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Lisa Herd is currently living in Oregon, and is interested in Communications, Computer Hardware, Consulting, Electronics, Energy, Internet / IT, Manufacturing, Telecommunications.
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Communications, Computer Hardware, Consulting, Electronics, Energy, Internet / IT, Manufacturing, Telecommunications


Lisa D. Herd

Irrigon, OR 97844
Home: (541)571-7824

Work Experience
March 2007- Present, Security
US Army Chemical Materials Agency, Hermiston, OR 97838
Performs a variety of duties designed primarily to protect Government
property from sabotage, espionage, theft, fire, damage, and destruction.
Controls access and egress of personnel and material entering and leaving
restricted installation areas. Performs foot or motorized patrols of the
installation's most sensitive areas. Operates a number of different
automotive vehicles (e.g., 4-wheel drive pickup trucks, 9 passenger carry-
alls, sedans, light weight tactical vehicles). Detects and observes any
unusual or abnormal conditions, assesses situations and institutes
emergency procedures by radio and telephone. Acts to prevent further
destruction/loss of property, protect people, or overcome and apprehend
persons that precipitated the emergency. Inspects facilities containing
hazardous materials with special emphasis on sensitive or vulnerable areas.
Responds to alarms and/or telephone/radio calls by determining and taking
appropriate action. Monitors Security Communications Systems such as Closed
Circuit Television (CCTV), Operates Intrusion detection systems (IDS) ICIDS
III, and operates facility wide radio communication system. Lock & key
accountability. Logs data from shift activities in journal & forms for
official records according to Guard Orders and Army Regulations.
Coordinates shift personnel from radio dispatch desk. Insures that Chemical
Surety measures are implemented according to Army regulations. Conduct
vehicle and personnel inspections for prohibited items according to UMCD
Security Post Instructions (SPI); provide access control through entry
control facility (ECF) into Chemical Restricted Areas (CRA).
Security Clearance

October 2003 - March 2007, Treaty Specialist Contractor,
STEM International, Inc.
Maryland, 21017
On rotating shifts performed daily functions for Weapons of Mass
Destruction (WMD) at Umatilla Chemical Weapons Demilitarization Facility
(UMCDF) and Umatilla Chemical Depot (UMCD) under the Chemical Weapons
Convention Treaty (CWC), U.S. Army regulations: AR 190-59; AR 380-67; AR 50-
6, U.S. Government laws, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), and Defense
Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) standing operating procedures (SOP). Protect
life and property of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical
Weapons (OPCW) Inspectors and maintain control at all times during entry,
exit, and inspection activities at UMCD and UMCDF. Process requests from
the OPCW Inspectors to Inspected State Party (ISP) with relevant Treaty
reference information; CWC, Facility Agreement, etc. Implement DTRA
procedures during shift activities according to DTRA SOP. As Shift lead;
maintain daily logs, seal logs, document registries, electronic files,
process notifications, control access to Host Team & Inspection Team
Offices, assign duties, and direct phone communications. Participate in all
treaty sampling activities, including Treaty Lab procedures and observing
lab tests on samples. Assemble Entry Control Roster (ECR) for
authorization, prepare photos & picture badges, and assign serial numbered
badges for inspectors. Complete Entry Processing Checklist with certifying
signatures from each authorized official, submit supporting documentation
to Identification and Registration (I&R) Office to facilitate access for
visitors and new personnel. Conduct vehicle and personnel inspections for
prohibited items according to UMCD Security Post Instructions (SPI);
provide access control through entry control facility (ECF) into Chemical
Restricted Areas (CRA) at UMCD and UMCDF of personnel, vehicles, and
property to prevent crime, protect life and property. Search and secure
buildings and property against intrusion, theft, sabotage, espionage, etc.
Enforce security measures to protect personnel and property, using law
enforcement and security techniques to enforce rules, regulations, and
laws. On rotating shifts patrol an assigned area on foot to account for
locks and seals, by serial number, on secured surety doors, gates, and
munitions in CRA. Insure that national security interests are secure from
espionage, subversion, and elicitation. Limit contact of CWC Inspectors
with all local personnel in accordance with DTRA policies, procedures, and
the CWC. Maintain familiarity with the operation of cameras, monitors, and
advisor screens used in inspections. When issues, anomalies, and accidents
occur conduct investigations, collect facts for oral & written reports.
Transport CWC Inspectors in all weather conditions to site, lodging, and
limited travel area destinations. Review the inspection and verification
activities of the teams (host team & inspections team) to ensure that
inspections satisfy Treaty compliance requirements and meet administrative
requirements of both Treaty and U.S. Government policies. Reviews OPCW
Inspection Team requests for data/information and recommends/forwards the
request as appropriate and in compliance with treaty requirements. Provide
Support DTRA escort team during routine monitoring missions including
administrative, transportation, and/or labor support. Has knowledge of the
mission, instructions, procedures, and operations of an organization in a
hazardous industrialized environment, i.e., chemicals, chemical weapons,
industrial equipment and/or ammunition, in order to recognize, evaluate,
explain, and enforce safe entry and escort of inspectors within a chemical
weapons disposal environment.
May 1998 - October 2003, Homemaker, 100 hrs/wk

September 1997 - May 1998, Personal Assistant/Caretaker/Security,
Circle Bar Ranch
Ironside, OR 97908
Assisting in daily duties, administration, and clerical activities.
Recording livestock data. Using, cleaning, and configuring veterinary
equipment used to administer to animal health conditions. Pathogen control,
chemical sterilization of equipment, and personal protective equipment.
Provide access control to posted property, during hunting season conduct
traffic law enforcement on access roads through private property, account
for locks and keys for all locks, on rotating shifts patrol an assigned
area on foot or vehicle, prevent crime, conduct investigations, fire watch,
hospitality for guests, bank deposits, driving ranch vehicles/equipment,
logging calls, filling grocery orders, and using commercial radio systems.

none, Blue Mountain Community College, Pendleton, OR, Business
Administration, n/a

Diploma, Stanfield High School, Stanfield, OR, High School, 1990

Additional Information
12 GAGE Shot Gun FAM; 4th Amendment Search & Seizure, 5th Amendment -
Confessions and Admissions, Constitutional Law Overview, Article 31 Miranda
Rights, Evidence and Narcotics, Protect a Crime Scene; Adversary Threat,
Adversary Groups, Adversary Motivation, Adversary Tactics; Small Unit
Combat Tactics Day and Night; Antiterrorism Tactics; Agility Test; AR-190-
59 Security Refresher; Army Traffic Safety Program; Army Values; UMCD
Orientation; Chain of Command; Flag Salute Report; ASAP; Authority and
Jurisdiction Acknowledgement, Authority and Jurisdiction, Law Enforcement
Liability, Multicultural Law Enforcement, Police Ethics and Deviance,
Military and Federal Justice System; Basic Training Graduation Certificate;
Blood Born Pathogen Training; Chemical Agent Recovery Plan; Recapture and
Recovery Operation; Defenses Against Chemical Riot Control; Protection
Against Chemical Attacks; Identification of Chemical Agents; Chemical
Surety; Circulation Control; Conduct Interviews, Interrogations &
Investigation; Constitution Day; CPR; Crimes Elements Parties and Defenses,
Emergency Reporting Requirements, Defensive Tactics, Handcuffing; Duress
Code; Emergency Generators; Environmental Concerns; Evaluation and use of
intelligence; Explosive Threats, IED's, Respond to a Bomb Threat; Fire
Extinguisher; First Aid; Force Protection; Functions of DA Police & Guards;
Gate Barriers; Guard Orders & Specialized Orders; Hazardous Materials Waste
Refresher; Hazardous Waste Determination; HAZCOM Training; HAZWOPER and
First Responder Awareness Level; Initial IDS Training; (ICIDS III)IDS
Operator Specialized Training; Interaction with other Agencies; Lock and
Key Control; M113 Familiarization and Maintenance, Gator Training Safety
And Operations; M-16 RIFLE; M-9 PISTOL; MEVA's; National Incident Command
System 100 FEMA; National Incident Command System 200 FEMA; No Fea; Non-
Lethal Impact Munitions, Riot Control Riot Baton Operations, Crowd Behavior
and Dynamics; Officer Safety and Communications; Operation and Use of
Communications System;
Operations in a Restricted Area - Personnel ID Entry and Access Control -
Access to Umatilla Chemical Depot; OPSEC/SAEDA; Personnel Recovery;
Physical Fitness & Nutrition, Law Enforcement Mental Conditioning and
Survival, Motivation of Security Personnel, Stress and Stress Management;
Physical Security Overview, MEVA's, Physical Security Threats; Plant
Systems Description Admin(UMCDF); Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH);
Radar Training; Respond to a Hostage Situation; Respond to a Rape; Respond
to an Alarm, Rules of Evidence, Search a Building, Search a Vehicle,
Package and Material Control; SAW FAM; Security Awareness & Vigilance,
Reduce Vulnerability to Security; Security Command and Control; Security
Forms; Security Vehicle Driving, CVOC Training; Site Defense Plan;
Specialized Equipment; Standards of Conduct; Traffic Control, Pursuit and
Vehicle Stops, Secure a Traffic Accident, Traffic Accident Reports;
USE OF FORCE, Rules of Engagement; Weapons Safety Brief; Operations
Security Training; Counter Elicitation & Subversion Training; UMCDF/CMA
Consolidated Annual refresher training; Hazardous Waste Operations and
Emergency Response; First Aid; Adult CPR & AED; Plant Systems Descriptions
3 Day; DTRA Demilitarization and Orientation Course; Slips, Trips & Falls
Prevention; Prevention of Sexual Harassment; Freedom of Information Act;
Antiterrorism Level 1; Annual Ethics Training; Records Management; DoD
Information Assurance Awareness; Protecting National Security Information;
Intelligence Oversight Awareness; DTRA Escort Standing Operations
Procedure; STEM Security Awareness Briefing; Site Treaty Briefing; Drivers
Safety Course.

Type 40wpm, automated data processing (ADP); Windows XP Pro & Home,
Microsoft Office 2003, digital sender, Microsoft Outlook. Multi-line
phones, Audio & video equipment, fax, copier, Electronics repair tools,
computer hardware maintenance, information research, web applications &
design, recordkeeping, computer setup, safety equipment. Familiar with
various firearms.

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Lisa Herd
Name: Lisa Herd
Location: Oregon,United States

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