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Purushothaman D is currently living in India, working as a Living In Wellbeing in "Living In Wellbeing" and is interested in Services.
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I, Dr.Purushothaman, (Visionary & Director, Centre for Human Perfection, a Centre par Excellence for Mind Programming & Applied Life Themes), M.B.B.S; D.T.M&H; MS; PhD (Psycho) is currently working as a General Surgeon, Spiritual Scientist, Positive Psychologist, Life & Happiness Coach, Positive Health &Well Being Trainer, Mentor, Motivator, Master Mind Programmer, Consultant to various National & International Organizations
We are trying to provide a Blend of Age old Vision and Wisdom with New age knowledge, enabling us to experience and enjoy Perfection, Excellence, Creativity, Ethical values, Harmony, Happiness, Wellbeing and Universal Peace & Love in our day today Life
With this Vision and Mission, We are working on a Novel Mind programming Technology, aiming for a Radical Positive change, in our Life, in the days to come.
We are having regular Programs, aiming at Human Perfection, Excellence, Creativity, Ethical Values, Harmony, Positive Health & Well being, Stress Management, Quantum Healing, Art and Science of Meditation, Authentic & Everlasting Happiness, Universal Peace and Love.
This only the beginning of a beginning

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Purushothaman D
Name: Purushothaman D
Location: India
Job Title: Living In Wellbeing
Company: Living In Wellbeing

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Purushothaman D
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