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Sannie Llagas Jr is currently living in muntinlupa city,PH., Philippines, and is interested in Construction, Consulting.
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muntinlupa city,PH., Philippines

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Construction, Consulting


Ridge view Subdivision #1 ( RVI)
BLK. 4/ Lot 19 Long beach Drive
Tunas an, Muntinlupa City
Cell No: 09185269271


Date of Birth : June 02, 1949
Place of Birth : Cabangan, Zambales
Civil Status : Married
Citizenship : Filipino
Height : 5' 2/
Weight : 110 lbs.
Religion : Roman Catholic
Language and
Degree of proficiency : English- Excellent
Filipino- Mother Tongue
Education : Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

: Associate of Surveying ( Ass. Surveying)


Primary : Cabangan Elem. School
Cabangan, Zambales

Secondary : Union High School of Manila
Philippine Christian College
Malate, Manila

Tertiary : Manuel L. Quezon School of
Engineering and Arch.
Presently now Manuel L. Quezon University


: Mapua Institute of Technology
( Ass. Surveying)


: Over twenty (20) years varied experience
of Engineering of kind / trades both civil
and structural work. Detailed Engineering
Design and management supervision both
structural and civil and other aspect of
good Engineering practices. Survey and
construction supervision of building
construction and other related works

: Design and re-designed, modification of
different structural component both
horizontal calculation and etc.

: Seminar are construction quality control
and supervision.
July 1981 ( 3 days)

: Seminar on Highway Engineering Ujung
Berong, Bandong, Bina-Marga Indonesia.
January 1979 ( 15 days)

: Design of Rural Roads and Highways MPWH
Oct. 1976 (3days)

: Drilling and Grouting Treatment on Dams,
MRMP, Isabela
December 1979- ( 3 days)

: Second national structural Engineering
Convention on 1977, ACI bldg Code, PICC
Manila Philippines.
Dec. 1979

: Engineering Project feasibility studies,
transport training center, U.P.
Oct. 1984


a. From Sept. 20, 2006 - to present time

b. Employer : : Renardet S.A. / Design Science Inc.
Construction Supervision
Consultant and M.T.D.

c. Position : Structional Inspector Promoted to Overall
Project Coordinator

d. Project : South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) project
Construction / Rehabilitation an Up-
Grading Viaduct, Flyover, Alabang, Muntinlupa
City ( TR-I)


: Inspection / Supervision and Monitoring
of Fabrication and installation of Girder
REBAR and planks and etc.

: In- charge monitoring / supervision
and concrete pouring girder and planks and
stressing of girder tendon.

: Inspection / Monitoring REBAR Bending
Cutting and Strand/ tendon of girders.
: Monitoring / Inspection of initial final
stressing on tendon/ strand of girder and
cement grouting.

: checking actual camber of completed

: monitoring / inspection lunching
/erection of girder.

: Whereas as over- all Project Coordinator
duties and Responsibilities Monitor/
Coordination, Inspection, Compulsory
attendance of meeting contractor consultant
and client and other coordination meeting
with other government and private institution
as required.

: Inspection/coordinate and monitoring to
ensure the construction complies with the
plans and specification and other document as
calls for.

: Assigned / designated as R.E. by the
expatriate Renardet Project Manager to take-
charge Ramps Construction on inspection /
monitoring to ensure compliance with the
drawing and placing CTB/ Concrete pouring of
PCCP and Asphalt Overlay in compliance with
the specification.

a. Period Covered : January 18, 20021 to 15
July 2004

b. Employer : Phil. Koi Inc. Engineers (
Consulting Firm
4th Floor. Pacific Satr Bldg.
Makati Corner Sen. Gil Puyat
Ave. Makati City

c. Position : NFDO/ TA Resident Engineer
DENR Consultant

d. Project : Const. Management Supervision
of Contract
Package # 2- Rehabilitation of Farm to market road
in Sicopong Watershed, sub project,Bais City,
Negros Oriental, Region 7.

e. Duties and Responsibilities:

: In- charge and Responsible for project
implementation and construction and
management adm. civil of structural
construction and all phase of work related
and required to project.

: Inspection/ check to ensure that
construction alignment, line and grade
placing sub base, base course and pouring
concrete; PCCCP and Asphalt are in compliance
of drawing and specification.

: Check / review shop drawing of structural
component of Bridge structure prior
construction work.

: Coordinate with ISTaF DENR engineers in
inspection & monitoring team of DENR Region
7, L.G.U. and District Engineer and Regional
DPWH office.

: DENR Region 7 and the ISTaF of DENR
Engineer awarded a certificate of recognition
award to Resident Engineer for the early
completion of the project ahead of schedule
of 45 calendar days before contract expired.

a. Period Covered : 02 July 1999 - Jan. 08,

b. Employer : United Technologies Inc.
Unit 906, 9t6h Floor Hanston
Bldg., Emerald Ave.,
Ortigas Center, Pasig City

c. Position : Sr. Highway Engineer

d. Project : Construction Supervision of
Tignoan-Mayong Road with 4 units bridge
component for construction, Camarines Sur,
Bicol Province
e. Project Evolved:

: Inspection / supervision and monitoring
survey execution of horizontal alignment and
bridge site and x-sectioning.

: Inspection /monitoring earthwork
operation such as clearing & grubbing, cut &
fill and embankment formation and compaction.

: Installation of RCPC, rip-rap cons. stone
masonry slope protection work, concreting
concrete retaining wall.

a. Period Covered : 27 January 1999 - Mary 6,

b. Employer : Demcor, Inc.
Development Engineering and Management
A local Consulting Firm
Scout-Gandia, Quezon City

c. Position : Sr. Highway Engineer

d. Project : Construction Management and
Engineering Supervision of roads and bridges
under RURAL ROADS Networks Development
Projects (RRNDP-1) Phase OCEF assisted roads
and bridges construction project.
Tarlac, Tarlac Province
e. Duties and Responsibilities

: As Sr. Highway Engineer incharge of
Engineering Construction and supervision
under Contract Package I (RRNDP-I) Rural
roads network Development Project that
involved approximately 60 kms. of roads with
Four (4) bridges and fourteen (14) multi-
barrel box culvert (RCBC) and drainage

: The project comprising contract package
as follows:
CP#4 Anao-Ramos Road
CP# 14 - La Paz - Concepcion Road
CP # 19 - Sula-Lawacamulag Road
CP#21 - Burgos - Bigbiga Road

: Incumbent Coordinate with DPWH - PMO and
Katharia Engineers international on technical

: Responsible and in charge of supervision
of Civil Work and structural works - such as
earthwork, subgrade preparation, sub-base and
base-courses, concreting and asphalting work
and PCPC culvert and related works.

: As assistant structural engineer
supervise and assist bridge engineer in the
construction of RCBC and RCPC and other
structural works.


: Resolved issue as to elevation of bottom
bridges girders against Maximum Flood Level
(MFL) to meet 3.00M (min.) clearance.

a. Period Covered : 08 May 1996 - 26 January

b. Employer : Arch. Fernando R. Villegas and

c. Position : Resident Engineer

d. Project : Construction of Philippine
Carabao Center National Gene Pool, Research
and Training Facilities, Multi-Purpose
Complex, at C.L.S.U, Muoz, Nueva Ecija

e. Duties and Responsibilities

: As a resident engineer in-charge and
responsible for the development of 42
hectares of land for the construction of
Philippine Carabao Center . A national Gene
Pool Research and Training Facilities of

: Incumbent duties responsibilities in
charge construction of all component of the
multi-purpose complex project which to built
and construct office building staff housing
facilities. Elevated R.C. and steel water
tank to provide portable water tank to
provide portable water and others usage and

: Responsible and in charge of field
engineer assigned to the construction of
lives stock structure such as lactating
barn, bull barn, calves barn machinery, motor
pool bldg. milking and laboratory building,
staff house housing units, duplex single and
row-house for employee of the Philippine
Carabao Center, A general Headquarters of
National Gene Pool Research Training
Facilities of Phil. Carabao Center, C.L.S.U.
Muoz, Nueva Ecija Province.

: In charge / responsible in the
implementation construction of others
component of the project such as Fencing
concrete road and I-span bridges, drainage
R.C. culvert and open canal and other related
special structures component of the project.

: Assist assigned electrical engineer
contractor for installation of electrical
power distribution and features of the
project in accordance with the municipal
ordinance laws, building permits to conform
and in compliance of technical specification.

: Conduct inspection - reviewed structural
work of all structure, regards to design to
redesign and modification.

: Inspection, monitoring all on-going
activities of contractor for installation of
electrical power distribution and features of
the project in accordance with the municipal
ordinance laws, building permits to conform
and in compliance of technical specification.

a. Period Covered : May 1994 to April

b. Employer : Techphil., Inc.
Engineers - Architects
Construction Management Consultant

c. Position : Highway Engineer / Locating

d. Project : Construction Management
Supervision of contract Package# II-A
IBRD-Assisted Improvement Project
Bukidnon, Mindanao Province
Duties and Responsibilities
: As locating-highway engineer duties
incharge and responsible to conduct
verification survey of existing ground
profile and cross-section to determine
comparison between existing and design
finished grade to controlled in preparation
final quantity or revision and or
modification as required.

: Supervised clearing and grabbing
stripping during road widening.

: Check / verified road right of way (RROW)

: Established Bench Mark Elevation and TBM
and road Center line for construction.

: Review contract drawing and conduct
actual inventory of all existing structures
and other relevant project data.

: Assist bridge engineer in the inspection
and monitoring activities of structural and
civil works.

: Inspection / monitoring construction
progress and quality quantity of
construction work especially bridge and RCBC
to conform and met specification required.

a. Period Covered : June 1993

b. Employer : Filipinas Dravo

c. Position : Resident Engineer

d. Project : Construction Engineering
Management Supervision Contract Package 5l-3
(Gamu-Roxas Road)

ADB-Assisted Highway improvement project, Isabela Province

e. Duties and Responsibilities

: In-charge and responsible for the
implementation construction of contract
package. Gamu Roxas Raod (CP#3) both
administration and technical management
supervision until construction completed.

: Inspection monitoring and check progress
accomplishment of civil and structural work
in accordance with the technical
specification to conform with the drawings.

: Detailed task to ensure the proper and
timely staffing of all inspection of
consultant team to meet the demand for
inspection and supervision of contractor

: Approved and disapproved contractor work
in on-spot decision.

: Incharge of inspection and supervision of
contractor work covering practically all
phase such as earthmoving, placing sub-base
and base course, asphalt paving and
concreting work and other related ancillary
work time.

: Compulsory attendance in all meeting
between DPWH, consultant, contractor and
coordinating consultant.

: Check / review drawing for comparison to
the actual field condition contractor
submitted claim for evaluation and action and
summarize all finding.

: Design or redesign PCCP and make
modification as required to suit field
condition and other related work. Inspection
/ check / review material and inspection
report of contractor claim.

a. Period Covered : 01 March 1992 to May 31,

b. Employer : Trans-Asia (Philippines)

c. Position : Project Manager / Resident

d. Project : Kabangkalan Land Settlement
Area (Roads and Bridge Project)under IBRD -
assisted program. Second rural roads
improvement project (SRRIP) DPWH-PMO Project
Management Office.

e. Duties and Responsibilities

: The project comprising three (3) road
segment with two (2) new bridges structure to
be constructed to be constructed and multi-
barrel, box-culvert (RCBC) and also drainage
structures as follows:

KN-1 - Kabankalan - Tapi Road (22.30km)
KP-1 - Bantayan Tabugan Road (27.8km)
KP-2 - Tabugon-Tapi Road (7.0 km)

: Incumbent has dual function as Project
Manager and Resident Engineer. In charge and
responsible in implementation supervision
management of the construction project.

: As project manager / resident engineer
with dual function over-all responsible both
administrative and technical management
supervision of the consultant team of the

: Monitoring / supervision and inspection
all phase civil and structural including
project management.

: Inspection/ check / review construction
drawing in comparison with the actual filed
condition to update design / modification or
re-design structures to suit field condition.

: Inspection / supervision clearing and
grubbing, striping, placing sub-base and base
course, and concreting works.

: Evaluate existing structures, make
structural analysis of box-culvert for
designed and or redesign to suit actual
condition for replacement.

: Revised design Tagoc Bridge foundation to
appropriate the condition of soil foundation
of spreads footing prescribe in the drawing
to more stable foundation.

: Re-design and revise the 2-barrel RCBC 3-
barrel and height to suit actual condition.

: Check / review recommend contractor
accomplishment billing for payment

: Compulsory attendance during meeting of
all foreign assisted project of the region
during consultative meeting.

a. Period Covered : May 1991 to February 1992

b. Employer : Sharif-Al-Adnan Trading Co.
Inc. and Saudi Al-Ismael Establishment Saudi

c. Position : Site Engineer

d. Project : Construction of road and
residential establishment building

e. Duties and responsibilities

: Direct in-charge of construction and
planning and scheduling of various phase of

: Prepared cost estimate and quantity take-
off for the construction of various

: Tasks assigned includes supervising
operation repair and maintenance of structure
substantial completion.

: Supervise construction of road component
and drainage and other related civil and
structural works.

: Supervise of pre-casting of building
component and its structural work, such as
column installation length of dowel needed
and splicing prior protective concrete
covering to meet technical specification as

a. Period Covered : Nov. 1990 to April 1991

b. Employer : Techphil, Inc.

c. Position : Structural Construction

d. Project : Construction supervision
consultancy services for four (4) level
storey structure of URBAN POOR CONDOMINIUM
Plaza, Public State Authority (PEA) located
in Aguinaldo Coastal Road, Las Pias Metro

e. Duties and Responsibilities

: Assistance Deputy to the resident
engineer, assisting in monitoring inspection,
supervision of installation, erection and
fabrication of all building structural

: Inspection / supervise formwork for
concreting such as cleaning, oiling check
clearance, dimension of reinforcing bar and
numbers as required.

: Provide assistance to contractor
interpreting drawings, regards to structural

: Check /monitoring installation of
welding dowels, splicing during install pre-
cast beam component and structural works.

: Weekly reporting of contractor works
pertaining to work accomplishment, for

: Responsible in charge of all survey works
both civil and vertical construction.

: Assistance to resident engineer with same
duties and responsibilities during his
absence as OIC.

a. Period Covered : 05 May 1990 to October

b. Position : Resident Engineer

c. Employer : Prime tech Consultant, Inc.

d. Project : Consultancy services and
Construction Supervision
Fifth IBRD assisted road restoration project.
Cluster "A", Region I and Cordillera
Autonomous Region (CAR) Region I, Northern
Duties and Responsibilities

: In charge and responsible all phase of
Road construction of the restoration project
of Cordillera Autonomous Region (CAR) Region

: Prepare job description of all inspection
assignment in conjunction with IBRD team
instruction, to respective location project

: Inspection / monitoring all the different
location of on-going road construction of the
CAR restoration project.

: Coordinate with DPWH-PMO, regional Office
and District Engineer regarding work
contractor progress.

: Provide effective and regular supervision
of the restoration project to insure quality,
quantity and conformity with the standard
specification as prescribed in the contract.

: Determine durability/quantities work
completed, check payment invoices from
contractor monthly interim billing for

: Check / evaluate material test report of
construction activities, claim and disputes
and etc.

: Prepare scheduling for inspection /
monitoring during contractor on-going
construction activities to meet specification
required and contract.

: Check / supervise with the inspector
during contractor construction on-going
concreting activities.

a. Period Covered : Nov. 1989 to April

b. Employer : PERTCONSULT, INC.

c. Position : Highway/ Locating

d. Project : Detailed Engineering Design

: As Duties
and Responsibilities conduct field survey to verify and
. assess
suitability of the horizontal and vertical alignment of the road
for geometric

: As Highway Engineer -Location Engineer
execute / responsible for execution of field
survey for detailed Engineering designed
gathered from survey data of the project.

: Conduct field office projection and
computation of survey data as civil and
structural analysis for the design of
drainages, structure and road designed to
conformed design criteria and homogenous road

: Prepared initial quantity and final road
length projected base on survey data

a. Period Covered : February 1989 to
October 1989

b. Employer : ASIAN Engineers & System
Consultant (Phil.) Inc.

c. Position : Highway Engineer

d. Project : Construction Supervision and
Consultancy Services for Contract Package -3.
Dapitan-Dipolog Road and Manukan-Sindangan
Road ( CP-3A) Zamboanga del Sur.

Duties and Responsibilities

: As Highway Engineer for the two (2)
contract projects Fourth road improvement
Highway Construction project-ADB assisted
project in charge and responsible for the
execution actual field survey investigation
and verification survey to determine final
grade and profile, Bench Mark, Location of
final station of structures and etc.

: Responsible for the design revision,
remedial work and other modification
necessary to suit actual field condition.

: Responsible for civil/ structural
analysis of design of R.C.P.C. culvert and

: Conduct reconnaissance and establish
final center line of the road.

a. Period Covered : July 1988 to Jan.

b. Employer : TRANS-ASIA (Philippines

c. Position : Bridge Engineer / Highway
(Dual Function)

d. Project : Construction supervision of
Contract Package R3Y1C1 Bridge
Reconstruction. Project, Fifth IBRD-
Assisted Bridge and Road Component. Guimba-
Rosales Road Nueva Ecija Province.

e. Duties and Responsibilities

: Review working drawing of contractor
pertaining to Bridge false work Construction,
and other structural works.

: Responsible supervision of all Bridge and
RCBC construction.

: Revised and designed of Cuyapo RCBC to
one (1) span bridge and other structural

: Supervise pile driving operation and
determine actual length of piles.

: As highway Engineer supervise the road
component concreting work and Asphalt paving

a. Period Covered : Jan. 1987 to Feb.

b. Employer : Al-Award Est. for
Constructing and Trading, Saudi Arabia

c. Position : Quantity Engineer /

BADAYAH ROAD, Saudi Arabia

e. Duties and Responsibilities

: As Quantity Engineer keep records of all
documents for immediate references.

: Check / prepare & calculation of all
pertaining records document especially for
the monthly progress billing and claims and

: Inspective/ verify accomplishment. Check
and coordinate with project inspector on
confirmation of claim for quantification.

: Act as Office Engineer duties keep record

Period Covered : April 1980 to March 1986

a. Employer : TRANS-ASIA (Philippines)

b. Position : Highway Engineer /
Structural Inspector

c. Project : Construction Supervision of
contract Package D-Jaro Barotoc Viejo Road,
contract Package C-Zarraga-Passi Road,
Contract Package E-Jaro Molo Road, all in
Iloilo, Panay Province.

d. Duties and Responsibilities

: Conduct daily inspection of road length
60kms. Monitoring and supervise road widening
such as Clearing and Grubbing, Stripping
preparation and placing sub-base material and
Base-course. Removal of unsuitable materials
and replaced special fill material in muddy
Rice field area. Road project Jaro-Barotoc
Viejo road Iloilo Province.

: Expatriate Resident Engineer appointed as
assistant structural Inspector in addition of
duties and responsibilities to assist and
Overseer bridge and RCBC Construction with in
the road line project.

: Assess structural engineer supervise
concrete pouring and check clearance and
numbers of Rebars and Formworks and etc.


b. Position : Chief Inspector Highway
Engineer (Expatriate) Transferred Philippine
to Indonesia Project as expatriate.

c. Project : Construction Supervision of
Wangon-CILACAP Highway Project 3rd IBRD-
Assisted Project, West Border, Central Java,
Bandung Indonesia.

d. Duties and Responsibilities

: Assist in organizing the administrative
activities management of local inspection
personnel and coordination meeting with the
client and the Japanese contractor for the
purposes of obtaining satisfactory progress
and proper coordination of work.

: Provide effective and regular Supervision
of the work and ensure their quality and
conformity with the standard and
specification prescribed in the contract.

: Inspection incharge construction
Supervision all phase of Contractor
activities both civil and structural.

a. Period Covered : Nov. 01, 1977 to
July 1979

c. Position : Assistant Project
Deputy Project Engineer

d. Project : Construction Supervision of
PNOC-LUSTREVECO Project and SHI Repair
maintenance facilities, Buan, Batangas.

e. Duties and Responsibilities

: During the 1st phase of the project as
Assistant Project Engineer inspection of
construction of perimeter fence.

: Inspection supervision of dredging work
for the reclamation area project site.

: Install settlement gauge of different
location of the reclamation area and check
settlement occurs.

: Supervise Marine slope protection (sea
wall) construction as to size of boulders
slope piled to conform with specification
contract requirement.

: Supervise/check concrete pile driving
activities off-shore and on-shore.

: Responsible and in charge of sweeping
dredge area in coordination of survey party
conducting sounding as to depth and

a. Period Covered : March 1977 to
October 9, 1977



NHA-SAPANG Palay Rehabilitation Project, San
Jose Bulacan

e. Duties and Responsibilities

: Inspection, evaluation and assistance to
the Contractor to review and approved the
contractor's work plans, suitability of his
key personnel and adequacy of his equipment.

: Responsible for cost estimate and
construction supervision of asphalt paving
of roads and construction of drainage system
facilities and site development.

a. Period Covered : Feb. 24, 1975 to
March 05, 1977

b. Employer : EDCOP-LOWIS Berger
(Local & International Consulting Firm)



e. Duties and Responsibilities

: Supervised Application of Bituminous
Prime Coat, Tack Coat, and Laying Spreading
and Compacting of Asphaltic concrete wearing
course material overlay.

: Inspection / supervision and monitoring
excavation of existing road widening for
placing widening concrete block pavement and

: Check Measurement for Asphalt concrete
delivered and laid asphalt for quantification
meeting corresponding temperature, volume.

a. Period Covered : May 1974 to
February 1975

b. Employer : District Engineering Office
2nd Engineering District ( BPH)
Iba, Zambales


I, the undersigned, certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief,
this bio-data correctly described myself, my qualification and my
experience. I understand that any willful misstatement described herein may
lead to my disqualification or dismissal, if employed.

This will also confirm my availability as one of the professional staff and
I will undertake the activities and assignment that may be given by
accordance with the task and responsibilities attached to my position.

B-4 L-19 Longbeach Drive Ridgeview 1
Camella Homes, Tunasan, Muntinlupa City

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