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Ronald Laporte is currently living in Brooklyn, New York, working as an Aries Vision President in "Aries Vision".
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Aries Vision President



Brooklyn, New York

My Interests

News Release For Immediate Release Hi, My name is Ronald LaPorte. I am here to ask you to join me during this fundraising period to help save this film that I am working on Missing the Dream. I have created a website to make easy it for you to donate whatever you can so together we can save the movie. Remember you can donate as little as $10.00 to the site, and there is no commitment. It is a onetime donation only. A lot of my resources went to this project just because I believe in. Today I am asking from you for a vote of confident so I can go on and finish this film. The budget for this film was $100,785.00, but today because of people like you I was able to raise a good portion of it. Since my film is of human interest, as a director I want to make an effective film without resorting too much on stylistic mannerism of mood lighting and/or bizarre camera angles. I want to undercut viewers certainty about anything in the film including the fall and rise of Reynaldy. Since none of the money raised so far are not come from corporate sponsorship or foundation of any kind, was rather the donations from the everyday people like you that will give me the freedom to do the movie without interference. ABOUT THE PROJECT: News from 9/11 may have faded away from the headlines, just like the lives of many ordinary New Yorkers that hurt financially have remained buried in obscurity, but not for very long because the filmmaker have decided to tackle the story of 9/11 in a different angle which to study the economical and social impact of the event on one individual who resides in New York city, especially Reynaldy during the months that follow the event. How the post 9/11 economic status crushed once glorious dreams of his venture to New York City. Hardship slowly got the best of him, as just staying alive seemed to get more and more difficult. For 14 months, He lived without electricity due to the fact that he could not afford to pay his electric bill. Missing the Dream tells the story of Reynaldy, a working class individual living in New York City, where for him life is a day-to-day struggle to stay above the fray and focused on his goal. It is a story of courage, tenacity and redemption. Shot against the backdrop of a city with two faces; one, which represents glamour and opportunity, and the other, which represents reality. It paints a picture of the often-ridged environment that many immigrants experience when they first arrive and includes random acts of both kindness and violence. These two opposing forces drive the story to it's climax, which places Reynaldy at a cross road. His ultimate salvation rests with his decision to either resist lashing back at society for the hand it has dealt him or to take the high road and push through his emotional pain to realize his dream. The true suspense of the film is manifested in the narrative probing of the critical relationship between societys illness and normality as well as formal precision. One of the central values implicit in a human-interest film is that there is very little separation between the disturbed depths of society and the acceptable modes of living within the society. Reynaldys story, is not a dramatic one in the traditional sense of the word, perhaps it is the very simple ness of the story that will make an impact on us. If the idea of filmmaking is to take a simple idea and turn it into masterpiece, so it is not without cause that the filmmaker chose his own life experience to bring it to us. Blending his personal experiences and his creative points of view is nothing short of drama. Aries vision Signature is where you can go to watch a preview of the movie. This feature was created uniquely with you in mind. The opening sequence begins with Reynaldy, 26, casually dressed, sitting down in his kitchen, leafing through a pile of unpaid bills. Frustrated, he throws the bills onto the kitchen counter and walks to his second-hand sofa, picks up his guitar, and tries to compose a tune. He has difficulty coming up with new ideas for the piece. He writes, erases, and rewrites the notes on his staff paper. Finally, he gets it. How do you donate? First visit for background information on the project then you go to Paypal to make your donation simple is that. Why is it Important to do the Fundraising Now? I have received several hundred dollars in donation from family and friends for the project. To not finish it may mean returning donated dollars that I really needed for the completion of the project. Visit us today and be part of setting the benchmark for helping our struggling artists reach their goals. I believe this year is the year that I will finish this film, but cannot do it without your help. If you like the 1st seven minutes of film, I am sure you will love the ending. Again I would like to thank your for generosity and kindness in supporting to this great project. More info can be found @ Media Contact: Ron LaPorte (305) 588-5031; (646) 968-5021; (718) 241-6578

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Ronald LaPorte has joined on Sep 30, 2006

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Ronald LaPorte
Name: Ronald LaPorte
Location: Brooklyn,New York,United States
Job Title: Aries Vision President
Company: Aries Vision

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