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Lynda Rushton
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About Lynda Rushton

Lynda Rushton is currently living in Wawa, Ontario, working as an Extreme Team in "Liberty League " and is interested in Home Based Biz.
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Job Title

Extreme Team



Wawa, Ontario

Categories of Interest

Home Based Biz

My Interests

I Wanted to take charge of my own life and not have a boss hanging over my shoulder every time I turn around. I also wanted to spend QUALITY time with my family and to TRAVEL when I wanted. This company gave me the chance to do all of these things and more. Now I have charge of my own life and I can do all the things I've ever wanted to do without wonder any more.

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Lynda Rushton has joined on Jun 20, 2007

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Lynda Rushton
Name: Lynda Rushton
Location: Wawa,Ontario,Canada
Job Title: Extreme Team
Company: Liberty League

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Lynda Rushton
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