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Asti Infotech is currently living in Bangalore, India, working as a GPS tracking system in "Asti Infotech Pvt Ltd" and is interested in Transportation.
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GPS tracking system


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Bangalore, India

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GPS tracking system, school bus gps tracking, sales force tracking, fleet management, school bus tracking, vehicle tracking system

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Asti Infotech has joined on Mar 10, 2017


Simply put, we make products that solve real problems of people around us. At Asti we are committed to creating solutions that simplify the lives of our customers and clients by using the power of technology and ideas. We use the latest technologies in machine-to-machine communication like GPS, RFID, NFC and Bluetooth. The solutions being based on mobility allow the flexibility of access anytime anywhere, thereby making them truly customer friendly.

The unique tracking solutions designed by our team suit diverse customer needs. Our GPS school bus tracking system, Trakom ensures peace of mind for parents by tracking and updating them about the location of their children during their commute or in the school premises. Imprint Sales force tracking system gives a great tool in the hands of Sales Managers and professionals to improve their productivity and helps them attain their highest potential.

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Asti Infotech
Name: Asti Infotech
Location: Bangalore,India
Job Title: GPS tracking system
Company: Asti Infotech Pvt Ltd

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Asti Infotech
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