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About Maria Tikhonova

Maria Tikhonova is currently living in Tempe, Arizona, working as a Womens Personal Development Educator in "Womens Personal Development" and is interested in Advertising & Media, Services.
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Job Title

Womens Personal Development Educator



tempe, Arizona

Categories of Interest

Advertising & Media, Services

My Interests

" To help all women tap into their inner beauty and power to achieve all of their goals and dreams. To help women realize how much power they have over their life, and finally help them get behind the wheel and take control. To show women that they are all strong, confidence and powerful and if they only took sometime to take the proper control, everything that they have ever wanted can be obtain. And finally to show all women that they have choices in everything that do, and I dont mean limited choices, but endless possibility of choices to where they can go in life. *even thought my business is mostly geared toward women's self improvement and personal development, I am open to working equally with men as well " - MASHA

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Maria Tikhonova has joined on Sep 01, 2009

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Maria Tikhonova
Name: Maria Tikhonova
Location: tempe,Arizona,United States
Job Title: Womens Personal Development Educator
Company: Womens Personal Development

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Maria Tikhonova
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