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Ed Remer working as a Partners In Success and is interested in Affiliate Program, Consulting, Home Based Biz, Marketing, Work from Home.
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Partners In Success

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Affiliate Program, Consulting, Home Based Biz, Marketing, Work from Home

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At Age 83, My greatest interests are Family, Friends, And Good Health for every body.

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Ed Remer has joined on Mar 03, 2008


Our Entrepreneurial DREAM......

Ed and Carlene Remer 1-580-227-5201, Helping humanity live like humans;....................................................................................... Call Now!
I was very small when I was born on a rather poor fruit farm in South Western Michigan one cold January day in 1929. The great depression would begin in just 6 months.

Poverty was rampant until a new economy came along with WWII and the accompanying Industrial and Technical and Medical revolution.

I worked as a machinist at a turret lathe 60 hours a week until I joined the navy and went off to help in the Korean conflict as a diesel engineman. My tour of duty ended after a seven month involvement with the Eni Wetok and Bikini Hydrogen bomb experiments in the Marshal Islands, the first half of 1954. When we had evaporated a few Islands. I found God! I gave my life to Him and to passivism. I did not yet know who Jesus was. We watched Sputnik fly overhead one night while in the Islands.

The total impact of my life experiences took me to Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas, USA. where quest of knowledge drove me in pursuit of peace for me, and Humanity. I Pastor-ed churches more than 45 years as a result of hydrogen bomb development, and the fear gendered in me by them. I have learned what society in this modern world is capable of.

Church work provided well for my family. But. it did not prepare me for retirement. I had next to nothing to live on after a tumor was removed from my Pituitary Gland in 02. My short term memory recall was removed along with the tumor, I could no longer provide for myself through preaching, and pastoring. My wife had died of T-cell leukemia.

I thought networking on-line would quickly build a retirement. My first loss was 10,000 USD. Thinking I was smart enough to figure it out, I went through about twenty thousand USD, in well studied programs, only to watch them dissolve with my savings. My TCU education amounted to nothing in this fast swindlers market. I am a very gullible trusting soul................ Easy!

It has been a long road finding the Goose that lays the golden eggs. It has taken about ten years of searching and sorting, sweat and tears to finally know beyond all doubt that there is not only gold, but also health in that vein. All the time I was searching for a Goose, when I should have been looking for a chicken! Our perfect product is called laminine, and it is a substance that is taken from a 9 day old fertilized chicken egg.
Laminine is made up of 22 Amino Acids. Working together these amino acids try to restore the cells and glands and organs of the body back to it\'s original state. It is proving to be a very effective treatment for multitude of common complaints.

Who among us does not want to lose the migraine head aches, or recover a lost libido, stop a knee joint
or back pain, slow the onset of Parkinson, or Alzheimer. Some heart patients, diabetics and even stroke patients have benefited, not to mention the help received by some ADHD, and auto immune syndrome kids.

Normalize your body
(Reverse Aging)

If you too have been searching for a winning product to represent, I suggest that you do your -do diligence with LAMININE. Then go to my web site and press the GO button. It does not get much better than this!

So before you push delete, think about the gold miner who quit digging just two inches short of the mother-load. You haven\'t seen anything until you have looked at the compensation plan. It was created not by the company, but by the net-workers. It starts fast, grows quickly,and pays radically well. You will lose with laminine, IF you don\'t take time to look at it.

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Ed Remer
Name: Ed Remer
Job Title: Partners In Success

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