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Dr. Kimberly Greenizan, CISM, CBCP, PhD
325 Flett Drive, Airdrie, AB, T4B 1N1


Dr. Greenizan is a results-oriented, entrepreneurial styled individual with
security as a foundation, a Doctorate in Psychology and twenty plus years
of experience in mid to large size organizations dealing with risk
assessments, site assessments, physical and technical security, business
continuity, emergency response and security architectures. He has planned
and managed large, complex projects, from total business continuity and
crisis management to compliance audits such as ISO 17799, Privacy
evaluations, and Sarbanes-Oxley / COBiT gap analysis. His skills include:
. Managing large and complex projects through hands-on co-ordination of
activities and taking a direct interest in mentoring and coaching
project team members.
. Analysis of the risk tolerance of an organization and aligning
security requirements with organizational goals by understanding the
expected business outcomes and focusing on the needs of the client.
. Evaluating the security posture for facilities in both a maritime and
land based operations at high transportation centers and remote
unmanned locations, ensuring that they meet government and regulatory
minimum standards for operations.
. Developing realistic risk scenarios and communicating the features and
benefits of each option to a wide group of stakeholders with a view of
gaining consensus on the best course of action.
. Integrating technologies for the most effective and consistent
monitoring of risk, ensuring best information to support directors due
. Assessing the business risk of each of the scenarios and maintaining a
low project risk profile by proactively anticipating the effects of
people, funding and scope on the project outcome.
. Assessing all aspects of, financial, operational, and project to
ascertain the most effective approach to establishing and maintaining
corporate risk within the risk tolerances of the senior executive.
. Maintaining activities in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves military
police training for emergency response and auxiliary security forces


August 2006 to present

Deputy Commanding Officer - Area Support Unit Calgary {DCO-ASU]
As the DCO for ASU Calgary am directly responsible for the fitness,
training and deployability of all members of the unit. As a minimum this
includes the following:
BASF training and capabilities [Base Auxiliary Security Force]
Emergency Level of Operational Competency ELOC
Weapons and response exercising
Security both physical and technical for all facilities in Southern
Alberta less Suffield

The ASU is the support unit for all military establishment south of Red
Deer with the exception of Suffield. Although maintaining their own
members in a deployable and capable state they maintain, develop and
rebuild the facilities, ranges and training areas in support of Canadian

May 2005 to July 2006

KD Greenizan & Associates Ltd.
Incorporated in 1999 this company has continued to operate in full or
partial activities. During periods where full time employment was
undertaken it remained for the purpose of conducting instructional courses
for such organizations as the Disaster Recovery Institute International,
the University of Calgary, the University of Winnipeg, etc. in the subject
field of Business Continuity and emergency management. This permitted me
to maintain my certifications without impacting the company with training

Trans Canada Pipelines [sub-contract Care Factor 15% Sept to present]
. As a facilitator and coach worked with the TCPL team to review and
evaluate the disaster recovery plans with the intent to test their
effectiveness. Established a program for a stepped stage of testing
from basic component recovery capabilities to partial and then full
DRP effectiveness. This included the training/teaching of Contingency
planning from the basic introduction to full implementation with the
intent of providing knowledge transfer to the team members remaining
. Establishing and exercising the emergency response teams and the
emergency operations center refineries and pipelines.

Alberta Cancer Board [sub-contract Klay Management 20% Nov-Dec 05]
. Worked with the Alberta Cancer Board in conjunction with the Thomas
Baker Cancer Center on the Business Continuity Plans with respect to
patient care and an upcoming move to the Holy Cross Center. This
involved not only the development of needs assessment, BIA and plan
development but also complicated with a planned moved during a
transition from manual to digitized patient care records.

AltaGas [sub-contract Care Factor 25% July-Aug 05]
. As a Subcontractor for Care Factor conducted a business impact
analysis review and strategies development for the business continuity
plans for the head office operations and the IT department of AltaGas.
Options included integration with the other departmental BC plans,
emergency response team development and EOC/ECC requirements.

Arctic Glacier, Winnipeg MB
. Conducted a complete and comprehensive business continuity and
disaster management plan for the IT department with supporting
analysis for the other business units. This was a corporate head
quarters analysis and involved the review of their North American
operations. Full operational redundancy, emergency response plans and
coordination with public authorities was developed to include the
handling of bio-carbon containment and release response.

Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC
. Conducted a detailed threat risk analysis on the communications and
networks for a government department between the several data centres
and the disaster recovery center in the National Capitol Region. This
included full physical, technical and personnel security reviews,
procedures, post orders and security SOPs.

January 2004 to April 2005

Securac Inc., Calgary AB
. Built a COBiT compliance module for the Acertus TM analysis tool.
. Corporate Security Officer for both physical and technical security.
. Content manager for the question library for risk and compliance
comprising of over 3000 questions.
. Establish project plans for risk assessments balancing resource
requirements with the clients preferred timelines.
. Evaluation of marine security regulations and guidelines for inclusion
into the TRA profiles for government agencies.
. Executing physical and IT risk assessments projects of client
facilities including a full physical security analysis and assessment
of a multi-tower facility in Hong Kong.
. Execute compliance evaluations and audits for security, ISO 17799,
Sarbanes-Oxley, etc. using the Acertus TM software tool.
. Train and certify employees in Business Continuity and disaster
recovery to include emergency operation centers, crisis management and
full plan development.
. Facilitate the establishment of business continuity planning teams for
clients consisting of their staff for knowledge transfer.
. Established physical security guidelines and monitored their
. Conducted the certification of the company to BS1799
. Conducted global security analysis and audits.

December 2002 to January 2004

IT Risk Solutions Inc., Calgary, AB
. Director of Business Continuity and Risk Management.
. Program Management and principle consultant for fast tracked Business
Continuity Planning (BCP).
. Designed models for BCP program delivery.
. Developed templates and toolkits for data collection.
. Facilitated workshops with senior and middle management teams.
. Executed a fast tracked BCP/DRP methodology with elements of a BIA,
Risk Analysis and Strategy Design to arrive at a general strategy
design to respond to their pandemic scenario including at time of
disaster (ATOD) response plans.
. Developed executive evaluation criteria for potential solutions.
. Developed security architectures and network infrastructure
. Developed security framework based upon ISO 17799 standards.
. Coordinated vulnerability assessments for operational systems.
. Developed evaluation toolkits for compliance certification.
. Developed methodology for security architectures and ISO evaluations.
. Designed and developed business continuity training programs specific
to a client's business needs and their working environments.

Security Architecture
. Program Manager for the development of a security architecture for
the corporate IT network.
. Based upon ISO 17799.
. Responsible for three direct report subject matter experts (SME's)
in Networks, High-Availability, and Distributed Systems
. Developed a toolkit for the self-examination of system security by
corporate employees. This included both physical and technical
. Established a Sarbanes-Oxley compliance examination methodology and

Canadian Armed Forces Military Police [Regular and Reserve]
[with permission of IT Risk Solutions Inc.]
. Emergency Response for British Columbia Forest Fires
. Established communications protocols and secure communications nets
for deployed response teams at five FSG locations remote to the main
. Directed RCMP Liaison requirements for BC operations.
. Coordination of military police requirements for fire area access.
. Facilitated maintenance of routes, policing and safety during events
at five task force areas.
. Conducted site assessments and evaluations for certification and
accreditation for operation of classified systems.
. Evaluated the INFOSEC boundaries and cryptographic requirements for
classified processing being supported by a threat risk analysis (TRA).
. Coordinated efforts at the emergency operations center for safety and
. Analyzed risk factors daily as part of the management team for the
military police task force.

Hallux Inc
[with permission of IT Risk Solutions Inc.]
. As a team member conducted security audits of several locations for the
Department of Indian and Northern Affairs.
. Audit based upon the government of Canada security policy.

April 2001 to November 2002

TransAlta Utilities Corporation
. Managed TransAlta Utilities BCP efforts and strategies for their data
center and global requirements.
. Directed third party consulting groups in developing, planning,
implementing, and testing a co-location solution for 5 critical
applications (SAP, Citrix, LodeStar, Lotus Notes, Oracle).
. Established a Business Continuity data collection toolkit for business
units to populate. Developed the guideline to assist in the population
. Managed the Co-Location site development from initial declaration of
requirements to final implementation of the Project Plan keeping well
within TransAlta's deadline requirements.
. Developed business unit access plans for 10 departments enabling them
to access the co-location site remotely at time of a disaster.
. Developed a declaration process to initiate disaster recovery and
Business Continuity plans.
. Established exercise scenarios and test plans and conducted several
tests to ensure the workability of the plans under varying
. Exercised the emergency response teams in a disaster scenario.
[project completion November 2002]

Energy Marketing [concurrently with TransAlta - for Transalta]
. Established a backup system for the energy marketing team continuous
access to the marketing platform under adverse circumstances.
. High availability [<2 hours] requirements were required for this
. Established communications requirements between primary and alternate
. Develop BC plans and procedures for system switch-over
. Established emergency response requirements
. Built the declaration criteria, procedures and dependency matrix for
the system. This included the review and implementation of regulatory

January 2001 to April 2001

Cyberun Corporation
. As a senior security SME conducted several risk assessments and
security evaluations for Cyberun company clients.
. Evaluated and developed security policies and procedures for use of
their security product.
. Researched and advised on security products and developments that
might enhance or detract from their software development environment.
[with Nortel stock failure Venture Capitol was withdrawn and company

July 1999 to January 2001

KD Greenizan & Associates Ltd

Y2K Projects [carried to summer 2000]

. Nike Portland Oregon
. Novartis Pharmaceuticals Lincoln Nebraska
. Syndata Technologies Newark, New Jersey

Canadian Western Natural Gas [25%]
. Conducted site assessments of several facilities.
. Evaluated full areas access from perimeter security to geographical
risk factors to routes and route safety
. Evaluated operations for critical functions
. Evaluated business process flows
. Detailed residual risks and single points of failure
. Provided strategies and options for future consideration

HealthCare [15%]
. Conducted workshops and planning sessions with the following health
care groups:
. Kaiser Permanente in California
. Headwaters Regional Health Authority
. Palliser Regional Health Authority

April 1992 to July 1999

Computing Devices Canada

. Proposal manager for various Secure Messaging developments that required
multi-level secure processing.
. Proposal Manager and System Architect for Military Messaging System for
the Republic of South Africa, which included the interoperability of
X.400 and SMTP systems with full groupware capabilities from a single
user agent. This included the development of a security architecture, an
operations specification and system functional specification. This was a
multi-million dollar program where CDC has been evaluated as the best
technical solution if expensive.
. Proposal Manager and Security Engineer for the X.400/X.500 messaging
system for the Province of Ontario. This included the management of
several sub-contractors, their areas of responsibility, input to RFP
documentation, development of specifications and document profiles. This
multi-million dollar proposal was short-listed and evaluated as
technically compliant.
. Program Manager for the integration of the Low Level Air Defense System
with the Tactical Message Handling System, a $3.2M program. This
included the delivery of several technical papers, a design document and
test and qualification procedures and results. It also included the
development of an Interface Control Document (ICD) between a dynamic and
a static addressing system for secure messaging in a tactical
. Security and Technical lead for the Military Message Handling System
Proof of Concept to develop a secure message handling system that will
interface with multiple systems. This system included multi-level secure
gateways with mandatory access controls and interoperability with old
legacy networks. It also required a full study of PKI options and
interoperability of such devices as disk, link, and overlay encryptors to
provide various levels of security on a particular document within the
system network.
. 5 + years as a member of the INFOSEC Engineering team, Communications
System Division of Computing Devices Canada. Responsible for the initial
correlation of the overall system security architecture and the proactive
review of the security requirements that was derived from that
architecture with the aim of achieving an accredited end product.
. Member of the Business Process Review team for Disaster Recovery. The
duties are still ongoing and require the redefinition of the objectives
and redesign of the disaster recovery plan.
. Security Engineer for the development of a filter for a cryptographic
device embedded in a radio system. This included work from concept to
design to implementation.
. Security Engineer on the development of the KMU and its associated
Security documentation such as the FSRS, CV and SFA requirements, Key
Management Plans and interoperability. Worked with a team on risk
analysis and trade-offs for the development of this unit. This is the
development of a crypto key generating device by a sub-contractor. This
effort is coordinated with the PMO and CSE.

March 1983 to April 1992

Canadian Armed Forces - Regular Component
"As a member of the regular component and then the primary reserves I have
maintained my standards of training, instructed and continue to participate
with the reserve forces. I have over thirty two (32) years combined
service to date."

. D Secur Ops 4 - ADP and computer certification and accreditation group
for the inspection, audit, security and architecture analysis of all
classified processing systems within the Canadian Forces especially
including those handling NATO and Allied classified material.
. Analysis of the INFOSEC boundary and the encryption requirements for
transmission of sensitive and classified information between Allied
. NERT team 2I/C for CFB Esquimault and Vancouver Island
. BASF - BDF Team Leader
. Deputy Base Security Officer HMCS Esquimault the Canadian Forces West
coast naval base responsible for the management of security forces for
Canadian as well as allied naval and military forces.
. Naval landing and Boarding Party Commander


. PhD in Psychology Berne University
. Masters of Psychology Berne University
. BA Geography University of Manitoba
. Certified CPTED II [Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design]
. Certified Instructor Red Cross Society - 2004
. CISM - 2004
. Certified Instructor St John Ambulance - 1996
. Certified Instructor for DRI International - 1996
. CBCP - 1993
Instructor Experience
. Canadian Armed Forces Military Police Reserves
. Instructor/Monitor and Founder of Airdrie First-Aid Brigade
. Instructor with the Disaster Recovery Institute Canada
. Instructor with Canadian Red Cross
. Instructor/Monitor with St. John Ambulance Volunteer Brigade
. Adult continuing education University of Calgary
. Instructor and course manager for Canadian Forces Police Academy
. Taught workshops on Risk and Site Assessments for IQPC
. Conducted Seminars for TTC


. Information Systems Audit and Control Association
. Alberta Security Forum
. Disaster Recovery Institute Canada
. American Society for Industrial Security
. Security Professionals Information Exchange Calgary
. Disaster Recovery Information Exchange
. International Police Association
. Canadian Military Police Association
. Canadian Society for Industrial Security

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