Mobile: +447852507574
9. Leon Clulee Instructor Diesel Services Electric Republic South Africa
Mobile: +27824463322
10. Andy Morris, Reime Nis Norway Chanel Manager, Member of the ACME Group

Mobile : +971506522708
Email :
11. Nenad Jankovic Director Business Devellopment, Reime Nis Kenya
Mobile : +254733518104
Email :
From 1998 to 2009 total years done in telecommunication are Thirteen years
and sites done as specification are bellow

a. Years of experience in telecommunication
b. More than 200 sites built with full civil work " Green field ,Mamba
,Cobra and Mono pole
c. More than 450 sites Surveyed and inspected as Auditor from Civil
work to transmission Democratic Republic of Congo , Tanzania,
Cameroon ,Zambia , Uganda , Republic of Congo and Sudan
d. Install more than 250 Generator , Automation , Auto Transformer
Switch , AVR and maintenance
e. Install more than 250 sites in GSM type Dual Band , Mono Band ,XPOL
, VPOL and Omni "Alcatel ,Siemens ,Ericsson and Huawei Technology
f. Install more 150 sites in Microwave or Dishes diameters 30, 60 ,
120 , 180 , 24 ,300, 400 cm type Alcatel , Siemens , Ericsson and
Huawei Technology
g. Erection of Shelter more than 150 with full installation of in side
and out side electrical type of shelter : JK , Haw stone , Huawei ,
and Hayat telecoms
h. Erection of tower more than 50 type of tower Heavy duty and extra
Heavy duty " Africa Tower Technology "

i. Built site from Site survey , Tower foundation , erection of tower
, erection of Shelter , Installation of Generator , installation
of Auto Transformer Switch , Installation of AVR , Installation
full Transmissions equipments and Sign PAC and FAC "Practical
Acceptance and Final Acceptance Documents " more than 150 sites
j. Eleven "11" years in telecommunication , Site Acquisition
Management , Site Acquisition Coordinators and Project management

Quick Profile Summary

shasha dibomba kezenge
Name: Shasha Dibomba Kezenge
Location: Mwanza,Tanzania
Job Title: Project Management
Company: intertec world

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