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Carole Hession
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About Carole Hession

Carole Hession is currently living in Palm Desert, California, works in "E-Just 4 You" and is interested in Affiliate Program, Health & Beauty, Marketing, Products, Work from Home.
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Palm Desert, California

Categories of Interest

Affiliate Program, Health & Beauty, Marketing, Products, Work from Home

My Interests

I'm looking for products and to promote products that I learn about, how the products work and are they really beneficial to the customer. I feel that if I like the product and it works well for me, then I can pass that information on to the customer. Sort of a "try it, you'll like it" philosophy, but I want to take the time to try it so I know you'll like it!!

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Carole Hession has joined on May 10, 2009


I am a work-at-home affiliate trying to get a good grip on the business and feel lucky to be a part of Spider Sales. I am a total newbie, but enjoying everything I\'m learning. I\'m also taking as much time as I need to grasp the winning ways of some of the leaders, but also I like to take the time to learn about the different products so I can promote them from my own experience and pass that on to the customer. That way I\'m using my time for you!

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Carole Hession
Name: Carole Hession
Location: Palm Desert,California,United States
Company: E-Just 4 You

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Carole Hession
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