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Wallace Johnson MBA
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About Wallace Johnson Mba

Wallace Johnson Mba is currently living in Alameda , California, working as a Pre. & CEO in " DEWAJ Synergy International" and is interested in Affiliate Program, Home Based Biz, Software & Services, Work from Home.
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Pre. & CEO


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Alameda , California

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Affiliate Program, Home Based Biz, Software & Services, Work from Home

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Current Events, Politics, Internet Marketing, Mentoring, Tools, Training, Computers, Social Networks,

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Wallace Johnson MBA has joined on Apr 15, 2008



Wallace A Johnson MBA is the Commander of Spaceship DEWAJ, A "Daring Enterprise With A Journey." A Member Of The Technical Staff at North American Aviation, he was a Test Pilot on the Apollo Project: (Lunar Landing Mission ) during the 1960's. He is currently, Pres. & CEO of DEWAJ Synergy International. Now at 86 this April 18, 2011, he has his own spaceship portal and is offering many programs of interest to newbies, and many items are available for the taking, he is also encouraging Guru's to participate with Joint Venture possibilities. A native Californian now living in Alameda, Ca. across the bay from San Francisco, his time is consumed as a Substitute Teacher in the Alameda, Unified School District, and teaching K-12. Reared in Havana, Cuba, his second language is Spanish, which he teaches at the local High Schools. His other interests keeps him involved with Ballroom Dancing as an instructor, Aviation, as a Flight Instructor, Amateur Radio (W6OCR), Selling on E-bay with ID as dewaj, Current events and politics. His online activity keeps him busy with various endeavors on the internet. He is currently keeping a journal which will explain how spaceship DEWAJ came into being starting at his date of birth. Consequently, it will attempt to chronicle his life of 85 years and is currently covering the depression years of the 30's. Mr. Johnson is an aviator who has in excess of 10,000 hours as Pilot In Command. He holds A Bachelor of Science and a Master of Business Administration degree among his other credentials.

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Wallace Johnson MBA
Name: Wallace Johnson MBA
Location: Alameda,California,United States
Job Title: Pre. & CEO
Company: DEWAJ Synergy International

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Wallace Johnson MBA
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