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Ginkga Studio Home Of The $500 Web Design is currently living in Carson City , Nevada, working as a Sales / Account Management in "Ginkga Studio - Home of the $500 Web Design Online Business Opportunity " and is interested in Advertising & Media, Call Centers, Services.

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Sales / Account Management



Carson City , Nevada

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Advertising & Media, Call Centers, Services

My Interests

Web Design | eCommerce | Programming <br><br> Ginkga Web Development SEO Online Services <br><br> We are web developers who seek people who want Ginkga to build web sites for them. Web development is the process of Ginkga building the website for you. We are freelance web developers which means our services cost much less than a company that has to pay a lot overhead. <br><br> Web site developers are the people you rely on to create, develop and produce your online presence through a web site, blog or ecommerce web store. <br><br> Web site development is the process of you and your web developers working together to make your interests happen. Web development companies are a dime a dozen on the internet and so how or why do you choose any specific web development team? The Ginkga Studio web development company offers you the flexibility to go from step one of your project to the launch of our site live and on-going with 6 months of support which is included in every web development project that Ginkga works. <br><br> Many web page developers charge additional for the perks that Ginkga offers you at no additional charge. Support services which Ginkga provides at no additional charge; For 3 months we market your site online to help generate new visits. Each small business or personal website gets 6 months FREE hosting.* After that hosting is just $10.00 per month or $120.00 per year. (*excessive video hosting not included) 3 months of no-additional-cost support on your website. Also, we never charge additional fees to send your complete files to you. <br><br> Ginkga Studio feels that our web development service exceeds the average web development offer because we remove the risk of your investment by ensuring that you will have the support needed to generate ROI (return on investment). Simply put, you pay for your web development project, we do the work, you get excited and brag to your friends and take all of the credit. <br><br> On every project you will deal with the same web developer without being concerned that you are shoved around to people who you have to keep explaining things. Your web developer is the same person who you will deal with on every aspect of your project. <br><br> In the case of web database development, which is a large staple in Ginkga web development projects, you will be trained on how to use your website, you will be given the chance to understand what to do before the site is launched. <br><br> Your web site developer will be happy to explain any aspect of the web design development process, so always feel free to ask any questions. We never view questions as being senseless. <br><br> eCommerce web development is a more detail-oriented process as we will need much more cooperation and ongoing contact with you throughout the web development and design process. Although you will deal with professional web developers, it is still up to you to know what you want. If this means doing some initial research or calling Ginkga to ask questions then please do these activities before you begin the web development process with us. Not knowing what you want and beginning the project will only cause delays and frustration for all parties involved. <br><br> And please note that we say professional web development but always you will pay the prices for independent web developers because are a small web development business of independent freelance professionals. The term "professional web development" does not come with a "professional web development" price as with large web development firms. <br><br> Ginkga Studio specializes in small business web development with the flexibility and understanding and services of a small web development agency but without the overhead of a larger web development firm. <br><br> On the internet web development services can vary from company to company, person to person. Corporate web development is much more costly and complicated and although Ginga Studio can handle almost any sized project, we mostly enjoy dealing in small business because we know the techniques to saving money and providing what small business needs online. We pride ourselves on being more flexible in dealing with small businesses but that doesn't exclude that our team as custom web developers. <br><br> For a complete list of the services we provide and general pricing please visit here --> GINKGA SERVICE CATALOG <br><br> Many of the sites we build are php web development, as we have done with our own website (which is a lot more affordable than you may think!). Call our friendly web page developers at 1-800-621-3984 now to discuss and request a quote for your web development projects. <br><br> eCommerce web developers will ask you more questions than standad web designers so if you don't want to be on the phone answering all of the questions visit the Web Development Planning Phase section and learn what might be expected before we start. Your web page developers are of course always standing by to answer any questions you want answered. <br><br> As for web development outsourcing we would just like to point out how nearsightedly difficult this process is if you don't know what you are doing. Outsourcing has become the rage to try to save a dollar but you are better off trying to save a whale or some endangered animal. As a web development company we would also like to outsource and we would if it where a good way of doing things but as in all business ventures there is a price to be paid for a dollar saved. Outsourcing is no exception to that rule. <br><br> Web page development or design can be as difficult or as easy as you like. When dealing with Ginkga you will be communicating with your own web application developer which means that you will always have the ability to request custom applications be added to your site without having to seek out new web developers for each aspect of your project. This aspect of dealing with Ginkga Studio alone is the greatest single most helpful thing you've discovered all day. Take our word for it! Nothing is more complicated and frustrating as searching for a new web developer that knows and understands your project, knows and understand you and truly has concern for the outcome of your business objectives. In making our commitment to you we also commit ourselves to the fact that if you fail, we fail....and of course we don't want to fail. <br><br> We strive for a personal relationship with our clients over the cold, indirect transaction found on some web developers directory. We know you - you know us - and we like it that way. We know that you are free to contract web developers from anywhere and we hope the personal service you receive with us makes your project a true success and an ongoing relationship between Ginkga Studio and your successful business. <br><br><br><br>

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Ginkga Studio Home of the $500 Web Design has joined on Mar 28, 2009

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Ginkga Studio  Home of the $500 Web Design
Name: Ginkga Studio Home Of The $500 Web Design
Location: Carson City,Nevada,United States
Job Title: Sales / Account Management
Company: Ginkga Studio - Home of the $500 Web Design Online Business Opportunity

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