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Tamberlee Scheer working as a Work at Home 4 Income and is interested in Work from Home.
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Work at Home 4 Income

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After working / marrying into is more like it, a family owned Construction Company for over 25 years (29 now to be exact) I had enough Construction. Put my tool belt up long ago. Yes, I did help on the jobs from time to time and I learned a lot and I learned that Construction is hard work. From day one, I have always done the Accounting. So after years of Accounting for this family owned business, I again had enough and ventured out on my own. Never said anything to anyone about it for the longest time. Having never worked online, put an ad online, talked to people online or know my way around online, I took One Big Step. That being ... "Going after something I knew nothing about" ... "Working Online". I learned the hard way on a lot of things. Things that you don't hear about until it happens to you. One thing comes to mind and that is signing up for programs that promise you way more than you will ever get. Charging you way more than what you originally just paid if you want to make the big money. Of course you never see this until you join a site and paid a small fee. Refunds? HA, been taken many of times. I joined SFI back in 2008 and this would of been my last stop looking online for work. Each and every program I tried and paid for all asked the same thing ... Referring people to the site or making sales. Both of which I knew nothing about. SFI gives you step by step on how to get started. Without this I would not have gone as far as I did. What I have learned in SFI has helped me with other online business's. I am now on the top leader boards in SFI because I refused to have something I knew nothing about stop me. First, I made a goal and that goal paid off. I am still learning and of course. I do this by making goals. One at a time. Each goal you reach ... reward yourself with another goal to reach. These are easy words to type and these are easy words to say out loud and some of us actually have to work at this and keep telling ourselves this .... "Never, Never Give Up". "Do not let ANYTHING or ANYONE stand in your way of success" "Only You Have The Key". To everyones success Tamberlee

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Tamberlee Scheer
Name: Tamberlee Scheer
Job Title: Work at Home 4 Income

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