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Carole Lortie
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About Carole Lortie

Carole Lortie is currently living in Quebec, Quebec, working as a Home-Based Business in "Natural Medecine Life Enthusiast" and is interested in Health & Beauty, Home Based Biz.
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Home-Based Business


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Quebec, Quebec

Categories of Interest

Health & Beauty, Home Based Biz

My Interests

I changed my mind for building a stationnary business because I saw a larger picture by working with Network Marketing. I would rather have a global income then a weekly pay check let alone the expenses of running a business and having employees.

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Carole Lortie has joined on Dec 27, 2007


I travelled for many years around the U.S.A and Canada and met with different people from all walks of life. I enjoyed meeting these people because I acquired a lot knowledge from them. I took business courses to help me in my work field to understand my bosses, but now I want to be my own boss.

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Carole Lortie
Name: Carole Lortie
Location: Quebec,Quebec,Canada
Job Title: Home-Based Business
Company: Natural Medecine Life Enthusiast

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Carole Lortie
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