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Roberta J working as a Piercing God in "Aihhands" and is interested in Print Media, Products.
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Piercing God



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Print Media, Products

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Story Behind the Book for sale: "If there is a God, let me pierce his heart...then I'll know." At 14 Joseph Cabner has nothing to live for. His past is scarred by an abusive mother and apathetic father who abandoned him at 7. Left with his Uncle Brian, Joey finds himself drowning in a lonely world. Why cant ANYONE see him drowning? Where is God? In Brians weak attempt to restore his youth group, he plans a trip to Glisten Mountain. While he hopes to teach the scattered group values, the drastic separation sends Joey spiraling further. Hes trapped. In a rash decision, Joey kidnaps his brother to escape his uncle and his life. When a sudden flash flood washes them down the mountainside though, Joeys outlook turns to despair. Somehow he must survive and get his brother back to safety before they become victims to the elements and mountain predators. Losing blood and too far away to be heard, Joey sees his demons and fate collide. For so long he wished to die, now his life was ending. Sensing his eternity drawing near, Joey finds himself on a mountaintop dying with his little brother praying at his side. Will God show up? Can His heart be pierced by a life that hates Him? The answers lie in the dark battle for Joeys life and soul.

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Roberta J has joined on Jul 10, 2008

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Roberta J
Name: Roberta J
Job Title: Piercing God
Company: Aihhands

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Roberta J
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