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About Lester Reynolds

Lester Reynolds is currently living in Los Angeles, California, working as a Record label Executive in "Strive Records" and is interested in Entertainment.
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Record label Executive



Los Angeles, California

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LESTER G. REYNOLDS--Recording Artist/Actor/President Strive Records

Physical Characteristics: Gender: M Age Range: 25 - 50 Height: 71" Weight: 150lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue
Body Type: Average/Slim Waist: 36 Hips: 36 Bust/Chest: 46
Portrayable Ethnicities: Caucasian/White Tattoos: Extensive
Coverage-Upper Body
Special Skills: Motion Capture, Green Screen, Voice Over, Character Actor,
Weapons Expertise, Self-Defense, Stage Combat, Sword & Gun Play,10yrs
U.S.Army Combat Training, Stunts, Low Falls, Squibbs, Demolitions and
Explosives, Motorcyclist and Defensive Driving Training.
|Film |Role |Director/Company |
|Motion Capture Project |Motion Capture |Robert Zemeckis/Arjun |
|Send In The Clones |Performer |Rihan |
|The Post Grad Survival Guide|John Meechum |Barry L. |
| |Prisoner |Caldwell/SafeHouseFilms |
|American Dreamz |Evacuee |Ivan Reitman/FoxAtomic |
|Reign Over Me |Psyche Patient |Paul Weitz/Universal |
|Honor |Crime Lord |Pictures |
|Still Waiting(Sequel to |AutoThief |Mike Binder/HappyMadison |
|Waiting) |Bouncer |Prods. |
|The Last Stand |News Cameraman |David Worth/Honor Films |
|Maximum Cage Fighting |Strip Club Patron |LLC. |
|The Metro-Sexual |Cook |LionsGateFilms/MJG |
|The Duke's |Party Guest |Productions |
|The Boys and Girls Guide to |Leafgon |Russ |
|getting Down |FBI Agent |Parr/UpToParrProductions |
|City of Darkness |Hertel Jr. |Gerson Sanginitto/MCF |
|Way of Infamy |Ep#3(V.O.)/Ep#8 |Prods. |
|Dog Logic(Tony Nom-Filmed |Mr. Bland |Adam Kaufman/KingsRoad |
|Scene) |Damien |Prods. |
|The Refugees |Corrections Officer|Robert Davi/DooWopProds. |
|The Resume | |Paul Sapiano/Concrete |
|Exposed |Bob |Images |
|Brookes |Doctor /Cop-V.O. |Gino |
|World of Warcrap |Robert |Dudley/NewCityVibeProds. |
|What Comes Around |Drug Addict |Kevin Senzaki/USC College|
|The Surprise |The Voice of | |
|3rd Date Rule |"Woody" |CalebWilson/BrooksInstitu|
|Film Noir-Toy |Brad |te |
|Story(Disney/Pixar) |Charlie |T.Rosemore/OutofNowhereFi|
|To Paradise |Que |lms |
|Dirty Green |Corporal |Bruce Burton/Mt.Sierra |
|The Adventures of Noah Sife |Eddie |College |
|V.2 | |Adam Watson/USC College |
|Tin Soldier | |Jason Tyler/USC College |
|Gray Area | |Gabriel |
| | |Perez/Mt.SierraCollege |
| | |JeromeBerglund/USC |
| | |College |
| | |Kevin Scott Cannon/USC |
| | |College |
| | |James Muthuuri/USC |
| | |College |
| | |Kelli Johnson/USC College|
| | | |
| | |Kevin Senzaki/USC College|
| | | |
| | |Gabriel Perez/Mt. Sierra |
| | |College |
| | |Noah |
| | |Seifullah/AONS-Prods. |
| | |Jerome Berglund/USC |
| | |College |
| | |Jack Alexander/USC |
| | |College |
|Television | |Director/Network/Company |
|Ugly Betty (episode: I'm |Paparazzi |Wendey |
|Coming Out) | |Stanzler/ABC/Touchstone |
|Shark (pilot) |Juror |Spike Lee/CBS/Imagine |
|Raines (ep: Closure) |Internet Predator |Guy Ferland/NBC/Universal|
|All of Us (ep: The N Word) |House Guest |Will Smith/UPN/Warner |
| | |Bros. |
|Bernie Mac Show (ep: |70's Party Guest |Victor Nelli |
|Spinning Wheels) |Tattooed Client |Jr./Fox/Regency |
|How I Met Your Mother(ep: | |Pam Fryman/20th Cent Fox |
|The Platinum Rule) | | |
|The Shield (ep: Of Mice and |Gang Banger |Gwyneth |
|Lem) | |Horder-Payton/FX/Fox |
|The E-Ring (ep: Toy |Pentagon Police |John |
|Soldiers) | |Showalter/NBC/Bruckheimer|
|My Name Is Earl (ep: Broke |Beauty Pageant |Lev L. Spiro/NBC/20th |
|Joy's Fancy Figurine) |Critic |Cent Fox |

|Other (crew, stand-in, | |Director/Producer/Company |
|etc.) | | |
|Shark (Pilot)1episode |Stand In: James |Spike Lee/Brian Grazer/CBS |
| |Woods | |
|Red (feature film) |Stand In: Tom |Lucky McKee/Chris |
| |Sizemore |Sivertson/Red Films |
|Ugly Betty (Season |Stand In: Utility|Various/Various/ABC-Touchstone|
|One-22episodes) |Male | |
|Pass It On (music video |Crew |James Parriott/Diane Cary/ |
|workshop) |(Grip/Camera/Art)|Dennis P. Zine, L.A. City |
| | |Councilman |

Actor Bio:
Lester G. Reynolds was born on August 23, 1970 in the small town of
Kingsport Tennessee. He is the oldest of 3 children, born into a very
simple family. He developed a deeply rooted love for Music, and the
Performing Arts, at a very young age, and after enduring life's many
hardships, and challenges, found himself in Hollywood, California. Lester
truly pours his soul into his work, and the affinity he holds for his
craft, is truly a breath of fresh air. He is a true professional, dedicated
to excellence, and the undying dream to simply be creative. He lives and
breathes to explore new creative heights, and no one works harder to be the
absolute best that anyone has ever seen, than Lester. His impeccable work
ethic, dedication, and humility, make him a valuable asset to any project,
as he is a true joy to interact with.
Lester G. Reynolds is a genuinely, gifted, and compelling Actor, who
possesses the ability to deliver a stirring performance so heartfelt, that
it is sure to be etched in the sands of time forever.
He truly gives all of himself to the craft and art of entertainment, and
fully understands what a true Blessing it is to be able to pursue your
dreams, and passion, with your entire God given ability.
"Nothing is Impossible If you only Believe". Author: Lester G. Reynolds

English with an authentic, natural, Southern Accent, that can be controlled
as character dictates.

Accomplished Country Singer/Songwriter - Member Nashville Songwriters
Accomplished Rap Artist/Hip-Hop Writer/Producer - Independent Release: Da
Chill Factor, BLZ Records
Accomplished R&B Songwriter
8-years Drama/Theatre/Choir/Public Speaking
4-years Creative Writing- High School and College
3-years Medical School - Pre-Pharmacy
2-years Highway Construction Demolition Training - Electric and Non
Electric-Munitions and Explosives
10-years Military, U.S. Army, Training: Survival, Anti-Terrorism, Hand to
Hand & Close Quarters Combat

Special Skills:
Comedian, Character Actor, Motion Capture, Green Screen Acting, Voice Over,
Singer/ Song Writer,
Stage Combat, 10 years U.S. Army Combat Training, Self-Defense, Weapons
Expertise, Motorcyclist, Stunt Play

Other Skills:
Screenwriter, Aspiring Film Producer/Director

Notes of Interest:
Lester is an individual whom God gave an extraordinary talent. Lester grew
up on the East Coast, where he was born and raised in a very abusive home.
He knew at an early age that he was meant to do great things, what he
didn't know was the price he would have to pay. Life has never been easy
for Lester and he became a survivor at a very early point in his pre-
adolescence, that ultimately, forced him to fight for his goals and dreams.
Throughout his various endeavors, he eventually suffered a traumatic
injury that left him fighting for his very life. After a long struggle and
a true miracle from Heaven, Lester made a full recovery. Shortly after, he
endured a very heartbreaking divorce that marked the end of a 12 year
relationship. His two young Daughters were taken from his primary custody
and he has not been afforded the opportunity to talk them, or to see them
for many years, because of his ex-wife. Lester took everything he had left
after his divorce, which were the clothes on his back, and God's talent,
and he boarded a bus to Hollywood, California where he now lives, trying
with all his heart and soul to use his talents not only to better himself,
but to re-unite with his Daughters and insure they have a stable future.

Lester does not have formal classroom training, he has received his
training on the battleground of life.
He has experienced every emotion to the utmost degree, known to the human
race. He has suffered every manner of abuse and abandonment. He has been at
deaths doorstep and rang the doorbell. He has been completely homeless, and
penniless, and he has lived on the streets both on the East Coast and West
Coast. He has had his very flesh and blood taken from his loving grasp, and
could do nothing to stop it. He is fighting now the only way he can, with
the very talent God gave him at birth. No classroom on the planet could
ever replicate what Lester has experienced and he brings every bit of that
organic emotion into every role he portrays. For Lester, his work is always
real, because he doesn't have to try and understand what the character is
going through, he has already lived it.

Quick Profile Summary

lester reynolds
Name: Lester Reynolds
Location: Los Angeles,California,United States
Job Title: Record label Executive
Company: Strive Records

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