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About Melanie Gonzalez

Melanie Gonzalez is currently living in West Covina, California, working as a Non-Traditional Shaman and is interested in Affiliate Program, Energy, Gifts / Accessories, Health & Beauty, HospitalityTravel.
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Job Title

Non-Traditional Shaman


West Covina, California

Categories of Interest

Affiliate Program, Energy, Gifts / Accessories, Health & Beauty, HospitalityTravel

My Interests

I am recruiting students to become Apprentices under myself or and my Master Shaman. I teach the classes that Walks With Thunder has taught in Puget, Washington. These classes are to help you find and own your own power and learn how to walk in your power to better your life with empowerment.

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Melanie Gonzalez has joined on Sep 18, 2008


About Melanie

At Age 5.....

I had realized how different I really was from the rest of the world around me. I have been seeing Earthbound Spirits for over 25 years now. And although brought up in a strict religious belief, I always knew the truth was out there and someday I would leave my parent's faith to follow my own.

I have now come into my own light, and accepted the psychic gifts that I have. Many have labeled me as an empathic psychic, a natural healer, and a spiritual counselor.

Although I have been crossing over spirits for a long time now, I know there is so much more for me to do in this lifetime. My goal is to reach as many individuals as possible and help them to finally come into their own light. We are all capable of having and utilizing "psychic" gifts. It is our natural state as Spirit, but we tend to forget as we live through our mundane lives as humans in this lifetime.

As a natural healer, I utilize these special gifts when I send you gemstones and/or crystals when you buy from me. I will invoke my healing powers and intentions (specific for your situation) on the stones or crystals you order from me. My powers will be added onto the already empowering magick that these gems and crystals behold. Many feel an immediate shift in energy, space, mind, and body when they receive my package(s). Read about it here: Testimonials.

What I want for you-

I want to be your helping hand, a friend, a mentor, the support that you need to help you along your righteous path. I know that I would have had a much better childhood if I had someone to teach me at five years old, that everything was okay, Spirits are nothing to be afraid of, and to embrace my psychic/intuitive gifts! But I didn't. Only in my late 20's did I finally seek out like minded people, teachers, mentors, classes, and workshops. And now, I am absolutely thrilled that I am not alone in this world! My life has changed completely, now that I am getting to know how to really work with my gifts.

I continue to attend workshops, classes, do research, so that I may share with all of you what I have learned. I do not believe in "keeping the secret" and using it to our own advantage. My hope is for the world to rise to its highest consciousness for all. (Yes, I can dream, can't I? )

I have helped so many people in their lives without them knowing I "read" for them while I offer my intuitive advice. I seem to attract all kinds of people, even strangers. I'm like a magnet for people, they feel comfortable with me and just start to open up. And these are the moments I treasure the most because you have chosen me to give you the support that you need.

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Melanie Gonzalez
Name: Melanie Gonzalez
Location: West Covina,California,United States
Job Title: Non-Traditional Shaman

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