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Terresa Tetar is currently living in Langley, British Columbia, working as an Executive Director in "Solid Gold Learning Center" and is interested in Education.
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Langley, British Columbia

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Terresa Tetar established an international reputation in the field of therapeutic Tutoring. As founder of the Systematic Approach to Literacy Teaching Tools (Saltt), she has for over 29 years, had a profound impact as a Tutor, Instructor, and Trainer and Executive Director of the Saltt Learning Center. Terresa has a comprehensive background that enables her to deliver a wide variety of training programs.
In practicing the art and science of Systematic Literacy, Terresa has developed a unique and compelling training method that has enabled her to reliably and systematically catalyse enthusiasm and energy in those she works with. Students have been overjoyed with the Saltt System and confidently and enthusiastically approach teaching this method to others. Teachers and Tutors refer to her as compassionate and facilitating changes in attitude that have affected their teaching in delightful ways; organizations talk about the spark, energy and renewal that the Saltt System infuses into their teaching efforts.
Terresa combines her expertise in multi sensory methods, her teaching insights, and her communication skills to assist her students and clients reach new levels of teaching in the classroom and one- on one. This unique system has made her a sought-after facilitator and teacher. She is known for her commitment and enthusiasm. In 1979 Terresa first started developing this method when she was introduced to her Filipino Nanny who could not speak English clearly. An adventurer by nature, Terresa accumulated extensive experience in various teaching opportunities while living in Alberta and British Columbia between 1978 and 1985.
Her fascination with students who speak English as a Second Language, Gifted students and students with learning challenges and her unique ability to systematize and simplify complex ideas into very hands on easy to learn techniques has led to many requests for her to teach. She has facilitated exciting seminars and courses in grammar, composition, reading, spelling, keyboarding and cursive handwriting that enable partakers to assimilate the most detailed information about the English Language, in which provide techniques to access and integrate these in very effective ways.
Having encountered Romalda Bishop Spalding and Walter T. Spaldings, The Writing Road to Reading one of the best trainers on the Dr. Samuel T. Orton and Anne Gillingham phonetic approach to learning how to read for dyslexic students, Terresa began her dedication to teaching the people or children that seemed to need that extra help that traditional methods failed to succeed. She knew then that need was great and throughout the 70s and 80s and 90s and worked with students to improve their skills. This was not the focus immediately to become her life's work, but her passion continued to grow and learning all she could about how people learn seemed such a passion that research continued and she applied herself accordingly. She being a self learner continued to research this subject and never stopped pursuing all the information she could on this subject...
Certification and teaching qualifications were met in Orton Gillingham Therapeutic Tutoring, associate and member of the Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Tutors in 1999-2000, sat on the Advisory board for Silbury School and Resource Center and a previous member of the gifted associations Board of GCABC. Presently she is the Executive Director of the Saltt Learning Center and instructs individuals in the Saltt Learning System.
She has developed her own unique style of teaching and hosted many students from around the world, many from China, Japan, Sweden, and Taiwan who came specifically to learn English through the Saltt Method. She taught ESL students at Windsor Education College, in private home sessions and in private schools. Through reputation and success of teaching students who are gifted she became a faculty member of Silbury a hands-on education school and centre in Vancouver employing the most advanced learning techniques for children. Terresa taught at Fraser Academy a school for Dyslexic students where she worked one on one with students. She has conducted seminars in both BC and Alberta on the Saltt Method and is author of 12 books on the subject. These books have been sold internationally and until recently could be found at Chapters Book Store. She was recognized and published in Immortal Verses an international book of poetry. Many who have been under her tutelage and trained in the Saltt Method have experienced success in their own private businesses. Today she continues to train people in the Saltt System for Therapeutic Tutors and Training ESL Franchisees in the Saltt System.
The idea of lifelong learning is a discipline of Terresa and she embraces it wholeheartedly. A systems developer by nature, she has been involved with exploring brain based learning and multisensory learning unofficially for many years. Her research and development of the Saltt System began with her first ESL student and continued throughout the years into an international program that has built English literacy around the globe.
Terresas unique wealth of research and training, dynamic teaching style, and compassionate yet pragmatic communication skills make her a dynamic educator, consultant, and facilitator who continues to inspire and change people's lives wherever she works.

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Terresa  Tetar
Name: Terresa Tetar
Location: Langley,British Columbia,Canada
Job Title: Executive Director
Company: Solid Gold Learning Center

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