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Renate Schedl is currently living in St. Leon-Rot, Germany, working as an Internetentrepreneur in "DYSAK MyBestMarket" and is interested in Affiliate Program, Education, Software & Services.
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St. Leon-Rot, Germany

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Affiliate Program, Education, Software & Services

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I'm interested in succeeding with my plans and get it all done and settled properly. Especially I'm interested in a method to create days with at least 48 hours *smile*. To be serious I love working online.

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Renate Schedl has joined on Apr 22, 2008


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Here you can read something about Renate Schedl and Dysak.

Renate Schedl was born 1948 in Munich and lives now close to Heidelberg in Germany.

She has 2 adult daughters and one grandchild.

After 6 years of German gymnasium ( I think it equals American highschool) She started studying Music Teacher and finished the last 3 years of gymnasium at the same time.

After she got married in 1973 she opened together with her husband 2 little shops. After 2 years, they sold one shop due to the birth of the first dauther and had been running the second shop for another 6 years.

In 1981 they could not renew the contract for the shop and had to find something else. Within a few days Renate got a job as a teamleader in the European Marketing Department of the German subsidiary of an American company. She had been working for this company for 17 years and lost her job when she was 50 due to the department she worked in being sold.

She was one of the first who had her own PC in 1982 and has studied all the necessary software by herself and had taught her collegues to use these programs too.

She started online 2004, had spent 3 years gathering good and bad experiences and was very eager to learn as much as possible to find her way as an entrepreneur online.

Her company name DYSAK stands for her thoughts about starting an onlinebusiness:
Develop Your Skills And Knowledge.

DYSAK offers exclusive templates for sales people to underline their corporate identity.
DYSAK is as well focussed on affiliate marketing as on reselling licensed products.
DYSAK is offering free hosting for her customers products.

Renate Schedl loves to help newbies and offers them a lot of free or very low priced products as well as a lot of valuable information which has helped her on her way. She is working hard to become accepted as a serious entrepreneur and start earning online to increase her small pension.

Renate is looking for a german and english speaking partner who takes care for marketing and PR - which do not belong to her strength - thus giving her the chance to gain time for the creative part.
Renates overall business site ( is under construction as well as her German equivalent ( to her English DevelopYourSkills blog (

On the German Market Renate is partnering with DagmarFuchs from, who is offering coaching for people who are looking for a new existence on- or offline. Additionally she is selling digital products to the German market. Dagmar started her own little network ( with the participation of Renate to find people interested in building a team to offer all the necessary needs for those who want to create their own online business.

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Renate Schedl
Name: Renate Schedl
Location: St. Leon-Rot,Germany
Job Title: Internetentrepreneur
Company: DYSAK MyBestMarket

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Renate Schedl
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