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Merrill Stewart is currently living in Emerald, PEI, and is interested in Affiliate Program, Consulting, Environmental Services, Financial Services, Home Based Biz, Presentations, Resources, Work from Home.
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Emerald, PEI

Categories of Interest

Affiliate Program, Consulting, Environmental Services, Financial Services, Home Based Biz, Presentations, Resources, Work from Home

My Interests

Hello All. I have been a business owner for a number of years and I have enjoyed working in many different fields raising funds for major projects, both National and International. I have worked in the Investments Field and Insurance. Lately I have been involved in Green Project Technology on a National and International level. I enjoy talking to people and making contacts with all whom inquire.

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Merrill Stewart has joined on Feb 03, 2008


Professional Resume and Bio of Mr. Merrill Stewart
1970 Grade School, Intermediate, Regional High School Kensington, PE
1977-1980 Bible College Churchman Diploma Didsbury, AB
1985-1986 Olds College Agricultural Studies Olds, AB

Work Positions on Prince Edward Island, Canada in 1970s
1970-1972 Seabrook Farms New Annon, PE
Maintenance, servicing a production line, lubrication of equipment, equipment repair like changing the cutters on fry machines, worked with pipefitters and welders to install large lines. Responsible for ensuring the lines remained productive.
Work Positions in Alberta, Canada from 1974 to 2009
Tire Companies
1974-1976 Foothills Tire and Firestone Tire in Calgary, AB
Tire repair, service truck operator at both locations and general shop duties.

1980-1981 Red Deer Bobcat Service, Red Deer, AB
I successfully operated a large skid steer loader during the summer months. I was chosen from 275 applicants. Prepared and leveled housing and small commercial sites for building, landscaping and machine maintenance.

Dairy and Feedlot Farms
1981-1985 Standards Dairy, Penhold, AB 80 head Dairy
1990-1998 Cloverlea Farm, Penhold AB Dairy
2003-2006 Cloverlea Farm, Penhold AB Feedlot
2007-2009 Casey den Boer Farm, Penhold AB Feedlot Contract/Custom Work

I enjoyed performing all general farm duties from milking, feeding and treating animals to using heavy equipment to grind & mix feed. Loaded sold animals on transportation vans & picked up purchased animals from auction, delivering them safely to the farm. Very knowledgeable & mechanically inclined when repairing all different types of farm equipment; used resourcefulness and innovation to maintain & operate older machinery; restored manure handling equipment. At Standards dairy cows were conveyer feed, I completed daily maintenance as was required on the belt. I am highly skilled in the operation & use of heavy farm equipment: tractors, combines, seeders and discs; I have successfully operated harrows, loader, skid steer, baler, haybine & swather. Used to prepare the land, to plant and harvest crops. I have driven tandem trucks for hauling silage and grain. My last year, I helped the owner build a windmill to power his home & farm.

1985-1987 Stewart Construction, Central AB
I was half owner of the construction business with my brother. Built industrial, commercial and farm buildings; also built a riding arena and a long, large steel building for industrial and commercial storage use.

1987-1989 Bluenose Construction, Penhold, AB
I was very successful at high-end custom house building. I helped to build a house, a duplex and a five-plex in six weeks in Cambridge Bay, North West Territories.
1989-1990 Old Man River Dam, Pincher Creek, AB
I was a heavy duty equipment operator. Helped to build the Old Man River Dam by operating a heavy loader with a ten yard bucket to feed gravel into a crusher; operated the gravel crusher.

Owned Business
1999 Owner/Operator of Tire Shop, Bowden, AB
Tire repair and mechanical services to customers for various vehicle types.

Marketing and Consulting
Ongoing since 2001 Marketing and Consulting, Calgary AB
Looked for and secured or helped to secure funding for the following projects:

Rhea Bird Ranch, Secured Financing for start-up Ranch
Oil and Gas Project for Thailand Helped secure funding for start up
Neil Montgomery Consulting on Pump jack Project that later was funded
Boiler House Factory, Ltd Secured Funding for start-up Modular Boiler System business

Made contact with Local and International government officials, found other consultants, set up initial meetings and attended meetings with clients.
** At this time I was making numerous consulting contacts for John Kowalyks Project to secure funding. I gained a commitment from a businessman to provide land for Johns pyrolysis plant in the Red Deer, Alberta area.
Work Positions in Prince Edward Island, Canada

In October of 2009, I left Penhold Alberta with my wife to move back home to Prince Edward Island to look after my elderly mother for two years until June of 2011, when my older brother and his wife took her off island to live with them in Ontario.

2009-2011 Dairy in Emerald, Prince Edward Island
Started with early morning/afternoon milking and was responsible for 76% of total milking of 30 head, with an increase in the overall quality because of a natural inclination for attention to detail and caution when handling animals. My other duties included feeding and treating animals, maintenance, repair and operation of all farm equipment; preparation of land, planting, checking various crops for readiness and harvest.
Professional Societies

Member, RAUSI (Royal Alberta United Services Institute)


I enjoyed visiting friends and family in Calgary, Red Deer and Kelowna, BC. On occasion I attended financial workshops for educational and business purposes; I have also studied professional trading online. My wife and I enjoy camping, hiking and fishing. I enjoy attending Kensington United Church each Sunday.

Biography of Mr. Merrill Stewart

I grew up in the small town of Kensington on Prince Edward Island, Canada where I completed my formal education before moving to Ontario to work when I was 16. While raising my family I studied courses in financing and attended seminar to educate myself in the financial industry. I also had a strong desire to work in consulting and had success in helping some smaller companies in securing funding to aid them to move forward for their success. After a few years, I met a professional geologist and oilfield consultant; we became friends and have remained friends and business partners for 15 years. He had some projects that required funding to move ahead. I used my experience and training to search for funding for him. Not long after, I was introduced to another gentleman, the owner and creator of a Green Technology, whom I introduced to my geologist and oilfield consultant friend and began searching for funding for him to gain support and clients for his project in Canada and in Asia.

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Merrill Stewart
Name: Merrill Stewart
Location: Emerald,PEI,Canada

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Merrill Stewart
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