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Raghav Foundation is currently living in Hyderabad, India, working as a KG-10 School franchisee Opportunity in Your City. in "Raghav Foundation" and is interested in Other.
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KG-10 School franchisee Opportunity in Your City.


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Hyderabad, India

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Offering School franchisee, School Consultants, School Management, School Educational consultants, Franchisee Model, School Consultancy, School Educational Consultancy, Private School consultants, CBSE Affiliation, School Consulting Services.

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Raghav Foundation has joined on Jul 15, 2019

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Are You Planning To Start a SCHOOL?
Are you Passionate and dream your school to be unique and future focused?
"Raghav's Academy" K-10 school is a right choice for the right people.
Franchisees offered by a renowned education organisation with 25+ years experience into industry.
Assured ROI

Raghav’s Academy aims at providing the finest education opportunity that prepares the students to meet the challenges of tomorrow. In this process, it also aims at mentoring and encouraging passionate and likeminded entrepreneurs to establish & operate RAGHAV’S ACADEMY state-of the-art schools across PAN India and realize their dreams of being successful world class edupreneurs and contribute themselves to nation development.

As per the changing times and changing demands, the system of education needs to evolve faster aimed at creating a new generation of talent pool. New roles will be created in 21st century and people should be prepared to take up these roles. Schools form the basic foundation into education and development of skills.

Raghav’s Academy founded by Raghav foundation aims at offering education that is focused at 360 degree holistic skilling of the students that include; intellectual stimulation, leadership learning, inter-cultural learning and innovation. Raghav’s Academy is all set to create a platform to prepare the students for the new opportunities to be created in future and prepare them for unconvinced roles.

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Raghav Foundation
Name: Raghav Foundation
Location: Hyderabad,India
Job Title: KG-10 School franchisee Opportunity in Your City.
Company: Raghav Foundation

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Raghav Foundation
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