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Ester De Guzman is currently living in Philippines,.
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Cover Letter Please Review

Barry Bauman
107 Trailview Dr, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, N2N 1P7

Phone: (519) 741-1332 Email:

I approach you today in the hope of establishing a business relationship, a
contract position, or a long term employment opportunity with your company;
I believe we both would mutually benefit from such a union.

I have been in the innovation industry for most of my life and have had my
innovations appear on the world stage for review many times. Case in point,
my latest technology was flown by Coca Cola to Belgium for a world
innovation conference, were it came out on top and was authorize for proto
type completion and field trials in their North American unit. I have spent
many hours with the Coca-Cola hierarchy, their contractors and engineers in
both leadership and hands on rolls maturing the technology for the field
trials, these trials have since been completed. This work required a fair
bit of international travel which I found very enjoyable; as a result of
these experiences I have no problems continuing on with this type of work.
It is nice to know that if done properly a single individual without
corporate support has the ability to bring forward with one of the largest
companies in the world their innovations.

Prior to Coca Cola and for some 15 years I fulfilled the roles of an
innovation designer, software designer, millwright, maintenance mechanic,
Quality Control inspector, Micro lab technician, and plant manager for a
food production plant in Waterloo Ontario. In performing these tasks I have
aquired a unique skill set, which is not available at any educational

I have over the years been complimented many times for exceeding the skills
sets of many types of Professional Engineers (P.Eng and Bsc.) millwrightes
etc. I have developed a unique ability to maximize employee work yield when
placed in an overseeing or project management position. As my education may
not denote engineering, buisness administration or project management I
have excelled in these fields with distinction for years. I have always
believed, innovation does not originate from one field or skill set but
many. Many of these skill sets can only be aquired through experience in a
variety of fields as I have done. I have always believed that beyond study
and instrumentation there is instinct and common sense. These can not be
taught however can be honed over time through experience.

After starting BarryCo Technologies in 2004, I have continued to increase
my skill sets to include legal issues, government interaction, arbitration,
accounting, environmental clean up, real-estate dealings, and many others
I take great pride in my ability to work with manufactures and engineers in
diverse disciplines efficiently to draw out the best of these people. My
methods greatly enhance the productivity, innovation and benefit the
greater good of technologies. I have learned over time that creating
innovation, R&D or cutting edge technologies of any type successfully
requires a multitude of disciplines in a team environment, and a project
manager / overseer well versed and open to the evolution of these
technologies. Generally the people in the technical disciplines do not
conceive of cutting edge innovation; however they are instrumental in
maturing it. This is one of the areas I have excelled at over the years,
conceiving, guiding and improving technology.

Further information about me or my abilities can be accessed from my
website or

Please feel free to review some my patents and applications on my resume or
at the link below.

My knowledge base is vast; as a result I can with confidence, merge in to
virtually any environment with ease.
I would also like to learn through experience from your organization the
intricacies that make you unique in your field. Furthermore I have the
ability and the wish to aid you in becoming even better in your endeavors.

Your consideration is greatly appreciated. I would be pleased to discuss
with you in further detail specific elements of my background,
qualifications, and future interest with respect to your requirements.

Barry Bauman

Enclosure: Resume

Barry Bauman

107 Trailview Drive
Phone (519) 741-1332
Kitchener .Ontario Page 1
Cell (519) 716-4332
N2N 1P7 E-mail

Technological Innovation, Improvement and Maintenance Professional

I am an experienced Technical Support Specialist with diversified
experience in maintaining, repairing and improving many types of
manufacturing machines and systems. Providing technical support and
developing innovative solutions in alignment with business objectives.
Proven success in project management: combined experience in strategic
planning, quality control and team leadership with solid qualification and
experience. I am a tenacious problem solver continuously seeking effective
solutions to complex problems; with excellent troubleshooting skills in
mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic platforms.
Millwright / Engineering duties including all facets of building
infrastructure repairs and maintenance, including but not limited to HVAC,
5 stage diesel augmented high pressure fire suppression systems, varying
alarm and monitoring systems and complete manufacturing line installation,
repair, maintenance, upgrading and removal.

Technical Proficiencies

Experienced supporting: ( Microsoft Windows (98, NT, 2000, XP Pro) ( Office
2000-2003 ( Peripherals ( Network troubleshooting
( Pallet Wrapping Machinery ( Heat Shrink and Sealing
tunnels ( Tray forming and box erecting technologies (
Micro lab testing ( Ultraviolet and ozone sterilization (
Electrical and Propane forklifts ( DC and AC variable
speed Conveying systems ( High temperature liquid process
line Sterilization systems
( Comprehensive fabrication and assembly knowledge ( Hands
on prototyping experience using manual machine tools and
fabricating equipment ( Screw and Piston compresses and air
dryers ( Furnaces from 1,000,000 BTUs to unit heaters.
Additional Equipment: ( Welding Arc and Mig ( plasma cutter ( lathe (
milling machines ( metal benders ( metal shears ( cutting
torches ( various methods and tools for cutting metal and

Professional Development

( I have over the years been complimented many times for exceeding the
skills sets of many Professional Engineers (P.Eng and Bsc.)
( Microprocessor control systems and realtime interfasing course (
Digital Electronics Upgrading and Course Evaluation
( High school graduate with proficiency award in electronics

Professional Experience

BarryCo Technologies Inc, Kitchener, Ontario 2004
to Present
President and Sole Proprietor (Self employed)

( Under BarryCo Technologies I advise and consult to the board of
directors of 11 independent companies
( Arranged corporate sales for clients in the 10\'s of million dollars

( Major team member of a design development team with one of the
worlds largest companies (Coca Cola).
( Designing my own technology, the technology was shown in a world
innovation conference in Belgium;
Technology received the go ahead for multiple prototype completions
and field testing in the North American unit,
Technology recently past field testing.
( Design, writing, and implementation of Software
( Deployment of various intellectual properties enhancements to other
client\'s patents and operations
( Completed several implementations computer hardware upgrades for
clients both business and personal
( Demonstrated repair techniques to service equipment from various
( Developed confidential relationships with clients and provided
exceptional customer service along with meeting
the expectations of the clients
( Supported and assisted the management team responsible for
corporate infrastructure support.
( Deployed projects, and implementations to the corporate Quality
Assurance, Development, and Production environments

Barry Bauman

107 Trailview Drive
Phone (519) 741-1332
Kitchener .Ontario Page 2
Cell (519) 716-4332
N2N 1P7 E-mail

Laurel Springs Water Corp, Waterloo, Ontario 1989
to 2003
Director of Plant Operations / Production / Maintenance / Quality Control /

( 15+ Years experience in supervisory and hands on roles
( Hands on leading of all facets of production and plant operations
( Designed and constructed production aids, specialty tools and
testing fixtures to maximize product throughput
( Millwright / Engineering duties, maintenance and installation of
all types of equipment including building infrastructure
( Mechanical research & development, prototyping, construction,
committing to Cad drawings the designs
( Troubleshooting issues with Vendors to resolve technology issues,
with all forms of machinery
( Monitored and resolved issues with corporate infrastructure
( Maintained operational requirements to meet production level
agreements in a critical 7x24 environment.
( All facets of Computer related requirements including software
design and programming.

Laurel Springs Water Corp Recalled under BarryCo Technologies Inc
2007 to 2010

( Recalled by the principals of Laurel Springs Water Corp to close
down and disposed of all assets including machinery and the building
in a timely and efficient and profitable manner.

Regal Construction Ltd, Kitchener, Ontario 1987
to 1989
Construction Forman

( Hands on Foreman (preformed labor with the men)
( Preformed residential and commercial construction (all facets)
( Heavy equipment operator and rebuilt heavy equipment
( Duties framing, plumbing, roofing, electrical, dry walling, steel
studs and wood etc

Sweda International (Division of Litton Industries), Kitchener, Ontario
1980 to 1987
Senior Electronic Service Specialist

( Computer repair, hard drive alignment, optical scanner repair
( Chip level repair, Hardware repair, mainframe maintenance, laser
reading technology
( Company initiated course evaluating for other employees preformed
this item tree times
( R-Dos programming and machine code diagnostics

Patents and Publications

Patent\'s 6149031, 6352174, 6902084, 2433369, 2311835, 2245276, 2523082 --
Other Patents pending

Further information about me or my abilities can be accessed from my
varying websites

Hobbies and Interests

Robotics, beer brewing, auto repair/rebuilding, programming, social
networking, proto typing, wood carving, metal machining, CNC, metal
casting, rapid prototyping, supply IT services for friends and more.....

Groups I Belong to: Inventor and Patent Owner Group, Inventors\' Network
Group, Innovator\'s Club, Innovative Product Exchange

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Ester De Guzman
Name: Ester De Guzman
Location: Philippines

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