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James Katzenberger is currently living in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, and is interested in Legal Services, Services, Software & Services.
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Lansdale, Pennsylvania

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Legal Services, Services, Software & Services

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Profit Performance Advisors provides the vehicle to help people expand and develop the skills and attitudes necessary to achieve a higher degree of success personally, professionally and organizationally. Our comprehensive development processes contains the three ingredients needed to ensure success: Goal Setting Attitude Development Skills Improvement The key word is Development. Profit Performance Advisors materials are facilitated through a development process that ensures the information is not only understood and retained, but also applied in everyday situations.This focus on application and measurable results separates our process from standard training programs. Results include improved productivity, higher profits, and the continuous achievement of personal, professional and organizational excellence. Enhancing the capacity of employees, teams, and entire organizations to produce higher quality, customer-focused results is the goal.The resultant effect is employees feel directly responsible for their results, they are continually learning and developing their skills, they are secure enough to share their best ideas, and will work together as a team. People bring economic value to every company. Every organizations most important asset is its people. Their knowledge, resourcefulness, and creativity translates directly into earnings and profitability. The investment of the organization needs to be as much in people as in machines. Successful leaders understand the need to redefine the corporations wealth base, not in its physical assets such as plants and equipment, but in its only source for long-term stability and competitiveness... its people. When working with Profit Performance Advisors, we create a tailored development process to specifically address your needs, either individually, professionally or organizationally. Our processes address getting improved performance, for the long term, from you and your organization. We work with individuals and organizations to enable a high performing environment. We provide Processes that focus on developing the complete individual and enabling the efficient execution of tasks, both personal and professional. We provide processes designed to improve the following skills: Strategic Organizational Goal Alignment Leadership Sales Entrepreneurial Leadership and Strategic Thinking Executive Leadership Management Supervision Time Strategies We also provide Strategic Planning for executives and teams, including an Annual Goals Review process designed to evaluate you and your organizations progress toward your individual, professional and organizational success.

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James Katzenberger has joined on May 05, 2009

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James Katzenberger
Name: James Katzenberger
Location: Lansdale,Pennsylvania,United States

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James Katzenberger
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