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About Jeff Perrington

Jeff Perrington is currently living in New York, working as a CEO & Owner in "New Wave Consulting LLC" and is interested in Consulting, Marketing, Services.
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CEO & Owner


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New York

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Consulting, Marketing, Services

My Interests

What interests me the most is the principle that once you have a website, people will come running. This is so not true on a regular scheme but, if you put your website on YouTube or some other Viral Media, more people can and will probably run to your website. The next thing that will get people running to your website is to get an interesting product that people will need that is seen on YouTube.

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Jeff Perrington has joined on May 05, 2009


Having Spent 20 years in Corporate America in a variety of jobs, I began to see the flaws in it over time. In 2002 while still in the so-called Rat Race, I launched my first Company that is still in existence to very day. My experience as a CEO was largely learned in my various jobs in Corporate America by observing Management, CEO\'s and COO\'s fumble, bumble and flop because of their my way or the Highway approach. I also had some classroom training but even bigger training from the Streets with my first Business. My Current new venture is a Partnership with an old friend Ricardo Santos. I founded New Wave Consulting LLC to teach other businesses and show other CEO\'s how to handle their Businesses better.

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Jeff Perrington
Name: Jeff Perrington
Location: New York,United States
Job Title: CEO & Owner
Company: New Wave Consulting LLC

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Jeff Perrington
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