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About Roberta Vittozzi

Roberta Vittozzi is currently living in Winter Park, Florida, working as a Withishelp in "FreeLife Live It!" and is interested in Health & Beauty.
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Winter Park, Florida

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Health & Beauty


Roberta W. Vittozzi
639 St. Johns Ct.
Winter Park, Florida 32792
Phone: 407.677.5583 Mobile: 407.462.6386

Utilize my computer skills in research
with a company that offers potential for advancement

Windows 2000/ Office Professional XP
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Outlook
Landata Inc.
Data Trace, Inc.
Sidwell Tax Maps
Computer Scanning & Faxing
Fast Search/ Investigate Names
Searching through Chicago Title & Attorneys Title
ATIDS (Automated Title Information Data System)

Researcher: December 2006 to October 2008
Gather Data of foreclosed properties from the and the website. Once the mortgage files have been extracted from the civil division and the decedents personal information from the probate division, the cases are entered unto and website on a daily basis.

Barnes Walker Title, Inc., Bradenton, FL.
Title Examiner Trainee: May 2005 to October 2005
Performed name and address searches for buyer and seller. Used the tax
collector and property appraiser website to retrieve a root deed
through the clerk of court to confirm the buyer/borrower and seller,
real estate taxes and personal property taxes. Entered all data into
Double Time program. Used ATIDS ( Automated Title Information Data
System ) to enter, update and print property and client search
information. Used Microsoft Access to locate, change and update files.
Used Excel to create a directory of notaries of the United States.
Opened propel ( document retrieval program )to create master folders of
subdivision and condominium documents, then print documents for the
examiners. Made a chart in Microsoft Word for business and title
insurer contact information. Alphabetized address labels and filed
cancelled checks in number order. Have an overview of the process of
title examining using the Attorney's Title Insurance Fund software.

First American Title Insurance Company, Warrenville, IL.
Real Estate Title Searcher: May 2000 To December 2002
As a real-estate title searcher, I have used Microsoft outlook to
receive and send info. to other in office
employees regarding perspective customer applications for title
insurance. I have experience with use of data
entry, use of Microsoft word where I performed manual tax and name
searches. Also use of the fax, copier, tax
maps to perform request on customer address for further research and
investigation. Ordered documents of
mortgages and deeds through Chicago Title company via both through
email and telephone. Performed further name
and property histories through Internet access with company title
program called Fast Search on the web;
program originates in company home office located in Santa Ana, CA.
Also have experience in telephone
communication with lenders where concerned with multiple circumstances
relating to customer application.

ATIDS, Double Time Seminars, Attorney Title Insurance Company
(The Fund), Sarasota, FL.
Learned technique of entering data for home owner's title policy
insurance. Each tab specially designed to hold personal client
June 2005

First American Title Insurance Co., Customer First Work Shop,
Warrenville, IL.
Certification. In this workshop, a group of employees from the
surrounding title insurance offices, exchanged opinions of what we
considered as the ideal situations for good and not-so-good customer
February 2001

Drake State Technical College, Huntsville, AL.
Introduction to computer aide drafting and psychology.
June 1990

Ferguson High School, Newport News, VA.
Courses studied and completed geared for college entrance, included of
creative writing, journalism, English composition, mathematics,
Spanish, chorus and science.
June 1977

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Roberta Vittozzi
Name: Roberta Vittozzi
Location: Winter Park,Florida,United States
Job Title: Withishelp
Company: FreeLife Live It!

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Roberta Vittozzi
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