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Fretral D Mcrae is currently living in North Carolina, working as a COO in "UCOG Financial Group, Inc".
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North Carolina

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UCOG FINANCIAL GROUP Subsidiary of Universal Center of God World Wide Services 130 Spearman Street Lumberton, North Carolina 28358 Office Tel No.: 910 739 6181 Fax No.: 910 739 6149 Executive Assistant 910 774 0004 Chief Operations Officer 704 231|2309 June 3, 2008 Please find after this document that we have completed our job specifications sheet. We are currently looking for a State Director for each of the following states that are inclusive of the specific number of Regional Directors per state: STATE Alabama 13 Main (New England) 12 New York 12 Virginia 19 Arizona 75 Maryland 23 N. Carolina 20 West Virginia 11 Arkansas 15 Mississippi 17 Ohio 18 Wisconsin 15 California 11 Missouri 114 Pennsylvania 14 Florida 11 Nebraska 93 S. Carolina 10 Georgia 32 Nevada 03 Tennessee 19 Kentucky 24 New Jersey 04 Texas 51 Louisiana 23 New Mexico 07 We will not take any interviews initially; however, after this posting, those interested parties shall apply sending their resume and supportive documentation via email to us UCOGWW fax 910 739 6149, or mail to our office. State Director's annual income is $60,000.00+ and Regional Director's annual income is $40,000.00+. Please feel free to visit www/ that establishes our validity and status. OCCUPTION DISCRIPTION & ANALYSIS I. REQUISITES: Real Estate, Sales Commercial Residential Mortgage Brokerage. Strong Organizational Skills, computer access and literacy. Basic operations and familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and data merged documents. Accountability and commitment to company policy. Exclusive jurisdictional contract implemented. II. RESPONSIBILITIES: International, Interstate, Intrastate Director(s): Appoint establish and maintain jurisdiction, contracted ensuring compliance with company policy and directives. International, Interstate, Interstate Director(s) serve also in the capacity as Debt Instrument Agents and are responsible for development deals annually: State Director(s) Appoint establish and maintain (1) regional Director for every five-5 counties in the state of jurisdiction. e.g., North Carolina 100 Counties with 20 Regional Directors, State Director(s) serve also in the capacity as Debt Instrument Agent(s) and are responsible for 6 development deals annually at a minimum. Regional Director(s) Appoint and maintain (3) minimum (6) maximum Debt instrument Agents in the jurisdictional areas as contracted. Regional Director(s) responsible for 5-five counties in respective state with a minimum of 3 Debt Instrument Agents per county. Regional Director(s) serve also in the capacity as Debt Instrument Agent(s) and are responsible for 2 development deals annually minimum. Note: Debt Instrument Agent(s) in their initially ninety-90 day responsibility procure one contract per month after the interim ninety day period Debt Instrument Agent(s) maintain three-3 contracts monthly. III. COMPENSATION: Compensation is disbursed on the 1st and 15th day of each month with State Director's annual income is $60,000.00+ and Regional Director's annual income is $40,000.00+ also Director(s) receiving ten-10% of the contracted jurisdictional company gross sales. All debts Instrument Agent(s) receive 40% of the contracted jurisdictional territorial company gross sales.

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Fretral D McRae has joined on Dec 20, 2007

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Fretral D McRae
Name: Fretral D McRae
Location: North Carolina,United States
Job Title: COO
Company: UCOG Financial Group, Inc

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