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Rosa Sanchez is currently living in Los Angeles, California, and is interested in Print Media.
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Los Angeles, California

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Print Media


Opening the Door to Our Love Life
Ofelia Fox and Rosa Sanchez

Immediately after the mainstream media reported the death of Ofelia Fox on January 2nd, 2006, several concerns reached out to Rosa Sanchez; everyone was interested in the details of their personal life. Rosa turned everyone down; their life, after all, was not for public consumption. The Fox-Sanchez hillside home had been a hub for many activities but recounting publicly over four decades of intimacy was not in her plans.
Nosotras, Opening the Door to Our Love Life will see the light this fall, not because Rosa had a change of heart but because Ofelia persuaded her to share with others what she called her spiritual testament which she began in the year 2000 and in which Ofelia expresses her intentions and describes their journey as: thirty nine years of the life of two souls that played the game of love, oblivious of Destinys dirty tricks.
Ofelia Fox, wife of Martin Fox, owner of the cabaret Tropicana of Havana, and Rosa Sanchez, pioneer of the Spanish radio in Miami, writers and partners in love have resided in Southern California since 1964. In the book Women Playwrights of Diversity, a bio-bibliographical sourcebook, by Jane T. Peterson and Suzanne Bennett, published in 1997 they refer to Ofelia Fox and Rosa Sanchez as using theater to promote social awareness having written extensively in both English and Spanish for radio, television and the theater, combining comedy with serious themes, particularly those that affect women and Latinos. In their plays, they bring to the surface homosexuality and AIDS among Latinos, as well as the difficulties encountered by immigrants and their expectations and fears.
NOSOTRAS recounts every twist and turn of their relationship and explains why Rosa is now sharing details of their love life and how Ofelia continues to be part of it.

Los Angeles, California, May 17, 2009.

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Rosa Sanchez
Name: Rosa Sanchez
Location: Los Angeles,California,United States

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Rosa Sanchez
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