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About Levester Walton

Levester Walton is currently living in California City, California, working as a Regional Outreach Coordinator in "Community Assistance Program" and is interested in Work from Home.
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Regional Outreach Coordinator


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California City, California

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Work from Home

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I enjoy helping people. Though I'm only one, it doesn't take an army to reach out and help one individual at a time. One individual can help an army of people. CAP is your networking business. Targeted people will provide you with incredible income. We distribute our free discount prescription cards and people use them. No wishing, guessing or convincing because people need what we have. They save money and you make money. Give people what they want and need and you will get what you want. Expand you business by simply distributing more card, it's that simple. Our free discount prescription cards are in 12 languages.

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Levester Walton has joined on Feb 23, 2008


Los Angeles City College. U.S. Government for over 39 years specializing in Transportation Systems, Management, Communications and Administrative Support. Community Services and Teaching.

National Business Builders Inc., 2011.

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Levester Walton
Name: Levester Walton
Location: California City,California,United States
Job Title: Regional Outreach Coordinator
Company: Community Assistance Program

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Levester Walton
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