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Sachin Soni is currently living in Windsor, Ontario, and is interested in Marketing.
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Windsor, Ontario

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376 Askin Avenue
Windsor, Ontario N9B 2X2
Tel: (519) 991-0716


To obtain a challenging position that utilizes my superior marketing skills


University of Windsor, Windsor, ON
Bachelor of Commerce Honors Business Administration
Bachelor of Computer Science (General)
August 2008
Major: Marketing and Computer Science

- Ability to work with others in evaluating and developing marketing
- Provide leadership in achieving the organizational set goals.
- Develop a marketing plan for new markets.
- Develop tactics for advertising and direct marketing.

- Microsoft Office 2003, Lotus 1-2-3, SPSS, Adobe Photoshop
- Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux,
Unix: Solaris Sparc, MS DOS
- Languages: C, SQL, HTML, XHTML, Java, J2EE (Servlet, JSP)
- Database: Oracle

Relevant Experience

All the relevant experience obtained while working in groups of four to
five people.

Marketing Strategy and Planning
o Scope of this course was to understand the market and that the
marketer has to stand by their decisions to gain the maximum profit.
o Developed the overall strategy including the advertising, research &
development and sales force expenses.
o Achieved the highest earnings per share in our industry in the Compete
Simulation game. Achieved forecasted sales, working capital, inventory
and earning per share successfully.
Retail Marketing Management
o Scope of this course was to find opportunities and recognize the
issues for the Kingsville Business Improvement Association.
o Conducted personal interviews for determining issues important for the
Kingsville BIA to improve their business operations and increase
shopping frequency in the retail district.
o Provided feedback from the interviews and suggestions that could be

Research Methods in Marketing
o Scope of this course was to forecast the demand and acceptance of the
increase in parking rates after construction of the new parking
o Used analytical methods to improve the efficiency of the university
parking lot services and determining the acceptance of a new increase
in parking rates through electronic survey.
o Analyzed the results of the survey using statistical programming for
social sciences through cross-tabulations.
o Provided feedback on the results of the survey and suggestions for
setting new parking rates.
Consumer Behavior
o Scope of this course was to understand the behaviour of consumers
after experiencing emotions from different forms of media.
o Used statistical programming for an analysis on the perceptions of
consumers to a series of emotional sequences in advertisements.
o Measuring the impact of different sequences by using samples from the
university student population.
o Formulated a report on the findings from the experiments. Recognized
the differences in using a variation in the sequence of emotions for
different media.
International Marketing
o Scope of this course was to understand the differences in business
practices in different countries.
o Research conducted to formulate a country notebook on Switzerland for
a cultural, economic, market and competitive market analysis. Created
a preliminary marketing plan for the launch of "Just a Drop" an odor
neutralizer consumer product.
Advertising Management
o Scope of this course was to understand the issues that have to be
taken into consideration before advertising a product through
different mediums.
o Analyzed a national advertising campaign for understanding the
strategy used by BMW car manufacturer for launching their MINI car in
North America and the reasons for their success in doing so.
o Recognized the success of their personal customization campaign that
was targeted at the North American market.
Proctor, Odette School of Business, Windsor, ON, 2007
. Responsible for proctoring exams
Polling Clerk, UWSA Office Elections, Windsor, ON, 2005
. Provided courteous service to voters
. Responsible for the counting votes and checking of the vote count

Community Involvement

Member of AID India Charity Organization, Windsor, ON, 2005-07
Provided assistance in holding a food drive and sold food items with
proceeds going to charity.

Participated in Annual Polio campaign, New Delhi, India, 2003
Went to rural villages and informed the people of the free vaccine
provided. Personally gave polio vaccine to infants.

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Sachin Soni
Name: Sachin Soni
Location: Windsor,Ontario,Canada

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