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About Mira Minerva

Mira Minerva is currently living in Romania, working as a Graphic designer in "Freelancer" and is interested in Art, For Sale, For the Home, Gifts / Accessories, Media, Other, Print Media.
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graphic designer


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Art, For Sale, For the Home, Gifts / Accessories, Media, Other, Print Media

My Interests

Passionate about working with image, colors and light. I love graphic design, digital art and all the derivatives. I love film editing and manipulating. Above all I love fusion and I see beauty in a creative, nonconformist way.

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Mira Minerva has joined on Jul 08, 2019

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I am an artist with software engineering background. I love playing with image, combining all kinds of beauty, equally natural and digital and I simply love fusion in all its aspects. Therefore I promote it in my art.
I create beauty and I put it on everyday objects, from incredible wall art and prints to apparel, home decoration and accessories. Everything starts to shine in colors and sparkles. Take a second and visit me, you will be delighted.

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Mira Minerva
Name: Mira Minerva
Location: Romania
Job Title: graphic designer
Company: freelancer

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Mira Minerva
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