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About Kirsten Plotkin

Kirsten Plotkin is currently living in Goldcoast, Australia, working as a Writer and author in "Kirsten Plotkin Author" and is interested in Health & Beauty.
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Writer and author


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Goldcoast, Australia

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Health & Beauty

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I enjoy reading, writing, brisk walks and working out in the gym. I also love to meet up with friends for lunches and dining out. I love to learn about politics, history, technology, all religious and national customs and yes, I confess! I'm a bit of a nerd.

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I\'m a writer and Author. Apart from writing a few hundred articles on various subjects I have also written two books. Both books are about carbohydrate addiction. I do not believe it is possible to have a healthy lifestyle if you are also an addict.

I think the addiction speaks for itself when you consider that 60% of western populations are overweight and the number increases daily. If you cannot stop yourself from eating carbohydrate - you are an addict. Nobody ever got fat on protein. To stop people from getting fat does not require a diet it requires a cure for the addiction. How to do that and how to live a diet free, healthy lifestyle is what my books are all about.

Diets and dieting have played a big part in causing what is today an official obesity epidemic. Our body took eons to evolve. It has the same abilities and functions it had thousands of years ago. It is not designed to diet. When we diet we signal our brain that we are in a famine. The body slows down and with each diet it becomes harder to lose weight. When the famine is over, the body has one prime objective and that is to regain all the losses as soon as possible.

My book hopes to appeal to common sense. There are no miracle foods that can lose weight. There is only the food your body is designed to eat and to process. If you do what your body expects, you will not have a weight problem and you will not be fat. Fifty years ago most people still knew and understood their body. Things like how it works, how the food is processed. What types of food are compatible to the body and what foods are not.

Today all that has been mystified by \'experts\' with agendas. Most of us rely on experts to tell us what was still instinct to most people fifty years ago. According to statistics, 80% of people will be overweight by 2020. Right now we are heading for an epidemic of type2 diabetes. Does any of that sound like we are eating the right food and listening to the right \'experts\'?

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Kirsten Plotkin
Name: Kirsten Plotkin
Location: Goldcoast,Australia
Job Title: Writer and author
Company: Kirsten Plotkin Author

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