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Esther E. Hansen
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About Esther e. Hansen

Esther E. Hansen is currently living in Gambier, Ohio, working as an Owner in "The Shining Swan, Inc. " and is interested in Health & Beauty, Home Based Biz.
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Gambier, Ohio

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Health & Beauty, Home Based Biz

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I'm excited about the many opportunities offered by the internet. I make dozens of stupid computer mistakes every day, but I'm learning! I know I will eventually make money on the internet--not only through the alternative health programs I warmly endorse, but in other ways, never previously imagined! This is not what senior ladies are normally expected to do.....but it's more fun than knitting! I'd like to contact other distributors with Young Living and 4Life.

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Esther E. Hansen has joined on Feb 06, 2008


Retired teacher is grateful for the gifts of life- past, present and
future! Taught French, English and geography. (They gave the English
classes to the new geography teacher.)

Then discovered \"remedial reading\" and had a ball! Trained teachers. Got an
MA from Goddard College. Ran my own center for disabled readers in Tucson,

Became a caregiver for my elderly parents. Learned much from life and
books. The best of all: The Grail Message In the Light of Truth. A treasure
for life.

Traveled: US . Canada, Brazil, Europe-especially Denmark, Switzerland,
Austria. Wonderful friends everywhere. They taught me to give. Speak Danish
and French, understand German but speak ungrammatically.

Discovered alternative medicine and enjoy good health. Exciting.

Translation work with good team. Had to learn computer skills. Surprise!
It\'s exciting! So here I am!

I retired from years of happy experience as an educator, with children and adults, especially with reading disabilities. In Arizona established Tucson Educational Services, which served the community for 25 years.

I was a caregiver for my elderly parents and wrote a book, A Matter of Growth, focused on this experience, which has been well received. A Fixed Term Membership website is now available, designed to help caregivers of the elderly benefit from the opportunity to help others in this way. www.ACaregiver Guide for Growth is a bargain to help people become better caregivers--only $10 a month for 3 months.

Personal experience and the desire to help a family member survive a life-threatening illness have led me to a meaningful relationship with outstanding companies providing alternative health support.I am a distributor for Young Living and 4LifeResearch. The website established with the help of a partner offers detailed information about these companies and also features Grail Forum, for those who seek spiritual guidelines. The Shining Swan has been on a brief vacation, but is now visible again on the internet. Come have a look at this great site!

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Esther E. Hansen
Name: Esther E. Hansen
Location: Gambier,Ohio,United States
Job Title: owner
Company: The Shining Swan, Inc.

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Esther E. Hansen
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