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About Latasha Ursin

Latasha Ursin is currently living in Atlanta,, Georgia, working as an Independent Demonstrator in "Gold Canyon Candles" and is interested in For the Home.
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Job Title

Independent Demonstrator



Atlanta,, Georgia

Categories of Interest

For the Home

My Interests

I am interested in continuing to work as a school counselor along with boosting the sales on my independent business.

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LaTasha Ursin has joined on Dec 01, 2008


LaTasha Quenshay Ursin

101 Waterford Place
Atlanta, GA 30342

Home (404) 705-0409, Cell (951) 217-6753

To obtain a school counselor position in the area of Atlanta, GA .

California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB)

San Bernardino, CA
Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling, 72 Credit hours
Graduated 2002

Tuskegee University

Tuskegee, AL

Bachelor of Social Work, 150 Semester hours
Graduated 1995
San Bernardino High School
San Bernardino, CA
High School Diploma, 220 Credit hours
Graduated 1990

American School Counselor Association (ASCA) #92413


Marietta City Schools
250 Howard Street Marietta, GA 30060
Supervisor- Lisa Burton, 770-422-3500
Substitute Teacher
Provide in class instruction to students in a K-12 school setting
when their teachers are not available. This position is on an as
needed basis.

C5 Youth Foundation
2500 Windy Ridge Parkway Atlanta, GA 30339
Executive Director - Jeff Cohen, 770-200-8965, email -;, Contact Supervisor - Yes
Residential Camp Counselor
Inspired high-potential youth from risk-filled environments to
pursue personal success, and prepared them for leadership roles in
college, work and their communities. Encouraged these youth to
maintain C5 five mission statements which are to be character
driven, community-focused, challenge-ready, college-bound, and
committed to a better future.

California State University San Bernardino Educational Counseling
5500 University Parkway San Bernardino, CA 92407
Supervising Professor - Dr. John Winsalde, 909-537-7312, email -, Contact Supervisor - Yes
Guidance School Counselor Intern
04/06- 04/08
Counseled students in order to help them understand and overcome
personal, social, or behavioral problems affecting their
educational endeavors. Maintained accurate and complete student
records as required by Counseled laws, district policies, and
administrative regulations. Conferred with parents or guardians,
teachers, other counselors, and administrators to resolve
students' behavioral, academic, and other problems. Identified
cases involving domestic abuse or other family problems that
affected students' development. Encouraged students and/or parents
to seek additional assistance from mental health professionals
when necessary. Evaluated students' performance, behavior, social
development, and physical health in order to report any
discrepancies to other school officials.

Family Health and Support Network

74-410 Hwy 111 Ste #D Palm Dessert, CA 92220
Executive Director - Sandra Austin Ponders, 760-304-2442, email -, Contact Supervisor - Yes
Foster Family Agency Social Worker
08/02- 02/07
Provided social services and assistance to approximately 15 foster
children in the ages of 0 to 18 years. Developed and reviewed
service plans in consultation with the foster children. Performed
follow-ups in order to assess the quantity and quality of services
provided. Collected supplementary information in order to assist
these foster children such as employment, records, medical
records, and/or school reports. Evaluated the individual program
plan for the foster children on a semi-annual basis.

Rialto Unified School District

182 Walnut Avenue Rialto, CA 92376
Assistant Superintendent of Personnel - Dr. Benjamin Davis, 909-
820-7700, Contact Supervisor - Yes
Education Assistant
Provided educational assistance to students with special needs.
Observed students' performance, and recorded relevant data to
assess progress. Discussed assigned duties with classroom teachers
in order to coordinate instructional efforts. Distributed tests
and homework assignments, and collected them when they were

California State University San Bernardino Educational Counseling
5500 Unviersity Parkway, San Bernardino, CA 92407
Supervising Professor - Dr. Joesph Turpin, 909-537-5680, email - , Contact Supervisor - Yes
Vocational School Counselor Intern
Monitored and recorded disabled individuals progress in order to
ensure that goals and objectives were met. Prepared and maintained
records and case file including individuals personal and
eligibility information, services provided, narratives of
individual contacts, and relevant correspondence. Arranged for
physical, mental, academic, vocational, and other evaluations for
assessing individual needs and developing rehabilitation plans.

State of California
San Bernardino, CA
Clear Pupil Personnel Services Credential - PPS #08008454

Available upon request

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LaTasha Ursin
Name: LaTasha Ursin
Location: Atlanta,,Georgia,United States
Job Title: Independent Demonstrator
Company: Gold Canyon Candles

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LaTasha Ursin
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