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Surya Suri is currently living in India, working as an Exenta HRMS is a HR Software. in "ExentaHRMS" and is interested in Other.
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Exenta HRMS is a HR Software.


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Have you ever wondered why Employee Exit procedures are always a head ache? Are you running out the last minute trying to do the employee clearances? Exenta HRMS provides a comprehensive solution for Exit Management right from employee separation requests, to conducting meetings, retaining employees or relieving them. Exenta’s automated process automatically calculates the employee notice periods and salary settlements. Automated clearances and letter issuances take your Exit Management to a higher level of ease, helping managers to spend lesser time on such issues and concentrate more on the mission critical HR issues. Exenta’s dashboards help you understand the attrition rates and also the reasoning for employee exits which helps managers to identify and improve their critical areas.

When it comes to exit interviews and employment termination, Exenta HRMS reduces the burden on both HR managers and employees. As it is a sensitive topic, many employees may feel more comfortable using an HRMS to finish their formalities rather than having to meet with an HR manager.
Exit Lifecycle Management
Exenta Manages the entire Lifecyle of Exit Management, and every small thing right from the Manager approvals to the final approvals by HR, Exenta works completely on the rules defined for the organization, automated release of Exit Interviews online and clearances on stipulated days and moving the employee to the full and final settlement and also issuing the employee letters to their emails with uploaded signatures imbedded.
Exenta also manages Absconding employees, and retirement, and redundancy Management, also termination of employees is done through the system and Exenta also has a manual Exit Process where employees can be Separated from the system, Email alerts to respective Managers for clearances and not allowing the employee to exit from the system unless the clearances are completed forces the executives to complete formalities of employees before they exit the system.
Exit Analytics
Exenta helps Exit managers track the status of the Exit cycle of any particular employee at any point of time, also the dashboards help the HR Managers and decision makers on what count attritions have happened and which department or which unit has higher turnover rates, also Exenta helps managers make decisions based on the in-formation digging deep into data..
About us:
Exenta is a Human Capital Management Solution Provider, with offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Trivandrum, Exenta Operates in over 10 countries and provides payroll and Complete solutions in Human Resources to over 100 clients across the globe. Please do get in touch with us if you need any details.
Exenta HRMS , 244, NIla, Technopark, Trivandrum Ph:+918848681099
Exenta offers the most complete human re-source management solution for small and medium businesses.Exenta HRMS ,
244, NIla, Technopark,Trivandrum

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surya suri
Name: Surya Suri
Location: India
Job Title: Exenta HRMS is a HR Software.
Company: ExentaHRMS

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