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Dairel Freeman is currently living in Dayton, Ohio, working as a Monavie Distributor in "Monavie Health & Fitness" and is interested in Health & Beauty.
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Monavie Distributor



Dayton, Ohio

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Health & Beauty

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Would like to contact people Interested in Haelth Foods, Alternative medince, Healthy living and wanting to build a strong Emmune system to help the body heal itself and introduce them to a new product that can do all this and more.... It Is Called "MONAVIE ACTIVE" that contains The Acai Berry & 19 other Fruits that is Called World's # 1 Super Food.

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Dairel Freeman has joined on Sep 07, 2008


Hello EveryoneI Hope Every one is doing well todayI am Sending This E-Mail To All My Friends And Family to In form them about a new product that i have personally tried and I believe is helping me very much.As some of you know I suffer from Arthritis in both of my knees and lower back .About 6 weeks ago I had a spell in my left knee and could not walk I went to the ER at Kettering Hospital In Dayton Ohio where they took X-rays and said that I had a Torn Carthage and severe Arthritis in there and made me an Appointment with a Specialist then put me on crutches and sent me home to wait till my appointment.The specialist gave me a cordizone shot and made me an appointment for a MRI and sent me home. The Cordizone Shot Helped some. I went for my MRI test then back home to wait for my next appointment with the specialest. The specialist said that the Mri Showed That I had A torn Cartridge and Arthritis in my Knee and said He Wasn't sure if it was the torn cartridge or the Arthritis causing the painand said that I was looking at Knee Replacement Down the road gave me another Cortisone shot and another Appointment to see him in October and Sent me home to wait. When I found Monavie . I have tried 2 bottles and am on my third bottle know. Guess what ? I am Now Up Walking Again Still have some pain but not as bad as when i could not even walk. I Don't Know If MonaVie will cure anything all know is that it helped me and I am going to keep using the product .I became a Distribitor so i can keep on using the product and buy it at a wholesale price and if can make a bussiness out of it and turn a profit that is a plus for me.All I ask Of you is take a look at the product , check it out as i did go to YOU-TUBE type monavie and watch some of their videos and if you are interested PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME OR GO TO MY WEB SITE AND BUY OR SIGN UP. my ID:1438962Thanks For Taking The Time to read this God BlessHere are some facts about the acai used in MonaVie and the MonaVie products that make it a high-quality acai
> product:
> 1. The MonaVie products and its acai have been validated through science:
> - The freeze dried acai used in MonaVie has been the subject of three published, peer-reviewed,
> scientific studies
> - MonaVie Active (the finished product) has had its antioxidant capabilities supported by a
> randomized, placebo controlled clinical study (the gold standard in human research)
> - This scientific research confirms that by consuming the MonaVie products, you will see a noticeable
> benefit to your health
> 2. MonaVie uses 100% Pure Acai (freeze dried and pulp)
> 3. Our products contain freeze dried acai and frozen puree (pulp) that are processed within 24 to 48
> hours to maintain their nutrient composition
> 4. The freeze dried acai used by MonaVie is patent pending
> 5. None of the acai used in MonaVie is air dried or spray driedthese processes significantly
> reduce the antioxidant quality of acai
> 6. MonaVie products are made under strict GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) established by
> the Food and Drug Administration
> 7. MonaVie products are tested by independent laboratories to guarantee quality, purity, and
> freshness
> 8. MonaVie Active and Original have been tested by the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) to
> ensure they are free of any banned substances
> 9. MonaVies acai is processed in an ISO 22000 certified facility to help ensure its superior quality
> 10. MonaVie products are AIB (American Institute of Baking) certified and approved
> 11. They are HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) compliantanother method
> implemented to ensure safety and quality
> 12. Our juice products are made in a FDA certified bottling facility

Mona-VieTaste it Feel it Live ID: 1438962

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Dairel Freeman
Name: Dairel Freeman
Location: Dayton,Ohio,United States
Job Title: Monavie Distributor
Company: Monavie Health & Fitness

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Dairel Freeman
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