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Kester Stachan is currently living in Florida, working as a Magician/Mentalist in "Yellow Griffin Illusions" and is interested in Entertainment.
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I perform magical illusions. My speciality is Mentalism or mind reading. My shows are an hour long and I take on the persona of Prince Osirius. Osrius is an Avatar from the star Sirius with it's 2 sister stars Sirius B and Sirius C (Yet undiscovered). He arrived here in a space ship called POLO TOLO (Star of the 10 moon) His people taught the ancient Egyptian priests as well as the summerians and babylonians. Before the Dogon moved to the cliffs of Bandiagara in mali they were taught mathmatics and the planetary and star systems by our masters.

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Kester Stachan has joined on May 04, 2009

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Kester Stachan
Name: Kester Stachan
Location: Florida,United States
Job Title: Magician/Mentalist
Company: Yellow Griffin Illusions

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Kester Stachan
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