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Raul Matas is currently living in Santiago, Chile, working as a Translator in "Videostar" and is interested in Education.
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Santiago, Chile

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Translations in the fields of Economics, Finance, Advertising & Marketing, Telecommunications.

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Raul Matas has joined on Jun 18, 2009



Name: Ral Matas Snchez

Date of Birth: December 16th, 1953

Address: Julio Nieto 2015, Providencia, Santiago, Chile.

Marital Status: Married.

R.U.T. 6.245.584-5

Telephones: 2070018-08-3124107


The American School of Madrid-Madrid, Spain-Elementary School
Lincoln School, Buenos Aires, Argentina
The International School Nido de guilas, Santiago, Chile.

1972. : Graduated form "The American School of Madrid",
Madrid, Spain.

1972 - 1973 :1 year of Psychology at the University of New Mexico,
Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A.

1973 - 1974 :1 year of Psychology at the University of Miami, Coral
Miami, Florida, U.S.A

1974 - 1976 Schiller College-Main College located in Heidelberg,
Caldern Study Center, Madrid, Spain.
Economy I, Economy II, Comparative Psychology,
World History (from an ideological perspective),
Contemporary English Literature,
Contemporary Spanish Literature,
Sociology I,
Sociology II

1976 - 1981 Pontificia Universidad Catlica de Chile
Pedagoga en Castellano

2007 English instructor for Background English institute
2006 Translator for Banco de Chile
2003-2004 English instructor for Background English Institute
2002-2003 Private English classes
2001 - 2002 English teacher and Academic Coordinator for Acpen.

2000 - 2001 English teacher at EF- English First Language
Contact information: Erik Petko-

1994 - 2002 The following voiceovers (in English) for Videostar,

1. This is Chile
2. Dances of Chile.
3. The North of Chile.
4. Santiago's Tourist Attractions.
5. El Abra Mining Company.
6. CD Fachinal Mining Company.
7. Zaldvar Mining Company.
8. Sal Lobos
9. Autopistas concesionadas
10. Sernageomn-National Geological and Mining
11. Rosa Mosqueta Coesam-Rosehip Oil.
12. Bridgestone-Firestone
1994-1997 Private Instructor-English and Spanish.

1991 - 1994 Partner, Co-founder of Inbusiness, S.A. Santiago, Chile. My
positions with Inbusiness (between 1991 and 1995)
were the following:
English Instructor.
Academic Director.
Public Relations Manager.

1988 - 1990 English Instructor.
Tronwell S.A.-Language Institute-Santiago.

1987 - 1988 Cultural Assistant to the Embassy of Korea.

1983 - 1987 English Instructor for 17 executives at Pfizer Chile

1981 - 1983 Bertlitz Language Center-English and Spanish


1. I worked for Proton, Automotive Company. I translated the Proton
Persona's owner's car manual from English to Spanish.

2. I translated the entire 1984 budget for Pfizer Laboratories from
Spanish to English while I trained 17 executives, as well as
working with translations in their areas.:
1. Gonzalo Omeaca: Plant Manager.
2. Carlos Effa. -Sales Mgr.-Pharmaceutical Division.
3. Adolfo Camilla-Product Mgr.-Pharmaceutical Division.
4. Manuel Gonzlez Jorquera-Mgr.-Agricultural Divisin.
5. Juan Carlos Silva-General Accountant.
6. Milton Seguel-Sales Mgr.-Chemical Divisin.
7. Hernn Cabello, M.D.-Assistant to Pfizer's Medical Director.
8. Mercedes San Martn-Mgr.-IT Division.
9. Jaime Pascual-Mgr.-Pharmaceutical Division.
10. Bernardita Garn-Pharmaceutical Divisin.
11. Roberto Iturrieta-Mgr.-Agricultural Divisin.
12. Luis Pozo-Mg.-Human Resources Mgr.
13. Patricio Enrione-Mgr.-Chemical, Pharmaceutical Divisin.
14. Augusto Martnez-Mgr.-Inventory.
15. Roberto Herrera-Finance Mgr.
16. Francisco Reyes-Mgr.-Raw Materials.
17. Ivan Urra-Product Mgr. Pharmaceutical Div.
18. Patricio Nunes-Mgr.-IT Division.

3. While I was Cultural Assistant to the Embassy of Korea I translated
material from English to Spanish. Such material was sent to
companies and private parties interested in the 1998 Olympics. The
purpose was to showcase Korea for business ventures as well as a
source of knowledge of Korea's culture and traditions.

4. I translated material for Compaq Chile that Juan Carlos Macuada
(then Country Manager of Compaq Chile) needed to work with.
Furthermore, we worked with sample material he would eventually
work with at the at the Wharton School of Economics, where he took
a graduate course in Marketing and Sales scenarios.

5. I translated the entire web page for the Santiago Stock Exchange
Market. This page still needed corrections but the client insisted
on it being place in the Net. I translated not only what pertains
to Santiago's Stock. Exchange Market but the information regarding
companies present at BCS itself: History, growth, production
figures, annual balance reports, etc

6. Translations for Wilson Logistics Shipping Co.
7. I translated the Human Resources web page for Sun Microsystems Chile.
8. Translations for Coesam and its star product, Rose Hip Oil
9. Translations for Etcom Telecommunications Company.
10. Translations for Marbella Resorts Expansion Project.
11. My voice may be heard when clicking on English Video at
12. My voice may be heard on Supplies.
13. Likewise, my voice may be heard on videos by
14. I translated the Slovakian Pension Fund System and the innovations to
be implemented. Translation from English to Spanish.
15. Translation and voiceover for Sernageomin-National Geological and
Mining Service.
16. Voiceover for Sal Lobos.
17. Voiceover for Palta Haas.
21. Translator for Banco de Chile during 2006-Confidential information,
clients and companies, from Spanish to English.
22. Simultaneous translation for the seminar "Radioactive Waste
Management. CCHEN, Chilean Commission of Atomic Energy. Between
November 25th and November 27th, 2008.
22. Webpage translation-Chilean Commission of Nuclear Energy.
23. Webpage translation-Immigration Regulations-Ministry of the Interior
of Chile.

Areas of expertise: Psychology, Banking, Finance, Economy,
Agriculture, Mining, Business, Foreign Trade.
Daily translating output: 4,000 to 5,000 words.

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Raul Matas
Name: Raul Matas
Location: Santiago,Chile
Job Title: Translator
Company: Videostar

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