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Katie James is currently living in Australia, and is interested in Advertising & Media, Affiliate Program, Consulting, Entertainment, Environmental Services, Fashion, For the Home.
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Advertising & Media, Affiliate Program, Consulting, Entertainment, Environmental Services, Fashion, For the Home

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More than interest its my desire to connect with writers, builders, furniture manufacturers, health and beauty products that are environmentally friendly and preferably organic, we have too many chemichals and waste clogging up the earth and our bodies, minds, friendships, relationships, if you manufacture furniture bedding soft furnishings that are of highest quality, I would love to hear from you. Whatever service or product you may have that reflects my business please contact me for affiliate association on similar. Do you write great copy, contact me if you'd love to offer you skill Are you a web designer again contact me but first read my website content thoroughly

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Katie James has joined on Sep 22, 2008


Tantra Living Lifestyle Mentoring & Massage is an Exploration of the Senses
My life is about empowering relationships on all levels read the Sexual Transmutation a chapter from Napoleon Hill\'s best seller since 1940\'sbook \"Think and Grow Rich page on my site

Tell me, Ill forget. Show me, Ill remember. But involve me and Ill understand.
- Chinese Proverb
Here we explore your feelings following is a Poets Advice his name is E.E. Cummings
I have taken his words - I loved them so much because they truly represent my work and wish to credit him for expressing this part for me. The following is what he says
\"A lot of people think or believe or know they feel-but that\'s thinking or believing or knowing, not feeling. And poetry is feeling-not knowing or believing or thinking.
Almost anybody can learn to think or believe or know, but not a single human being can be taught to feel.
Because whenever you think or you believe or you know, you\'re a lot of other people but the moment you feel, you\'re nobody-but-yourself.
To be nobody-but-yourself--in the world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else--means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting.
Where can Tantra take you?
Tantra we let go of the conditioned intellect, and move beyond what is expected with confidence, remove the fight by identifying the resistance and expand into incredible expansion of consciousness, waking up your partner hormones.
Tantra massage is just a beginning to a remarkable journey of exploration of the senses that enhance every aspect of your life.
Tantra is a deeper understanding of sexual energy, what if we taught our children the energy of sexuality rather than just the birds and the bees, what a different world would we have?
Sexual energy is our life force is in our every cell
Sex cells are T-cells according to Taoist teachings; we are born of a sex cell and remain that sex cell multiplied, according to Taoist teachings if we could tap into this powerful resource to do that we need to tap into our female energy the energy of birth, creativity, nurturing, protection and creation of life.
This female energy is also available to the male, with the right contact and awakening of the Kundalini Energy, enthusiasm, abundance of health wealth, great relationships is born.
When this energy is realized then it requires direction, finding the right guidance and establishing the environment that includes friendships as well as our surrounding and work options is critical for most people. Because when the new power is discovered then it need to be harnessed.
Sexual energy is like any other gift, perhaps like music
I was a pianist, I was great, but without a teacher to direct me challenge me supporting me, no way could I have passed all the exams, there is no way I would have exercised my fingers by practicing scales every day to up to 2hrs, that is not counting perfecting the musical presentation, I could play the piano for 4 hours and still be wanting to play more, it was challenging, I began my studies at 9yrs of age, we did not even have a piano, (as migrants, we had limited financial resources, we prioritized, yet somehow could do more because of values, I guess like the Asians its, its all about not losing face presenting the best side of you to the world around them) I used a friends piano for the first year, yes, I visited them not to just play with their children, but to play the piano, that required focus) then my parents purchased a second hand piano, I loved it, soon I was invited to support a dance class in their performances, then invited by piano teacher to teach piano at the age of 12. We are limiting ourselves and our children; all we need is to create the environment for possibilities
We are all gifted; all we need is the opportunity to grow.
Tantra is about growth and channelling your sexual energy into all tasks of your life, yet it is often just associated with just the bedroom activities, therefore limiting our joys and creativity and potential of fulfilling our dreams in relationships, career, self esteem, and even health, happiness, and joy generate healthy cells.

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Katie  James
Name: Katie James
Location: Australia

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