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Iftikhar Ul-hasan is currently living in New York, and is interested in Education, Electronics.
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Iftikhar Ul-hasan

Utilize my skills in chemical mechanical planarization (CMP)
processing, wafer-scale metrology and advance materials
characterization and analysis developed during my Ph.D. research to
establish and advance a career in the semiconductor industry as a
process/R&D engineer.

. Ph. D. in Nanoscience & Nanoengineering (expected October 2008)
College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering, State University of
New York, Albany, New York. (G.P.A. 3.5/4.0)
. M. S. in Physics, (Dec 2002), Department of Physics, State
University of New York, Albany, New York. (G.P.A. 3.6/4.0)
. M. Sc. in Physics, (June 1996), Punjab University, Lahore. (Grade:

Related Work Experience
Graduate Research Project Assistant, College of Nanoscale Science &
Engineering, University at Albany, SUNY (Sept 2006 to present)
Responsibilities include:
. Design and implementation of experiments to develop, characterize
and optimize FEOL and BEOL CMP for 200mm and 300mm wafer
. Formulation, characterization and optimization of base line
slurries for Cu, dielectric and STI CMP for fundamental
investigation of the CMP process.
. In-depth microscopic, topographic, compositional and morphological
characterization and analysis of CMP-process Si wafer stacks, CMP
pad materials and nanoparticle abrasives.
. Management, operation, maintenance and repair of 200mm and 300mm
CMP tool sets (Strasbaugh 6DSSP and Strasbaugh 6EG).
. Assist in recipe entry, observation, and operation of Ebara FREX
300-S 300mm CMP tool.

Graduate Teaching Assistant: Physics Department, State University of
New York, Albany: (Sept 2004 to Sept 2006)
Responsibilities included:
. Grading for Advanced Classical Mechanics and Advanced
Electrodynamics for graduate students.
. Management and instruction of undergraduate physics laboratory
sections (electronics and mechanics labs).
. Tutoring and grading for undergraduate Mechanics, Optical,
Electricity & Magnetism, Electronics and Astrophysics courses.

Research Assistant: Physics Department, State University of New York,
Albany: (Summer 2002)
Responsibilities included:
. Experimental and theoretical research for the development of solar

Lecturer in Physics: Govt. T.I. Post Graduate College, Punjab: (Aug
1997 to Aug 2001)
Responsibilities included:
. Instruction, grading and proctoring of exams for M.Sc. Physics
courses (Electrodynamics, electronics and Basic quantum mechanics)
to Graduate Students.

Related Research Experience and skills:
Doctoral Dissertation in CMP:
Research experience involves exploring fundamental aspects of Chemical
Mechanical Planarization (CMP) used in integrated circuits\ (IC)
. Investigation and development of CMP processing and slurry formulation
based on aggregate-resistant alumina and silica nanoabrasives for
copper, barrier layer, and dielectric polishing on 200mm & 300mm
blanket and patterned wafers.
. Proficiency with design-of-experiment (DOE) based approach for CMP
process development.
. Proficiency with the operation, maintenance, configuration, and repair
of 200mm CMP tools (Strasbaugh 6DS-SP) and 300mm CMP tools (Strasbaugh
. Experience with 300mm CMP processing of blanket and patterned Cu BEOL
structures on a Ebara(FREX-300S) CMP tool.
. Proficient in the evaluation and investigation of nanoparticle
abrasives transport, retention and agglomeration in rotary CMP pad
. Proficient in the hands-on utilization of macro/micro/nano
microscopic, spectroscopic and topographic characterization and
metrology tools for analysis of processed 200mm and 300mm wafers.
. Proficient in the use of End Point Detection methods for Cu/TaN
barrier CMP.

Other Research Experience
Ph.D. Candidacy Exam Research
. Micro-electrochemical and micro-cantilever-based fast response,
inexpensive, highly selective and sensitive biosensors
o Fundamental mechanisms and device configuration studies for
enzymes, proteins, antibodies and DNA-based electrochemical and
mechanical sensing, including
. Electrochemical based biosensors, ion-sensitive field
effect transistor (ISFET), Cu@Au alloy nanoparticle labels
based for electrochemical stripping detection and Magnetic
bead- based sandwich DNA hybridization detection.
. Cantilever based biosensors, demonstrated sensitive to
single mismatch in DNA hybridization

MEMS/NEMS Class Project
. Grating Light Valve devices. Micro-and Nano-Electro-Mechanical Systems

o Design and Fabrication of MEMS/NEMS including a comprehensive
introduction to architecture design, process flow, fabrication,
packaging and testing
Ph.D. Summer Research Project
. Solar Cell
M.Sc Thesis Research Project
. Measurement of the energy distributions of fast Neutrons (Ra-?-Be
source) by using scintillation detectors
Project related to graduate level physics course requirements
. Rutherford backscattering (RBS) Spectroscopy and analyses on few
stacked samples
. X-rays Spectroscopy with Collimating Polycapillary x-ray optics

Materials Processing, Tool Ownership and Analytical Skills:
1) CMP, 300mm Ebara (FREX-300S)
2) CMP, 200 mm, Strasbaugh 6DS-SP Tool
3) CMP, 300 mm, Strasbaugh 6EG Laboratory Planarizer
4) SEM, Scanning Electron Microscopy, LEO 1550 SEM & Hitachi S-4000 SEM

5) ESEM, Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy, FEI NanoSEM 600 E-
6) EDS, Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy , LEO 1550 SEM
7) XPS, X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy, Thermo VG Scientific Theta
8) RBS, Ruther Ford Backscattering, Dynamitron Accelerator
9) Profilometery, KLA Tencor Alpha-Step 500 Profilometer
10) AFM, Atomic Force Microscopy, Digital Instruments Nanoscope IV SPM.
11) Spectroscopic Reflectometery, KLA Tencor UV1080
12) Thickness measurement of Cu and TaN, Signatones Four point probes
13) Detailed "Trouble Shooting" Experience with 200 mm CMP Tool,
Strasbaugh 6DS-SP
14) Experience with
. KLA RS100 (Resistance/thickness measurement for Cu)
. KLA HRP (Profilometry 300mm wafers/films)
. TOPCON-SP1 (defects and particle checks)
. LEICA Microscope for Visual defects inspection
. Electrical Probe made by TEL (In line Electrical testing for
15) Fast Neutron Spectroscopy by using Scintillation Detector
16) Wire bonder, spin coater, spin rinse dry system
17) X-rays Spectroscopy with Polycapillary x-ray optics
18) Experience working with
. `Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy on the polished 300mm patterned
test structures
. Dual Beam Cross-sectional analysis on the polished patterned
test structures
19) Experience in Class 1 capable cleanrooms (200mm/300mm wafer
facilities) at Albany Nanotech/CNSE, Albany.
Software skills
. SiView (MM Client and SM Client), L-Edit TM Layout Editor V 7.12,
intelliSuite's 3D Interactive Builder, Casino (monte carlo simulation
of electron trajectory in solids), CITZAF (ZAF corrections for EDS),
Scion Images, Origin and Microsoft Office

Scientific Conferences/Publications
Oral Presentations
. "Spectroscopic and Topographic Investigations of Nanoparticle
Abrasive retention in Polyurethane CMP Pads for Cu CMP", Iftikhar, Ul-
hasan, Robert E. Geer, MRS Spring Meeting, California, April 09-13
. "Nanoscale Control and Analysis of the CMP Process; A case study:
Investigations of Nanoparticle Abrasive retention in Polyurethane CMP
Pads Post-Cu CMP", Iftikhar, Ul-hasan, Christopher L. Borst and Robert
E. Geer Levitronix 2007 CMP Users' Conference, February 15, 2007.

. "Spectroscopic and Topographic Investigations of Nanoparticle Abrasive
retention in Polyurethane CMP Pads for Cu CMP", Iftikhar, Ul-hasan,
Robert E. Geer, International Conference on Planarization/CMP
Technology, ICPT, Foster City, California, October 12-13, 2006.
. "Spectroscopic investigations of slurry retention in Polyurethane CMP
Pads for Cu CMP," Iftikhar, Ul-hasan, Robert E. Geer, 10th
International Symposium on CMP, Lake Placid, 2005.

. "Spectroscopic and Topographic Investigations of Nanoparticle Abrasive
Retention in Polyurethane CMP Pads for Cu CMP", Iftikhar, Ul-hasan,
Robert E. Geer, Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. Vol. 991 2007 Materials
Research Society
. "Nanoparticle Abrasive Retention in Polyurethane CMP Pads," Iftikhar,
Ul-hasan and Robert E. Geer, to be submitted to the Journal of The
Electrochemical Society.

. S&T TROSS Scholarship, MOST, Pakistan (2001)
. Certificate of Merit, Government College, Pakistan (1996)

Selected Course Work (Ph.D.)
. Material Science: 1) Integrated Circuits Manufacturing, 2) Sci & Tech
of MEMS/NEMS, 3) Electron microscopy, SEM, 4) Solid State Physics, 5)
Physics of Semiconductor Devices, 6) Electron Diffraction and
Spectroscopy (TEM), 7) Particle Solid Interaction, 8) Mechanical
properties of Materials, 9) Experimental Techniques (RBS, X-ray
. Others, Physics: 1) Advance topics in theoretical Physics, 2) Quantum
mechanics III, Quantum Mechanics II, 3) Advance Classical physics II,
4 ) Advance Classical Physics I, 5) Mathematical Methods in Physics B,
6) Mathematical Methods in Physics A, 7) Statistical Mechanics

. References will be provided upon request.
251 Fuller Road, CESTM
College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering (CNSE), Albany Nanotech,
University at Albany-SUNY, Albany, New York, U.S.A, NY12222

35 Eliot Ave
Albany, NY 12203
Cell Phone: 518-253-3605

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Iftikhar Ul-hasan
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