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Kevin Young is currently living in Kirkland, Washington, working as a President in "Real Estate Shopping Network" and is interested in Real Estate.
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Kirkland, Washington

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Real Estate

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Self starter people who are enjoy real estate investing, deal brokering into various markets and networking.

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Kevin Young has joined on Jan 09, 2009


Kevin M. Young

Kirkland, WA 98034 USA | |-
|Kevin is a serial entrepreneur and experienced business executive |
|bringing forward over 20 years of emerging growth venture expertise |
|whose passion is designing marketing rich business models that |
|prosper. Tempered in the telecom industry, he was instrumental in |
|pioneering the market of pre-paid utilities, phone cards and payment |
|services that today represents over $8 billion in annual revenues. By|
|default the telecom space enabled Kevin to migrate many of his |
|learned skills and contacts into other market segments applying his |
|practices to software, humanitarian relief, agriculture, real estate,|
|Internet services, advertising and media giving him a broad baseline |
|capacity to adapt to any business quickly and effectively. Leadership|
|is priority which he has used to attract teams, investors, partners |
|as well as opinion leaders and luminaries to the business |
|opportunities he has worked within. Often Kevin assumes the CEO or |
|Chairman or Evangelist roles providing the platform that allows him |
|to effectively champion the vision of the companies that he has |
|created or worked for. Public speaking, strategic planning, product |
|development, creative, messaging and branding are elements where |
|Kevin most often brings value to any new venture but more than this, |
|he is an executor and implementer. |

|Innovation and Vision, Transformation and Compassion: |
| |
|With a life plan in place, the objective is to continually work on |
|achieving the goals and plans that can summarize a successful life. |
|Kevin has been focused on business opportunities where innovation is |
|the cornerstone since he started his entrepreneurial career path over|
|25 years ago. Philosophically Kevin understands that technology and |
|originality can enable people to act with better cooperation and |
|compassion to help the overall health of the planet and its vast |
|population. Intelligence and action deliver momentum to all aspects |
|of development thus breaking down barriers and creating new |
|opportunities. |
| |
|Kevin prides himself on his ability to act on three principals: |
|Live outside the box |
|Constantly work to improve quality of life, locally and globally |
|Donate mind share to the greater cause |

|The Branding Foundry, President/Co-founder, Kirkland, WA 98033 | |
|(January 2007 - August 2008) | |
|Directed corporate development and vision of the business. Developed| |
|business model to attract, engage and develop emerging growth | |
|ventures as clients seeking high level marketing strategies to | |
|rapidly build brand mostly through Direct Response Marketing. | |
|- | |
|Young Private Consulting, LLC, President, Kirkland, WA 98034 (March | |
|2004 - Present) | |
|YPC, Inc. provides marketing consulting services to early stage | |
|ventures providing a variety of insights such as business plan | |
|preparation, messaging, branding and communication oversight. Many | |
|clients also enjoy the benefit of investor introductions and | |
|presentations to assist them in the fund raising initiatives. Many | |
|times YPC, Inc. will assume acting management roles until the | |
|clients hire on permanent positions. Many activities associated with| |
|critical marketing development are offered as al Cart services or | |
|bundled a gross fee for hire. | |
|- | |
|CHERRish, Inc., VP Brand Development, Bellevue, WA (January 2008 - | |
|Present) | |
|Structuring the marketing and communications department within | |
|Cherrish to prepare the company for full commercial launch. | |
|Assisting the founder and management in reaching out to various | |
|grower and industry associations within the beverage and natural | |
|juice market space. Assisting the company create business rules | |
|around the organizations goals to build a broad and widely | |
|recognized brand to successfully compete in the rapidly growing | |
|juice markets. Work directly with creative, PR, and agencies hired | |
|to provide effective means to deliver the company's message and | |
|communications. | |
|- | |
|The HMC Company, Partner, Kirkland, WA (2007 - Present) | |
|Kevin met Rowland Hanson several years ago and found his experience | |
|and consulting practice to align with his passion and business | |
|objectives. Realizing Mr. Hanson's successful career and highly | |
|acclaimed achievements, Kevin recognized an opportunity to grow and | |
|be coached while working along side of the HMC team on projects and | |
|emerging growth business opportunities. Through the diversity of the| |
|projects and their goals, Kevin can deliver his vast know-how with | |
|accuracy and conviction providing HMC's clients accurate and | |
|quantifiable deliverables. | |
|- | |
|Nourish the Children, Co-Founder/Chairman, Provo, UT (2003 - 2005) | |
|As Founder of Optimystix Inc. the legacy company focused on locating| |
|socially responsible early-stage ventures with products and services| |
|that could help mankind on a global scale he quickly joined forces | |
|with several others. Within a year they created a joint venture | |
|partnership of a manufacturer of a highly nutrient freeze-dried | |
|humanitarian relief food intended to provide an alternative meal to | |
|rice and other grain solutions for children who were hungry or | |
|malnourished and formed a new venture called Nourish the | |
| As the primary architect of a new business model and | |
|formulary of the team, his passion to deliver upon the promise to | |
|feed millions of malnourished and hungry children was achieved. | |
|Within a year of its birth, Kevin and the team sold the venture to | |
|NuSkin Enterprises that that recruited Lee Iaccoca as the Chairman | |
|of the board where today the company has fed hundreds of millions of| |
|meals to these kids. | |
|- | |
|Gettuit Commerce Technologies, Founder/CEO, Kirkland, WA (2000 - | |
|2003) | |
|Wanting to become the first web based aggregator of rentable | |
|applications and Internet delivered software, Gettuit was formed. | |
|Driving the vision, scope and model he oversaw the early phased | |
|development of the business and was responsible for recruiting an | |
|investor pool of $9m. Building a team of 54 employee's the goal of | |
|the venture was to pioneer an alternative client solution to the | |
|browser that would seamlessly exchange XML code with a variety of | |
|application providers through a new smart work based tool branded as| |
|the WorkEngine. | |
|Realizing the size the opportunity, Kevin was able to attract and | |
|engage with clients such as IBM, Airborne Express and Kinko's | |
|creating strategic relationships that would carry forward the | |
|intrinsic brand of the WorkEngine into their current branded | |
|business solutions. Working with the W3C and interfacing with the | |
|world-wide-web consortium, Gettuit was able to establish itself as a| |
|thought leading market maker whose early technologies help launch | |
|the webs acceptance of leased and rentable software that today | |
|represents a multi-billion dollar industry. | |
|- | |
|World Telecom Group/AmeriVox, Executive VP Business Development, | |
|Mountain View, CA (1990 - 1997) | |
|Served as Executive Vice President of Business Development at World | |
|Telecom Group, where he was instrumental in creating the national | |
|and Canadian sales and marketing strategy for the company's | |
|AmeriVox/CanaVox's branded pre-paid phone card service. WTG, Inc. | |
|was the pioneer of the Pre-Paid industry and was acclaimed as the | |
|preeminent pre-paid solution to compete with enterprise companies | |
|such as AT&T, Sprint and MCI. | |
|Kevin was one of the first people to create a co-venture premium | |
|incentive calling card, a breakthrough strategy that helped the | |
|company sell in excess of $400 million in phone cards over its | |
|seven-year lifespan and launched a pre-paid calling card market with| |
|annual revenues now in excess of $10 billion and growing. | |
|He was instrumental in creating celebrity license agreements with | |
|such entities as the Elvis Presley Foundation, JFK Images, | |
|Quarterback Legends, Beetle Bailey and many other celebrity brands | |
|featured on the AmeriVox phone card collection. | |
|Kevin was a key man in the brand development, messaging and | |
|communications that went out to his team of sales and marketing | |
|executives. Formulating campaigns and ongoing sales plans, his | |
|practices help birth the current industry of Pre-paid utilities and | |
|pay card solutions. | |
|As part of the exit, he help negotiated the sale of World Telecom to| |
|a CLEC telecom provider in California in 1997. | |
|- | |
|Network Communications, Inc., VP Marketing, Seattle, WA (1988 - | |
|1990) | |
|Recruited by a 91 year old entrepreneur, Kevin was inspired to leave| |
|his corporate job at McGraw Hill Publishing and jump into the newly | |
|deregulated long distance telecom industry. Quickly it was evident | |
|that Network Communications was a great idea that had good timing | |
|into a previously uncompetitive market. Because of this, Kevin | |
|quickly adapted his skills to address the need for rapid marketing | |
|and sales development and within a year Network Communications was a| |
|leader in Seattle's alternative long distance markets. | |
|- | |

|BA, Business/English, Washington State University (1982 - 1988) | |
|- | |

|Interests include: Outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, |
|hiking, skiing, boating, mountain and road biking. Wine tasting and |
|cooking and family gatherings. Spending time with his son, wife, |
|parents, siblings and extended family are paramount. Real estate |
|investing, architectural design and interior design combined with |
|remodel transformation are alternatives to his traditional business |
|activities. Snorkeling and scuba in Hawaii is always a default |
|usually accompanying beach time and partying with friends. |


Quick Profile Summary

Kevin Young
Name: Kevin Young
Location: Kirkland,Washington,United States
Job Title: President
Company: Real Estate Shopping Network

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