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About Ronald Smythe

Ronald Smythe is currently living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, working as an Owner in "White Tiger Foundation" and is interested in Art.
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Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Tigers, Music, Art, Math, Computers

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Ronald Smythe has joined on May 16, 2009


Ronald was in the hospital in the 70s with GBS (french polio) for all most a year. Over coming his illness he used his talents (playing guitar and drawing pictures) as theropy and use to draw cats for the nurses, friends and family and gave them away as presents. He has been lucky enough to be able to work with and train large cats such as Lions, Tigers, Cougars, Leopards, Snow leopards and even a white tiger named TARRI. Now he has created his own publishing company so he can give away his drawings to kids in the hospital for free.

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Ronald Smythe
Name: Ronald Smythe
Location: Minneapolis,Minnesota,United States
Job Title: owner
Company: White Tiger Foundation

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Ronald Smythe
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