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Robert Kahan is currently living in North York , Ontario, works in "Robert Kahan Consulting Inc." and is interested in Internet / IT, Services, Software & Services.
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North York , Ontario

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Internet / IT, Services, Software & Services

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26 Invermay Avenue
North York, Ontario M3H 1Z3
Cell: (416) 893-6470
Phone: (416) 631-8428


A highly dependable and conscientious professional with more than 10 years of experience in Information Technology. Certified Unix and Linux Systems Administrator. Expertise in troubleshooting, developing preventative solutions to deter problems from occurring, technical writing and technical support. Persistent and willing to take initiative. An individual who cares about his work, with strong communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to work well independently and as part of a team.


Software: Unix (especially SunOS & AIX), EDM, Veritas NetBackup, vi Editor, PostgreSQL, BIND, PHP, Uniplex, MS Excel, Remedy, EDI, Linux, RPM, Sed, Awk, Perl, Networking, TCP/IP, DOS, Windows, Windows NT, Pick, VMS, Lotus Notes, MS Outlook, MS Word, MS Access and WordPerfect
Hardware: Sun Solaris, IBM Risc/6000, ATL Tape Library, HP 9000, Compaq, EMC, Data General, DEC/Microvax, IBM PCs, NT Stations, Modems, Hubs, Routers and Printers
Languages: UNIX Shells/Scripting, COBOL, C, FORTRAN, BASIC, Perl and JCL
Applications: File Utilities, DNS, FTP, Apache, PHP, RPM, Webservers, PostgreSQL, BIND, Sed, Awk, Perl, Unix Scripting, Ethernet, CGI, Excel Spreadsheets, Technical Writing, Sorting, Reports, Tables, Data Validation, Sequential Files, On-Screen User Update, Control Breaks, Loops and Functions.


IBM, Toronto (contract through TES) 2008
Security Delivery Specialist
Responsible for defining, developing implementing and assuring security policies, processes, tools and architectures that encompass logical controls, network security controls, physical controls, risk management, security incident and issue management, security integrity processes and security status checking.
Changed root passwords on servers to maintain security.
Compiled information about privileged users for revalidations.
Allowed and disallowed users from having classified information to maintain security integrity.
Improved and created documentation through clear, concise technical writing.
Environment: Sun Solaris, IBM Risc/6000, HP and Linux.
Tools: SunOS, AIX, HP-UX, Linux and Lotus Notes.

Quality Crystals, Richmond Hill, Ontario 2005-2007
MS Excel Specialist
Created MS Spreadsheets to track merchandise.

ARVINMERITOR, Troy, Michigan 2000-2003
Operations Analyst/UNIX Systems Administrator
Monitored backups by typing in commands from the UNIX command line interface and utilizing the GUIs (EDM and Veritas NetBackup).
Resolved, or when necessary escalated, backup anomalies. Utilized the vi Editor to create detailed files with information on failures, size, time submitted and time completed of backups. Documented anomalies with MS Excel spreadsheets and utilized the information to develop preventative solutions to deter future problems from occurring.
Created MS Excel spreadsheet to monitor size of backups and used this information to discover future backups that were too small and resolve, or when necessary escalate, the issues.
Maintained and enhanced security, safety, organization, climates conditions and cleanliness of the data center. Improved and created documentation through clear, concise technical writing used by IT departments across the company. Helped enhance backup schedule by compiling data into an MS Excel spreadsheet on how many backups actually ran at each given time, which prevented backup failures and ensured timely completion of backups. Ensured that the ATL Tape Library always had adequate supply of usable scratch tapes for the backups (there were frequent serious tape issues) and resolved/escalated tape anomalies. Made sure tapes were sent off site in a timely fashion to maintain the safety of the data.
Maintained & supported a number of servers and other hardware at the data center.
Environment: Sun Solaris, ATL Tape Library, HP 9000, Compaq and EMC Disk drives.
Tools: SunOS, EDM, Veritas NetBackup, vi Editor, MS Excel, Remedy, Windows NT & Lotus Notes.

AEROTEK/TEKSYSTEMS, Southfield, Michigan 1999
Computer Operator, Johnson Controls
Gave second level technical support to Johnson Control plants through out the USA, Canada and Mexico, resolving, or when necessary escalating, anomalies with printers, software and hardware.
Maintained systems and took preventative steps to deter problems from occurring, for example; when printers were sending messages to servers and no one read the messages, the messages caused numerous servers to run out of memory. Reconfigured printers through out the USA, Canada and Mexico to prevent them from sending these messages to the servers.
Improved and created documentation through clear, concise technical writing. Created MS Excel spreadsheets.
Environment: Data General, DEC/Microvax, HP 9000.
Tools: UNIX, VMS, PICK, MS Word, MS Access, MS Excel, Remedy, Lotus Notes.

AMERICAN BLIND & WALLPAPER FACTORY, Plymouth, Michigan 1995-1999
Computer Operator
Developed and programmed file utilities (UNIX shells), Print-manager (UNIX shell): reports on the status of files being sent to printers/prevents buffer overload/reroutes printer jobs from disabled printers, maintained systems, monitored system speed and file space resolving and when necessary escalating anomalies.
Performed trouble shooting for web site.
Performed batch jobs, generated reports, sent and received EDI.
Gave technical support to internal departments of the company resolving and when necessary escalating anomalies with software, hardware and printers.
Improved and created documentation through clear, concise technical writing.
Environment: RISC/6000.
Tools: AIX, Uniplex, vi Editor, EDI, UNIX Shells & MS Word.

INFORMATION RESOURCE GROUP, Sterling Heights, Michigan 1994-1995
Computer Researcher
Gathered information for user database.

BETH JACOB SCHOOL, Oak Park, Michigan 1991
Computer Programming Instructor
Taught programming and debugging in GWBASIC to grades 11 and 12.
Talmudic/legal Researcher
Adult education

Print Manager (UNIX shell): Reports on the status of files being sent to printers/prevents buffer overload/reroutes printer jobs from disabled printers
Diet Plan (c): Interactive diet plan program


University of Illinois, 2003-2005
Linux/Unix Systems Administration Certification

EU-118 Fundamentals of Solaris, 2000
Dearborn, Michigan.

CDI Career Development Institute (formerly Control Data Institute) 1989-1990
majored in Computer Programming and Operations, Southfield, Michigan.

Quick Profile Summary

Robert Kahan
Name: Robert Kahan
Location: North York,Ontario,Canada
Company: Robert Kahan Consulting Inc.

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