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Deirdre Shinault is currently living in Richvale, California, working as a Thomson & Shinault Sales in "Anderson Rice Farm" and is interested in For Sale, Home Based Biz, Med. DevicesPharma, Real Estate.
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Thomson & Shinault Sales



Richvale, California

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For Sale, Home Based Biz, Med. DevicesPharma, Real Estate

My Interests

I am looking to sell items here that I have at the ranch ( which is a rice farming ranch). Not only are we selling this beautiful ranch home that has been in the Anderson family for amost a 100 years and was built by my great grandfather and my grandfather, but also all the rice farming land that goes with the ranch. This ranch is located 2 1/2 miles out of Richvale California and is the very last ranch going out west. It is a prime location due to just the plain and simple reason that there is no more building of any sort to be built any where near here just because it is not permitted by state law. It is also in the Richvale Hunting Area. We have duck blinds here near our ranch on our land and also at the other land site we own out at GRACO which is prime location due to the fact that it is located near a flyway. Also that part of land we have out there we have partial ownership t a duck club. I have many items for sale- 1984 Ford Bronco, 3 wheel go-go cart, also a Jazzy Select Ultra Deluxe, Antiques, farm equpment and much more.

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Deirdre Shinault has joined on Nov 29, 2008


I have been the sole caretaker of my grandmother for the past 8 years.
She recently passed away due to a terrible car accident in August of 2007.
I myself have broken my back due to another terrible car accident and I am
going to be going in to have a major surgery coming very soon.

Due to my grandmothers passing away, my family (which are my mother, aunt
, and uncle) have decided to sell all the rice land and the ranch where I
have been living these past 9 years. This ranch has been in the family for
almost a 100 years, and no other blood has been here but the Anderson

I have been asked to move on, and since this is all taking place I have
also been asked to sell a lot of the items here at this ranch, so this is
what I am doing these days before I have to move on. It is a way sad
thing for me, it actually makes my heart bleed and I am crushed that the
family has decided to do away with this beautiful place which my
grandparents worked so hard all their lives for.

I have been given permission from the trio (my mother, aunt , and uncle) to
sell all that I can. So this is just a part of my story, and why I am here
on this site to try and do just that --- sell items.

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Deirdre Shinault
Name: Deirdre Shinault
Location: Richvale,California,United States
Job Title: Thomson & Shinault Sales
Company: Anderson Rice Farm

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Deirdre Shinault
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