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Brett Turner working as an Owner/Operator in "Conceptual Gurella" and is interested in Advertising & Media, Art, Services.
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Advertising & Media, Art, Services


Easy to Work With Professional Artist and Photographer Who
Treats Every Order and Project as Though It Were His Own


17 years of experience of Artistic exploration, including one man
shows at LoDo Gallery in
Phoenix AZ. Expressions, Too Much is Not Enough, and Vispondia in San
Francisco. As well as invitation only showings throughout North
Eastern Europe, put together by my agent Tapio Nessionnenn, (You can
tell he's a crazed Finn by all of the double consonants), but crazy he
is not, as I think Tapio knows everyone that is a collector or
investor in Art in North Eastern Europe. I really became soured with
the Gallery Game and have found Agents Like Tapio and Brandon in San
Francisco a real Godsend to me.

I have recently opened a Web site at
where I have attempted to bring the Art loving public prints of my
artwork as well as my Fine Art Photography, my expertise in
Architectural Photography, as well as an indulgence of doing Pet
Portraits, which is for my pleasure, more than it is for profits.

I studied under David Sklar who has sold his paintings for great
amounts both here and abroad, who has become my mentor and best
friend. He lives just six blocks away from me in Scottsdale, AZ.

As for Photography I studied under Bill Martin, who was the Art
Department Director and has been published by many notable & noble
Photographic Publications. He is now retired in (don't worry bill I
won't give it away) some of the most beautiful country in the Western
U.S. and I wish him & his 8"x 10" Wooden Kodak monster well.

It is my process to sell 300 Limited Edition Print of each image I
have that is worthy of sales on a Epson 7880 24" capacity (width), up
to 40" (length). When the careful records show that the limit has been
reached, I will put up the original for sale. I also have an Epson
2880 for smaller and particularly exquisite capability for producing
Black and White's that when coupled with the correct paper will
emulate the Palladium Prints once produced with such high cost due to
the fact that it is a precious metal, and gives a unique silvery
quality to the highlights of the prints.

I have a huge inventory of the finest RC (photo) and Matte (art)
papers available but I also, especially with the Pet Portraits, have
excellent quality but a bit more afford able for when I go into a
house and it is evident that the person living there has lost his or
her mate and the pets become their children. I am proud to say that
every one of those type cases, the bill is exactly what they said they
could afford.

I also do Architectural Photography, and have made up before and after
portfolios for Custom Kitchen and Bath, among others. I must warn you,
I do not do weddings or anything that isn't interesting for me. Please
don't take it personally if I turn down your offer, It's just that I
am doing this because I love it and am damned good at it. The last
thing I want to do is turn it into something that will not bring the
best work you have seen because it is just not interesting to me.
Forgive me for putting it so bluntly but that is how I stay on top of
my game, I love what I do.

If you feel that you have need for my services please call me at 480-
994-3515 or go to my site at I welcome
you and I assure you, we will work together in a pleasant and
satisfying way.
Thank you for reading this
Brett Turner

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Brett Turner
Name: Brett Turner
Job Title: Owner/Operator
Company: Conceptual Gurella

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Brett Turner
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